Rocket Quests
Peche City Jobs Objective Reward
Gym Challenge: Peche City COMPLETE Gather intel, battle experience, and rewards from defeating Wodan in battle in his gym. It's been a year since I've seen this guy in action, and it's possible he's stepped up his game. Initiate a covert campaign to find his weaknesses so that our first capture attempt will be our only one. Move relearning
A Second Gym?? Rumor has it that due to the shit that went down in Clearsky, someone opened a second gym in Peche City. Check it out. Same deal as above. Upgraded Battle Simulator
"Fund Raiser" COMPLETE We're looking to equip your team a little better, but I diverted most of the Kansai budget to establishing a base in Clearsky. Do us and yourselves a favor, and raise up about 60,000 PY and send it in, and we'll be able to hook you up with shit. Don't care how you get it, at long as you're not caught, but radio in before you do something brazen like a bank heist. Portable armory
Spring Springer COMPLETE Remember, your team isn't the only intel we've got in the region. We have some guys devoted to that a hundred percent, but they're supposed to keep a low profile. Was all and good until Agent Springer got himself arrested for trespassing, and now some bigshot in town is stalling his sentence and trying to investigate him for crimes he didn't commit. I want him out of there, but he's been denied bail. Figure out something clever and it'll be worth your while. Plot exposition on Kansai Under, Research Notes #1, customized vehicle
Creativity is Hiding Your Sources COMPLETE The notes John gave us on Abner's dream world research are pretty good, but it's still incomplete research by one guy. I hear Raitech Industries happens to be leading the way in terms of this technology. Do a little breaking and entering, and steal any research that's not nailed down. I don't expect this one to be easy. Dream Machine in Clearsky City, Research Notes #2
Avenge Agent Torrent COMPLETE Doodles is dead, and there's going to be hell to pay. It's time to show someone out there that you don't just murder a Rocket. Someone matching the description of Doodles has been spotted in east Peche near the corner of Goliath and Broadway shoplifting cigarettes. Smoke'er out. Event: Doodles' funeral
The Golem Echo has bargained service for her life, and also filled you in on something strange in a warehouse in the north of town. Might be worth checking out. New Specialist Acquired
Cinnaburg Jobs Objective Reward
Newman's Folly COMPLETE We've received a report that Executive Newman in Cinnaburg and his entire unit have been arrested, but the details are sketchy. We need someone to find out what happened. The true identity of the protagonists
ENDGAME QUESTS ~ Objective Reward
Totally not a trap, guys Investigate the warehouse in Peche City. Keep on your guard. ?????
The Arms of Giratina's Champion Find the scattered relics of the Reverse World's ruler, Giratina. Everyone arguing over who gets to wear it
Separation Anxiety Investigate possible methods of separating fused legendaries. Preferably not on me. Aku wo tatsu Tsurugi nari
The end of everything Defeat Dialgasect and secure our position as humanity's champions and rulers for all time. Ending

OOC Quests: These are quests the players decide to accept out of character.

Amerio's Breeding Blues The pokemon Amerio has been breeding together have stopped listening to him. Has he lost his touch? Help him pull it together! DIFFICULTY: Expert Supercharge Special
Wanda's Big Break Wanda, the self-proclaimed "Professional Grunt", has been itching for some action after being stuck on call-answering duty. There's apparently a large shipment of vitamins being delivered to a warehouse in the docks district. Silver's approved of her idea to attempt theft, but she's going to need some help. DIFFICULTY: Expert Vitamin Set, Ford gets a discount on crafting Vitamins
Dear Doodles Departed There's some internal debate on what to do with Doodles' assets now that she's deceased, and Silver's sick of trying to mediate. It's up to Team Internal Strife to- ohgodwhydidanyonethinkgettingyouguysinvolvedwasagoodidea Requirement: Doodles' funeral. ?????
Whisper's Plea None of the original Johto team (Let alone the new arrivals from Kanto or Hoenn) really knows much of their fellow enigmatic officer, Whisper. Younger than his peers, Whisper keeps to the shadows at the base, often picking a group to follow and narrating their actions while remaining out of sight. His psychic powers and stealth abilities, however, have helped prove his usefulness time and time again. Now, however, Whisper no longer bothers hiding, and he's uncharacteristically kept his shenanigans to a minimum. He seems depressed. Obviously there's a sidequest in it for you! Whisper's Ring, Fist Plate
PC Quest: Nerea's Neurosis COMPLETE Nerea has a not-so-secret crush on the circus troupe performer, Luca. But she didn't even visit him at all while in Rosewood… Is the smoldering ember in Nerea's bosom growing as cold as her feathery wings? How will Luca react to seeing this crazy bitch again? Luca ascending to his rightful godhood
PC Quest: To the moon, Cleff! COMPLETE Kazumi has started to remember things about her past that don't entirely fit in with Cleff's account. What is the truth about these 'aliens' and their origin? Can Cleff handle the truth? Closure, and…
Pokemon Quest: Spicy Cayenne Cayenne may be a foul-mouthed but loyal pokemon, but she could stand to use a little more… power in her strikes. Can Ford find something suitable for her inspiration? DIFFICULTY: Nonexistant Cayenne's Cat'o'Ninetales
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