Rosetta Whitacre

Game: Visiwa

Meet the Girl

Name : Rosetta Whitacre
AKA: Razor Wind
Age : 18
Height : 5'4''
Weight : 109 lbs
Birthday: January 20

Level 50 Warper/Rune Master/Ninja/Telekinetic

A short, lithe girl with sharp red eyes. Her straight, dark-brown hair is cut short to keep from getting in the way or posing an easy target for foes in combat. Right around her neckline is a small Alphic tattoo, a focus for her Rune Master abilities. A pair of night vision goggles sits tight on her head when not in use. Form-fitting, unrestrictive, and practical clothing makes up her usual attire. The sleeve ends of a tight athletic mock peek out from under a dark hoodie, and a pair of black leather gloves cover her hands. Her pants are adorned with pockets, and she wears a pair of dark, sturdy boots.

Alt Portrait

Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body +5
Acrobatics: Master (6)
Athletics: Expert (5)
Combat: Adept (4)
Intimidate: Pathetic (1)
Stealth: Master (6)
Survival: Novice (3)

Mind +1
Guile: Master (6)
Occult: Adept (4)
Tech: Novice (3)
Perception: Expert (5)
Focus: Expert (5)
Other Edu: Untrained (2)

Spirit -1
Charm: Untrained (2)
Command: Pathetic (1)
Intuition: Pathetic (1)

Combat Stats

Hit Points 187/187
HP 26
Attack 50+5
Defense 10+5
Sp. Attack 9
Sp. Defense 15+5
Speed 44

Injuries: None

Moves and Capabilities

Hidden Power (AW AC2, Electric DB8: 2d8+10, burst 1)
Confusion (AW AC2, Psychic DB5: 1d8+8, 6m, confuses on 19-20)
Teleport (Scene, Psychic, interrupt teleport)
Ally Switch (Scene, Psychic, Swap with ally within 6m)
Feint (Scene AC3 ignores protect/detect/etc)
Double Hit (EoT AC3, Normal DB4/8: 1d8+6/2d8+10, Double Strike)
Double team (Scene, Normal, makes 3 copies)
Aerial Ace (EOT, Flying DB8: 2d8+10, can't miss)
Ghostfire Blast (EOT, Fire DB6: 2d6+8, 6m, can't miss)
Slash (EOT, Normal, DB7: 2d6+10, pass, crits on 18-20)
Jagged Wind (EOT, Flying, DB10: 3d8+10, 3 targets set-up)
Barrier (Scene x2, Psychic, 4 segments of barrier: 20 HP, 15 DR)
Kinesis (Scene, Psychic, -4 to an attack within 6 meters)
Protect (Scene, Normal, prevents attack)
Struggle (AW AC4, Normal DB4: 1d8+5, melee)
Trick (Scene, AC 2, swap items for two targets)
Gravity (Daily x2, higher gravity for 5 rounds)
Heal Block (EOT, AC 2, range 6m, prevents healing)
Magic Coat (Daily, reflects non-damaging move)
Dragon Rush (AW, AC 4, 3d8+10, Push 3m, Flinches on 17+)
Tether Shot (Scene x2, AC 2, 3d8+10, range 12, tethers)
Mithril Wing (EOT, AC 3, 3d8+10, Pass, Def up on 15+)
Substitute (Scene, 1/4th HP as a sub)

Capabilities: Overland 8, Swim 4, High Jump 3, Long Jump 5, Power 8, Teleporter 4, Darkvision, Gather Unown
Abilities: Probability Control, Infiltrator, Levitate, Magic Bounce
Action Points: 14/14

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10

Level 1 Creation:

Level 2: Adept Acrobatics, , Novice Combat, +1 Speed
Level 3: Hidden Power [+1 HP] [+1 Atk], +1 Speed
Level 4: Novice Skill - Athletics, +1 Speed
Level 5: Rewrite [+1 HP] [+1 Atk], +1 Speed
Level 6: Expert Acrobatics, Adept Guile, +1 Speed
Level 7: Words of Power [+1 HP] [+1 Atk], +1 Speed
Level 8: Adept Combat, +1 Speed
Level 9: Major Gift: Freedom (Wanderlust) [+Atk] [+Speed], +1 Speed
Level 10: Combat Training - +1 all Stats, +1 Speed
Level 11: Ninja (Infiltrator) [+2 Speed], +1 Speed
Level 12: Master Acrobatics, Aegis Training, +1 Speed
Level 13: Ninja Training (Feint/Double Hit) [+2 Speed], +1 Speed
Level 14: Way of the Blade, +1 Attack
Level 15: Ninja Training (DT/Aerial Ace) [+1 Spd, +1 Atk], +1 Atk
Level 16: Adept Stealth, +1 HP
Level 17: Signature Move: Hidden Power [+2 Atk], +1 HP
Level 18: Iron Mind, +1 Atk
Level 19: Telekinetic [+1 Sp. Atk, +1 Speed], +1 Atk
Level 20: Expert Stealth, +1 HP
Level 21: Blur [+2 Speed], +1 HP
Level 22: Novice Perception, +1 HP
Level 23: Multitasking [+2 Speed], +1 Atk
Level 24: Novice Tech Edu, +1 Atk
Level 25: Glyph [+1 HP] [+1 Atk], +1 Atk
Level 26: Wallrunner, +1 Atk
Level 27: Levitate, [+1 Sp Atk] [+1 Speed], +1 Atk
Level 28: Master Stealth, +1 Atk
Level 29: PK Alpha [+1 Sp Atk] [+1 Speed], +1 Atk
Level 30: Adept Occult, +1 Atk
Level 31: Explosive Runes [+1 HP] [+1 Atk], +1 Atk
Level 32: Adept Perception, +1 Atk
Level 33: Alarm Runes [+1 HP] [+1 Atk], +1 Atk
Level 34: Expert Guile, +1 Atk
Level 35: Farcast [+Sp. Def] [+Speed], +1 Atk
Level 36: Minor Gift of Freedom (Vagabond), +1 Atk
Level 37: Warping Ground [+SpDef] [+Speed], +1 Atk
Level 38: Expert Perception, +1 Atk
Level 39: Strange Energy [+SpDef] [+Speed], +1 HP
Level 40: Adept Focus, +1 Def
Level 41: Pact Gift (Freedom): Freedom Fighter [+Atk] [+Spe], +1 Def
Level 42: Novice Survival, +1 Def
Level 43: Fighter's Versatility [+2 Sp. Def], +1 Def
Level 44: Master Guile, +1 Sp. Def
Level 45: Warped Mind [+SpDef] [+Speed], +1 Atk
Level 46: Acrobat, +1 Atk
Level 47: Ninja Training (Sub/Acrobatics) [+1 Spd, +1 Atk], +1 Atk
Level 48: Expert Athletics, +1 Atk
Level 49: Flying Expertise [+2 Atk], +1 Atk
Level 50: Expert Focus, +1 Atk

Artillery Badge A badge with a gold trim. It's two crossed cannons. One with an Aquamarine, the other with a Ruby in the interior. It has a small label at the bottom reading ARTILLERY BADGE
Odyssey Badge The badge has a gold trim as well, but emerald interior. It's in the shape of an unrolled scroll with bits of gold text. The text reads "Odyssey Badge."
Hurricane Badge The badge is a swirling cloud, like a storm on a weather map, with a fist at its eye. On the back of the hand reads "HURRICANE BADGE". Copper metal, and blue gemstone for the hurricane bits.
Loa Badge a mirror shaped badge with LOA BADGE etched into the rim - the gemstone for the glass is a faint purple.
Brave Badge gold trim as usual, it's a baby blue stone set in the shape of a plumed axe with BRAVE BADGE engraved on the blade.
Dreamcatcher Badge they contain bronze badges that look like this
Buccaneer Badge gunmetal colored badge with a white carving - it's a jolly roger with the words "BUCCANEER BADGE" carved in the top of it.
Hive Badge a honeycomb shaped badge with emerald gemstone.
Valkyrie Badge
Golem Badge

A Modern Ninja's Toolkit


Head Darkvision Goggles: Grants Darkvision, also Yuri Goggles
Body Stealth Clothes: +4 to Stealth Checks, +1 EVA, Light Armor, +4 Save Checks
Main Hand Gyarados Sword - +1 ACC, +1 Atk CS on 18+
Off-Hand Falconer's Glove - Light Shield, +2 EVA
Feet Magnetized Parkour Shoes (+2 to Athletics and Acrobatics in urban environments, +1 Long Jump, 1.5x Overland speed on metal surfaces, including when Wallrunning)
Accessory (out of combat) Climbing Gloves: +2 to climbing checks
Accessory (in combat) Mega Ring
Smartphone A modern necessity, equipped with Internet access, mp3 player, a camera, etc…
Backpack Every aspiring explorer needs one of these.
Urban Exploration Equipment Multitool, masking tape, rope and hook, small pair of binoculars…
Misc. Personal Items Pocket watch, compass, hairpins, small mirror, castanets, etc…
Great Ball x2 1d100-10
Alien Blaster Off-Hand, Battle freq, AC 6, 1d3 paralyze, flinch, sleep
Alien Cube Standard Action, This shockwave's affect lasts a number of rounds equal to your Focus Rank in combat, and out of combat it lasts roughly an hour. It's 'recharge' rate is about an hour as well. Disables Psychic Type and Ghost Type Moves, as well as Hidden Power. Supresses Moves that grant the Aura Reader capability. Diables Trainer Features, Moves, Abilities and Capbilities, from the Psychic classes, Rune Master, Elementalist, Medium. On Aura Guardians, Disciples, and Channelers, it Disables their Features, Abilities and Capabilities, but only Surpresses their Moves
Sodas! x5 Heals 45 HP out of battle
Gray and Green Scarves Gifts from Garcia~, +2 Swag
Spy Toolkit Off-Hand Item: Window cutters and shit
Spy Suit Body Item: Conceals from aura, thermal sensors, etc
Tranq Gun Small Ranged weapon, 5 rounds
Hookshot Off-Hand Item: hard to use in a fight
Hitodama's Edge +5 Bonus Damage, 4m range, grants Ghostfire Blast, Leer as Free Action on 15+, +2 DB on non-SE hits against Fairy/Dark
Mega Stone Yup
Tether Tazer Accessory, grants Tether Shot and Mithril Wing
Pester Balls Bx2, Dx1
Paralyze Heal x2 Yep

70 monies

A Brief History

Friends and Family

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

"That's now! I can't disappoint Norina with the promise I've made to her. Orshe'llprobablypunchmereallyhardandthathurtsalotow"
Investigative Notes

Meetup Profile

Or look here: roseprofile

Current Traveling Team: lUnBHrx.gifAHttnAP.gifUnUHtwV.gifdNffvlE.gifLn5fjdm.gifJjKtIi9.gif
Owned Pokémon (44): Natu, Starly, Unown, Skarmbabby, Skarmory, Hoothoot, Murkrow, Elgyem, Remoraid, Octillery, Staravia, Staraptor, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Rufflet, Vullaby, Wingull, Spearow, Fearow, Deerling, Eelektrik, Nincada, Shedinja, Larvesta, Volcarona, Psyduck, Taillow, Litwick, Lampent, Swablu, Aerodactyl, Delibird, Archen, Archeops, Fletchling, Froakie, Frogadier, Greninja, Chandelure, Xatu, Chocobo, Chimera, Mandragora, Garuda, Altaria
EXP to distribute: 100

To Add:

Pokémon History
Trilloby - Met at level 5, Starter. The best bird. He has the (mis)fortune of being my new companion through this trip of whimsy. I wonder though sometimes if he sees more than I do. He can get a soulless stare at times, the kind that a person gets when they've seen some shit in their lives.
Maestoso - Met at level 5, Jungles of Red Port. Really likes to dance and strut his stuff. I think he was looking for a mate? Well, if he's still searching I guess I sorta am out to catch a lot of bird Pokémon…
Zodiac - Met at level 3, Gathered at Jungles of Red Port. I was looking for some more firepower, and I got an Unown who hid in my hood instead. Zodiac has come a long way since I've started adding to the hivemind! Really strong and dependable now.
Glissani - Met at level 5, Queenwood. She seems really lackadaisical sometimes. But she seems reliable enough, and Skarmory are so cool.
Clavier - Met at level 7, Queenwood. A real soda connoisseur! I have to show him a world of sodas out there. I wonder if it'll be bad to have someone around to encourage my bad habits though…
Scherzo - Met at level 10, Mine 3. A tricky, tricky bird who likes to mess with people. Too slow to outrun my zapping though. S'how it works with Murkrow; you gotta show 'em who's boss, yeah?
Minuetta - Met at level 7, Mine 3. ALIEN WARS and Outer Gods and oh geez I need a drink.
Octavia - Met at level 9, Visiwan Ocean. The first Pokémon I've ever fished up! And looks like she'll make a neato fishgun.
Dolore - Met at level 15, Urmabutt Ruins. My first FOV! Blessed by the Deceiver with an aura of pathogen. That could've been trouble, but I made it out okay.
Cadenza - Met at level 13, Veilbeak Arena. Dig dig bird! She's pretty skittish around people, but I'm getting her to warm up.
Anima - Met at level 18, outskirts of Venomtalon. I think she resents my capturing her while asleep.
Nocturne - Met at level 15, outskirts of Venomtalon. Who knew bugs liked soda too?

The Box

Unown: Empty

Toccata the Rufflet, Level 10, Sheer Force, Serious Nature, Female, False Swipe / Feint Attack/ Drill Peck
Pavan the Vullaby LEVEL 12, Male, Brave nature, Big Pecks, Fake Tears/Steel Wing/Roost
Saratello the Wingull, level 10, Female, Naive Nature, Keen Eye, Gust, Twister, Aqua Ring
Presto the Eelektrik - Level 15, Male, Levitate Quiet Nature.
Mezzo the Deerling - Level 14, male. Grass/Fighting, Chlorohpyll, Desperate Nature. Synthesis/Odor Sleauth/Baton Pass. Take Down -> Submission, Nature Power -> Low Kick, Double-Edge -> Hi-Jump Kick
Psyduck, Level 15, Damp, Male, Cuddly Nature. Encore -> Secret Power -> Psybeam
Taillow Level 12, Docile, Female, Guts. Egg Moves are Steel Wing -> Roost -> Sky Attack.
Doduo level 20, Cuddly, Run Away and Polycephaly, and comes with Steel Wing, Quick Attack, and Mirror Move
Sigilyph Level 25 sigi, magic guard and wonder skin, hypnosis, roost, ancient power, and your favorite move in the universe are its egg moves. It's whatever the +HP - Attack nature is.
Fletchling Sister 1: Level 10. Adamant Nature. Big Pecks. Comes with Steel Wing, U-Turn, and Snatch.
Fletchling Sister 2: Level 10. Jolly Nature. Tangled Feat. Comes with Steel Wing, Wide Guard, and Snatch.

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