Roy Daring

Hailing from Johto, Roy Daring is a 19 year old whose inner child has beaten him repeatedly and mercilessly ever since he hit puberty. Roy acts, at his most mature, like a 14 year old with a colorful vocabulary, and at his least mature like an 8 year old. With an even more colorful vocabulary. Having a child-like sense of wonder is somewhat useful to him however, as he is a rather competent adventurer by trade. Roy managed to ace through his ranger training and quickly learned how to be a proficient navigator. While Roy tends to act like he doesn't have even the most minute, infinitesimal amount of skill in his fields, most can agree he has what it takes to become one of the best.

Roy has left his ranger training, seeking fortune and fame in the economic ashes of Hoenn. Deserts, jungles, mountains, oceans, and most importantly big expensive treasures he can put his name on are calling to him.

Roy is about 5' 10" tall, and weighs about 190 or so pounds. His furret, Milo, frequently wraps itself around Roy's head, sometimes like a raccoon … hat … thing, and sometimes more like a hood. He typically wears a simple black tee with a very adventure-y and pocket laden vest over top it. When the mood strikes him to actually wear pants, he chooses a ratty pair of dark green cargo pants. Being an adventurer he usually has a backpack full of supplies (candy bars, comics, and rope) and a rather fancy looking bow.

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