Level 2 Juggler

Name: Rosalie le Magnifique
Age: 21
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110 lbs

HP: 54/54
AP: 4/4

Speedy Trainer

Hit Points: 50
Attack: 4
Defense: 6
Special Attack: 4
Special Defense: 6
Speed: 6

Initiative: 6
Movement: 5
Evasion: +6
Accuracy: +0

Qualities and Traits

Charming: +5
Insightful: +2
Subtle: +4
Focused: +2

Skill Traits Socialite, Acrobat
Movement Traits -
Special Traits -

Circus Ringleader: "You would be surprised how much time it takes to acquire makeup! Or maybe not…"

Status Menu

Orders / Moves / Feats
Struggle (AW AC4, 1M, Normal DB1, No Effect)
Juggle Out (AW, Order, Your Pokemon) You immediately recall your Pokemon, and may send out another Pokemon in a space within range. If the recalled Pokemon had any Buffs, they pass those to the Pokemon you then send out.
Set Up (Scene x1, Free Action, Your Pokemon uses a Self-Targeting Move as a Standard Action) Your Pokemon becomes Suppressed for the rest of their turn, but regains use of their Standard Action this turn.
Empowering Feint (1 AP, Free Action, Your Pokemon misses a target foe with a 1-target damaging attack) Push the target 1 meter in any direction. Your Pokemon then gains the "Adaptive" Buff. Pokemon with the Adaptive Buff gain a +2 bonus to Evasion. The Adaptive Buff may be expended after making a roll with an attack to gain a +3 bonus to Accuracy, Critical Hit Range, or Effect Range to the roll.
Social Networking (Downtime Action) Each Downtime Phase, you can automatically find a contact of yours to do you a favor - this can be gathering information about a topic, spreading news through the region, setting up an event for you, etc. They may need some incentive depending on the circumstances.
Wink (Scene, Minor Action, Interrupt) You Wink at a target that can see you. They gain your choice of 1 Boon or 1 Bane to their next Risk Check or Save Check.



Equipment Effect
Hand ? ?
Accessory ? ?
Wealth 2 Wealth Wafers

Loadout (?/? SP)

Permanent Gear
Spider Silk: Some gossamer webbing I obtained from the Carapace Conspiracy. (Social Networking)

Consumable Items


Overland 4?+1
Naturewalk Mountains and shit?
Skill Trait Good at lifting/carrying shit?
Strong +5
Intense +1
Insightful +3

Eduardo the Strong: Aloladude Type: Roc.pngEle.png Held Item:
Level 2, Tier 1 HP: 42/42 Evasion: +1 Accuracy: +0 Condition: Uninjured
Ability Usage Special Effect
Melee Striker Static The user gains +1 Movement Speed. Whenever the user misses with a melee attack that does not have smite, they may make a Struggle attack against an adjacent foe.
Levitate Static The Pokémon is immune to the damage and effects of Ground Type Moves, and gains a Levitate Speed of 4, or has existing Levitate Speeds increased by +2. Defensive.
Bulletproof Static The user resists all X target ranged attacks one step further. This refers to attacks and Moves that simply hit one target or specify hitting multiple targets, such as Razor Wind hitting three targets. It has no effect on Moves that are capable of hitting multiple targets through areas of effect, such as Bursts or Cones. Defensive.
Stat Base Added Value
Attack 8 +6 14
Defense 10 +0 10
Special Attack 3 +0 3
Special Defense 3 +0 3
Speed 0 +1 1
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Stealth Rock Scene Roc.png Status Field, Hazard Set 4 square meters of Stealth Rock hazards within 6 meters. If a foe moves within 2 meters of a space occupied by Rocks, move at most one Rock to the offender, then destroy the Rock. When that happens, the Stealth Rock causes a foe to lose a Tick of Hit Points. Stealth Rock is considered to be dealing damage; Apply Weakness and Resistance. Do not apply stats.
Defense Curl AW Nor.png Status Move Action, Interrupt The user gains +5 Defense for one full round. Bonus: As long as the user knows Defense Curl, they deal +5 more damage when using Rollout or Ice Ball.
Jolt Strike AW 3 Ele.png DB3 Physical M, 1T, Priority -
Rollout AW 4 Roc.png DB3 Physical Pass or M, 1T When rollout is used and it hits at least 1 target, the user gains a Rollout counter after the move is resolved; but if Rollout hits no targets, the user loses all Rollout counters. Each Rollout counter the user has raises this Move’s DB by +1 but also imposes a -1 penalty to AC when using Rollout.
Rock Polish AW Roc.png Status Self The user disengages up to 3 meters and gains the Speedy Buff. While Speedy, the user gains +2 Speed; the user may expend this Buff during their turn as a Minor Action to Disengage up to 3 meters and gain +4 Evasion until the beginning of their next turn.
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