Rosetta's Investigation Notes

Norina's Letter

Corbin's Emails

Norina got me some records of Corbin's emails that might be relevant. I'm not sure about some of them, and I don't wanna ask how she got them…

★ me, Serenity Woels (5) [Sept. 21] about those strange chips -
★ me, Mikhail Amsel, Norina Elyse, Louis Acosta … (8) [Nov. 29] college app essay help plz -
☆ me, Rosalind Cabello (5) [Sept. 9] URGENT: I think I saw someone get hit by a car -
☆ Norina Elyse, Mikhail Amsel, me, … (7) [Aug. 10] I'm releasing my first EP online! -
☆ Stefan Long, Mikhail Amsel, me, … (8) [Jul. 26] Weekly Scouts of Our Lives Discussion Thread 15! -
★ me, Norina Elyse (5) [Jul. 12] Volunteer paperwork -

Corbin's Videos

Videos here

Wanga Dolls


These? They're creepy dolls made by the Skullnest tribe way back when. It's like a puppet and can' act on its own. No, more like a possession host. I should ask Chase to take a look at one if I see it in action cause Aura Seers can see who's controlling a doll. Corbin had been seeing a lot of kids - the kidnapped ones from around the world he thinks - leaving these around in odd places, including all over campus!

Known Wanga Doll cities:

  • New Ivyhollow
  • Red Blade City

Known Wanga Doll creators/users:

None yet! Gotta look harder.

The Sons of Grant

Creepy crazy Unown cultists who tattoo the things into themselves. Fuck, that makes me shiver just thinking about it. They're nice to chat with once in a while, but…Anyway, one of them dropped a notebook with a picture of an alphic circle on it and a fist in the center, but when I opened it up, all the pages were blank. Just shiny, yeah? When the guy kicked the bucket, all the Unown disappeared from his body though, so maybe something similar happened with the text in the notebook?

Their aim is to kill all non-"Makers" - Rune Masters as I know 'em. As well as Rune Masters who aren't with them. So people like me and Norina I guess, huh?

The Readers/The Keeper's Cult

So I'm part of this group now, and they're assassins and it's awesome and shiny. They're opposed to the Sons of Grant, and Yanala was one of them before she disappeared. Very ninja-like, kind of like me…She had short black hair, pale skin, and she could teleport like I can. Anyway, they're being hunted down, and I'm supposed to confirm whether or not Husk Rhasha, husband to the mother of Alice, Venomtalon's Gym Leader (and the Joltik god we've been looking for…), has been the one leaking information to Dandyman to kill them.


A supernatural killing machine - the one who killed Corbin. He's eaten the Lake Guardians across Eastern Europe, and he ate Yemaja too. He's been killing the Sons of Grant and the Keeper's Cult, and he's incredibly dangerous. Possibly has associations to Husk and in turn Father Ruth. Everything's gotten a hell of a lot bigger since I first started looking for Corbin's killer, huh? Chase thinks he's creating an army of orphans with shapeshifting abilities.

Known Powers and Abilities:

  • Wields two knives that inflict unhealing wounds (to do: check on the hospital that treated the Son of Grant Gen stabbed and see how those wounds heal)
  • Has the power to find lost children (important note: isn't stopped by Minuetta's cube!)
  • Can create and control Wanga dolls to fight for him in combat
  • Powerful enough to kill legendaries and steal their powers
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