Ryoko Shimizu

Campaign: Persona Glassdell

Basic Info

"…because they're counting on me, that's why."

Name : Ryoko Shimizu
Age : 21
Height : 1.67 m
Weight : Such a rude thing to ask a lady.
Birthday: November 19

Virtue : Reliable
Vice: Envy

Arcana: Empress
Persona: Lachesis
Potential: 1

Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 5
Initiative: 5

Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
-1 -2 -3
Willpower: 6/6
Resonance: 7/14

Violence Stress
Hardened: o o o o o o o o o o
Failed: o o o o o

Unnatural Stress
Hardened: • • o o o o o o o o
Failed: o o o o o

Self Stress
Hardened: o o o o o o o o o o
Failed: o o o o o

Helplessness Stress
Hardened: o o o o o o o o o o
Failed: o o o o o


A young woman of Japanese descent in her early twenties, Ryoko has shoulder-length blue hair, blue-grey eyes, and a lean, somewhat athletic build. Her clothing tends to mix fashion and function as much as possible; her default winter wear is a black jacket, jeans, and a constantly-present white scarf.

Character Theme: Poetry is nothing if it is not in motion.

Mental (Secondary)

Intelligence • • o o o
Wits • • o o o
Resolve • • • o o
Skills (-3 untrained)
Academics • o o o o
Computer o o o o o
Crafts o o o o o
Investigation • o o o o
Medicine • • o o o
Occult • o o o o
Politics o o o o o
Science • • o o o

Skill Specialties: Medicine (First Aid)

Physical (Tertiary)

Strength • • • o o
Dexterity • • o o o
Stamina • o o o o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Athletics • o o o o
Brawl o o o o o
Drive o o o o o
Firearms o o o o o
Larceny o o o o o
Stealth o o o o o
Survival o o o o o
Weaponry • • • o o

Skill Specialties: Weaponry (Polearms)

Social (Primary)

Presence • • • o o
Manipulation • • o o o
Composure • • • o o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Animal Ken o o o o o
Empathy • • • o o
Expression • • o o o
Intimidation o o o o o
Persuasion • • • o o
Socialize • • o o o
Streetwise o o o o o
Subterfuge • o o o o

Skill Specialties: Empathy (Motives)


"The final cut of the shears is but a formality."

Name: Lachesis, the Measurer
Arcana: Empress

Power • • o o o
Finesse • • • o o
Resistance • • • • o


  • Frost Bitten (Bufu)
  • Passion
Boneyard o o o o o
Caul o o o o o
Curse o o o o o
Marionette • o o o o
Oracle o o o o o
Rage o o o o o
Shroud • • o o o

Ornate naginata. From a distance, the weapon seems to have a simple build - a sturdy black pole topped with an unmarred, shining steel blade, with the tsuba bearing carved images of falling flower petals and a snowscape. Ryoko finds that it is nearly identical to her mother's naginata, but with two curious differences - the pole seems to be etched with lines at regular intervals behind the blade's curve with narrower notches in between, almost like a measuring stick. The blade also seems to never get warm, and shines with a blue cast when put under a light. Occasionally, silver threads trail from the blade like torn spiderwebs, and trails an arc of white silk when swung.

Merits and Flaws

  • Resources • • • •
  • Status (Student Government) • •
  • Sojutsu • •
  • Trained Observer •
  • Defensive Combat •
  • Embarrassing Secret
  • External Commitments



  • BlackBerry cell phone
  • White scarf

Social Links

Name Rank Notes
Kimi • o o o o She's always been a good friend of mine. I just wish she'd open up more - and that I could have to time to spend with her.
Jeff • o o o o His somewhat inflated sense of self made for a sour first impression, but his heart's in the right place.
Nick • o o o o What a strange, strange bloke. He acts suspiciously and rashly - not good, considering we need to work together to get through this.

Character Backstory

Ryoko is the current student representative for Penrose College in Konungswiche University, as well as the younger of the two daughters of Masahiro Shimizu, CEO of Rigel Technologies.

Born and raised almost completely within Glassdell, Ryoko was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, and generally had a happy childhood. As she grew up, she thankfully did not develop a spoiled personality, but the fact that she is completely unable to drive or cook for herself is a point of some embarrassment for her. Her mother was in a car accident several years ago, and remains in a coma to this day - a fact that causes no small amount of tension within the family. Not much is known about her older sister, except for the fact that she attends Glassdell Metropolitan University.

Due to her family's connections to the funding of both local universities, Ryoko is generally able to pull some strings and bring some resources to bear, particularly within Penrose - she has a room available there, despite living at home within the southern edge of the Bloom.

Goals and Aspirations

  • Earn some measure of independence, without relying on my family name. I need to be my own person.
  • People are counting on me. I can't let them down.
  • ….maybe I can convince him to move on.

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