Miss Piggy

Spoink - Female - Modest - Thick Fat
@Twisted Spoon (+1 STAB)
47 HP
Level 17 - 915 EXP to level 18
1d6 STAB


Substitute - Battle, Self, pay 1/4 HP to make a doll with that much HP+1. doll takes all damage for Spoink while it's in play.
Trick - Battle, AC2, two target pokemon exchange items.
Splash - Splash does nothing.
Psywave - Battle, AC5, Creates 4m spray. roll 1d4. on 1-2 deal levelx0.5, on 3 deal levelx1, on 4 deal levelx1.5
Odor Sleuth - At-Will, breaks illusions and negates evasion. cannot miss. Normal/Fighting moves can hit ghosts.
Psybeam - EoT, AC2, 2d20, Creates 7m beam, confuses on 19-20
Psych Up - Battle, spoink's stat changes match the target's stat changes. Cannot Miss.
Charge Beam - battle, AC3, 4d6, creats a 4m beam, raises SP. ATK on 11-20 (TM)
Shadow Ball - EoT, AC2, 5d10, lowers target's Sp. Def on 17-20 (TM)
Round - EoT, AC2, 3d10, deals 5d10 if round has been used once this turn, 7d10 if used twice or more this turn. (TM)
Rest* - Center, returns Spoink to full HP, falls asleep for 2 rounds (does not make wake checks during those 2 rounds) (TM)
Clam Mind** - EoT, Raises Sp ATK and Sp DEF by 1 stage each. (TM)
Confuse Ray- (Level 18)

Adamant F Absol
Level 5
Egg moves Assurance, Me First


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