Basic Description
Sex: Male
Race: Ronso
Job: Samurai
Subjob: Thief
Age: 15
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Build: Lean and atheltic build, less muscular than most Ronso.
Fur Color: Dark Blue
Eye Color: Yellow

Level 52

HP Die: d10
HP: 1028/1028

MP Die: N/A
MP: 0

Current EXP: 663,000
To Next Level: 26,000

Stat: Current (Max) - Rating (Default)
Rating = ((Att x 3) + 10)
Default = (Rating/2)

Strength: 20 (25) - 70 (35)
Vitality: 25 (25) - 85 (42)
Agility: 5 (19) - 25 (12)
Speed: 17 (17) - 61 (30)
Magic: 20 (22) - 70 (35)
Spirit: 4 (12) - 22 (11)

Evasion: 32 (+50 EVA when targeted by single-target melee range attack actions.)
Magic Evasion: 29
Armor: 127
Magic Armor: 65
Dexterity: 110
Mind: 140
Accuracy: 210
Magic Accuracy: 190
Expertise: 85

Location: Name (ARM, M.ARM, EVA, M.EVA, ETC)

Right Hand: Chaos Blade ((17 x STR) + 5d10) (Confusion Strike)
Left Hand: (Doublehand)
Head: Heal Helm (29, 22, +5, +0) (Auto-Regen)
Body: Mythril Armor (26, 19, +0, +0)
Hands: Moon Gauntlet (14, 8, +5, +0) (+20 ACC)
Accessory: Guard Bracelet (Auto-Protect, Auto-Shell)

Tenacious (3)(Should the character become drop to 0 HP or below during a battle, they are revived with 1 HP after the battle is over.)

Signature Weapon (5)(Critical on a roll of 1-20 when using a katana.)

Hardened (2)(Character gains an extra 2 HP per level.)

Fury (1)(When character is dropped to 25% HP or below, they gain Berserk status. Berserk can not be cured or dispelled and will persist until the character is healed to above 25% HP.)

Code of Honor (2)(Character refuses to fight an unfair fight. Will not attack enemies suffering from Unaware, Sleep, or Stop. Will not act in the preemptive round if opponents can not also act.)

Elemental Deficiency: Bio (3)(All Bio elemental damage is increased by 50%. If a character has resistance, damage done is normal. If a character has immunity, damage done is 50%. If a character has absorbance, damage done is 0.)

Vulnerability: Toxin (2)(Toxin status effects have their CoS doubled after modifying for EVA or M.EVA. [Status] Touch attacks have their CoS set to 60% and [Status] Strike attacks have their CoS set to 90%.)

Gold Sink (2)(Gil share is reduced by -10%. Starting gil is set to 36,000g.)

Job Abilities

Iaido (Slow Action Varies. Target Varies. CoS ((30 + Draw Out Rating) - Samurai's Level) to exhaust blade and inflict Curse 4 on user. Draws out the hidden strength of the katana. Effects vary.)

Soul Blade (Slow Action Varies. Single Target. CoS ((20 + Draw Out Rating) - Samurai Level) to exhaust blade and inflict Curse 4 on user. Inflicts status effect that varies depending on blade used.)

Mineuchi (Slow Action 4. Single Target. CoS of Dexterity,Evasion to force target to give up next action this round. CoS of (28 - Samurai Level) to exhaust blade and inflict Curse 4 on user.)

Meatbone Slash (Reaction. Single Target. When Samurai is below 25% HP and is targeted by physical damage, flat CoS of 50% to immediately make an Attack Action dealing damage equal to Samurai's Max HP.)

Dragon Fang (Slow Action 8. Group. Inflict (14 x MAG) + 5d6,M.ARM Fire damage to all units in targetted group, striking automatically. Flat CoS of 30% to reduce each unit's intiative by 50%. Roll seperately for each unit. CoS of (62 - Samurai's Level) to exhaust the blade and inflict Curse 4 on the user.)

Doublehand (Support. Self. When the shield slot is unoccupied you may wield your weapon with two hands. Doing so allows all attack actions to do 125%,Armor damage before Equipment abilities are applied.)

Shooting Star (Slow Action 12. Single Target. Inflicts (18 x MAG) + 4d8,M.ARM Lightning damage, striking automatically. CoS of Dexterity,Evasion to eject the enemy from battle. CoS of (76 - Samurai Leve) to exhaust the blade and inflict Curse 4 on the user.)

Shirahadori (Support. Self. When targeted by a single target melee range attack action, gain (Samurai Level) bonus to Evasion.)

Banishing Blade (Slow Action 16. Single Target. Inflicts (28 x MAG) + 5d8,M.ARM magical damage, striking automatically. CoS of Dexterity,Evasion to inflict Armor Down 6, Mental Down 6, Power Down 6, and Magic Down 6, roll seperately for each status. CoS of (90 - Samurai Level) to exhaust the blade and inflict Curse 4 on the user.)

Steal (Fast Action. Single Target. CoS of Accuracy,Evasion. If successful, roll Expertise,Evasion to determine what is stolen. Botch = Nothing, Failure = Common, Beat CoS by 1-30 = Uncommon, Beat CoS by 31-50 = Rare, Beat CoS by 51+ = Very Rare)

Gil Snapper (Fast Action. Group. CoS (Expertise/2). If Successful, steal (Total Gil Value of All Opponents/8).)

Catch (Reaction. Self. Flat CoS of 50%. When targeted by Throwing Weapon, Bow, Crossbow, Rifle, or Ranged monster attack that inflicts physical damage, chance to catch item and pocket it.)

Distract (Slow Action 8. Single Target. CoS of Expertise,Evasion. Inflicts Unaware 2.)

Skill Level (Points Spent)
730 Skill Points
454 Language/Lore Points

Swords 100 (50)
Pickpocket 100 (100)
Stealth 100 (100)
Awareness 100 (100)
Climbing 100 (100)
Navigation 100 (100)
Survival 100 (100)
Tracking 50 (50)
Scavenge 40 (40)

Common Tongue 50 (0)
Beast Tongue 100 (100)
Ronso Tongue 60 (60)
Ronso Folklore 100 (100)
Monster Lore: Beast 100 (100)
Monster Lore: Aerial 100 (100)


Zodiac: Leo
Blood Type: AB

Proud, charismatic, self-assured, controlled, rational, childish, indecisive, stubborn, unforgiving, arrogant

Phobia: Mice (+1 (Tied): Character's phobia prevents them from carrying out an Attribute Check, Skill Test, or other action of importance during course of the session. -3 (Tied): The character manages to overcome their phobia, cancelling out this trait.)

Innocent Abroad (+1 (Tied): Character falls for a dangerous ruse or scam during the course of the session.)

Stigma (+1 (Tied): Character faces serious problems as a result of active discrimination during the course of the session.)

Heightened Senses (-1 (Spontaneous): Reroll any Awareness or Perception Skill test. -1 (Tied): The character's senses uncover a secret or help the party overcome an obstacle during the course of the session.)

Cold Tolerance (Ronsos get a -20 Racial Modifier to Survial rolls made in arctic and cold environments, though only when their personal survival is concerned.)

Rohgas was born in a ronso tribe not unlike most others. It was situated high in some snow-peaked mountains and the village was a rather small one. As with all the young men, Rohgas' training started at a very young age. He was taught the basic skills of survival and eventually started taking up combat training. Unfortunately he was falling way behind everyone else. As everyone around him improved and moved up in life, Rohgas struggled to do anything well. One thing that he did excel at, however, was the art of stealth and theft. He managed to pilfer many a valuable from around the village without detection and somehow the last bit of food always went missing. The village caught on after awhile though, and the combination of this foul behavior and his complete lack of improvement in training lead them to the decision to outcast him. After all, the ronso have no room for the weak.

Left out in the wild with nobody to help him at the young age of 8, Rohgas relied on the basic survival techniques he had been taught. Everyday was filled with struggles and hardships, but he eventually found his way to Ukupoia within a month. It was there that an elderly Ronso that had settled in the city took him in and began training him in the art of the katana and the samurai. Rohgas was desperate to gain strength and one day prove to his village that he was a worthy ronso. He spent every day training for hours on end and surprised his master at how much he was learning. Within just two short years, Rohgas had become quite an adept samurai, though he still hadn't kicked his knack for the shadier arts. One day while walking about the city he saw a viera bard performing. Deciding he wanted to have a bit of spending money for once he snuck by and snatched up quite a bit of coin. He spent his fill and went home.

That evening however, a knock on the door. It was that same viera, named Shjn. He knew from the beginning that Rohgas had pilfered his earnings. The strange thing was, though, that he wasn't angry. In fact, he berated him for not managed to run off with more. Ever since then, Rohgas decided to travel with Shjn. For him, it was a companion and someone who would believed in his abilities. For Shjn, it was a source of company and amusement. They travelled for what felt like years. Shjn was a mentor and companion and in return Rohgas was a guardian and protector. Not once did he let any monster or person lay a finger on Shjn, nothing would stay his katana when the viera's being was at stake.

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