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Sex: Female
Location: New Ivyhollow, WC

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New Ivyhollow Martial Arts

chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown nudged Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind
  • So, it bears asking. Why mariachis?
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown
  • Because castanets are *this* awesome. You can't see, but I'm typing this with one hand because I stretched my arms really far apart. Or maybe you can see. Don't look across the room at me right now.
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind
  • Alright, tell you what. You remember how you offered parkour lessons a while back? Seems you're pretty interested in Mexunovan dance. I dunno how good you are, but I practically owned dance club at uni. If you can help me get back in good shape, I will teach you how to dance -like a bawss-. Performance is pretty much my life, it ain't ALL about the roggenrola.
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown
  • Deal. Meet me tomorrow night, say, 9 PM-ish? on the south end of town, near the King's Rock Cafe. You'll wanna wear gloves and something to cover your face. Bring a flashlight. There's a construction yard near there that's pretty good for…actually, you know what? Call me for the details.
  • The contents of this message absolutely do not condone trespassing or any other illegal intrusions upon others' property, and furthermore if you're reading things like this to find a case then you are a loser of a cop and worse than the guys who bust parties at NIH.
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind received a friend request from 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver.
  • An even more pressing question than the above - what does mariachi time actually entail? The mental image I've got in my head makes it seem like a terrible euphemism for something insane (and/or mildly kinky).
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind is now friends with 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver
  • Nothing lewd, geez! It's an *experience* though. Nothing I can do justice to by simply describing with mere words over the Internet.
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine slapped Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind with a freakishly large Feebas.
  • You are the absolute worst, Razor! Really? REALLY?!?
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine
  • Ouch! Hey, hey, I think you just need to learn to take a joke and some light teasing. It would've blown over like nothing if you'd just not made a big scene and used an inside voice instead. Even then, I don't think anyone in the cafe really paid much mind. I mean, come on, I put a funny looking case on it and set up a wallpaper, but I still bought you a new phone, yeah?
  • Slapping with a Relicanth or Qwilfish might work better I think.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind via SMS.
  • So you're saying it's okay to torment me as long as you do something nice to make up for it? That you can basically buy the right to make me feel terrible?!? THAT MAKES IT EVEN WORSE!!!
  • And you should be lucky it was just a Feebas! I could've thrown, like… Like… Well, I don't know a lot about Pokemon, but I'm pretty sure I could've hit you with something a lot heavier and a lot more painful!
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine
  • Alright, alright, I'm sorry. I didn't think you'd take a little teasing so hard. It was hardly "torment". I thought it'd be just shiny to do something nice for a team member, you know? And people tend to bond over jokes and teasing. Just learn to laugh at yourself a little and don't overreact so much to everything, yeah?
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind via SMS.
  • That was waaay more than just "a little teasing," Razor, and you know it! You used the bond Mr. Jenks and I forged over one of our favorite shows as a weapon in the Staryubucks with that thing! You knew that hurt, and you kept going at it anyways! Seriously, I haven't been anywhere near as embarrassed since the time I tried telling Dad what happened at the Gathering! And that was reeeally bad!
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine
  • You're really blowing this out of proportion and overreacting. I've already apologized, so I dunno what more to say here. What do you want? Would some sort of revenge or getting back at me make you happy? Anyway I don't see what else I could do, so I'll just leave you to cool off, yeah?
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind via SMS.
  • No, I don't want revenge! That'd be the same thing as buying me off with the phone! … If not worse! I just… Rrrrgh!!! I'm going out for a walk.
  • … Ummm… Are there any places besides the beach I could just lay down and look up at the night sky without basically rolling around in these weird, glowing mushrooms all over the place? I mean, I'm used to lying with my back in the snow, but I don't feel like walking around with my butt glowing green. … Or worse. … Seriously, I don't know with these mushrooms!
1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind.
  • All three of the aforementioned options are pretty weak for that purpose, honestly. If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to divulge the secrets behind the optimal tactical slapping fish, I'd go with a Carvanha. The rough scales will do a number to bones, skin, and pride alike, and the last thing the slap-ee sees before they get cold-cocked is the single most hilarious underbite known to man.
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver
  • You've gotta be kidding. Carvanha may have some rough scales, but they're just as squishy as any other fish when it comes down to it. Relicanth are *bony fish* - I learned that much before leaving home, you know! You're hitting with the sheer force of solid bone unimpeded by soft flesh. And Qwilfish poison is nasty stuff! You wanna make someone's face swell all day from embarrassment (And er from toxin too I guess), you just gotta take one whack at them with a healthy poison-producing Qwilfish.
1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind.
  • Qwilfish toxin only causes fainting, which is something you want to cause from embarassment, not…toxins. It's practically unsporting. And to even get to that point, you have to inflate it with water to puff it up so you can engage the spikes and give it a little heft, but smacking people with a living balloon just won't cut it. And while I concede that Relicanth will have more physical impact, I submit that it is not nearly as hilarious as being struck by the Greatest Underbite of the Sea. Plus, you're practically hitting people with a fossil at that point, which is just tacky. Shenanigans beats physical pain any day.
788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote responded to 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver
  • Naw niggas gotta use a chinchou. Like a sack of oranges, get ya soaked, then zap ya!
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver
  • What *isn't* funny about slapping someone with a fish probably twice as old as they are? And the best part of slapping someone with a Qwilfish is when it instinctively splurts all the water over your victim's face on contact. So not only are you making their faces swell up with the poison (they don't always faint, and I've seen people get puffed up reactions to the stuff!), but you just got fish slobber all over them too.
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind was nudged by 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver.
  • Hey, soda fiend. How were the drinks?
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver.
There's no text in the message. Instead, it's just a photo of a recycling bin, with about a dozen bottles, all the kinds of soda Lil introduced Rosetta to.
1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind.
  • I'll take that as a "get me more of the Gennisian Boylan shit the next time I see you." I'll get you the Sangria, Watermelon and Thunder Punch flavors the next time I'm at BevDeluxe; let it not be said that Lil did not know her shit when it comes to gourmet soft drinks.
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