Saffron Shadows Region Info


Pallet City: Formerly an Internationally renown resort city for gambling and entertainment, Pallet City was hit hard during the War Era, and is now a shadow of its former self.

Viridian City: Having been hit hard from all sides during the War Era, Viridian City focused its efforts on simply surviving, and has succeeded in that task admirably. It's a badly kept secret that Viridian City is the seat of the revived Team Rocket, who maintains an iron grip on the city.

Pewter City: Pewter City was a casualty of the War Era. Almost wholly destroyed, it was eventually rebuilt. It remains a relatively small town, only important due to its access to Mt. Moon's mineral resources.

Cerulean City: Cerulean City still maintains some separation from Saffron City, despite its proximity; but perhaps this is to its detriment. Cerulean City is little more than a series of impoverished slums and polluted waterways, and regarded as having little importance.

Vermilion District: As Saffron City spread, is simply "South" Saffron City. While Celadon Prospered, Vermilion became the Industrial sink of the city. While the docks are a bustling and productive place during the day, you wouldn't want to be walking the streets of the Vermilion District at night without good company.

Saffron City: Saffron City is positively gigantic. The high-rising city is loud and vast, and runs 24-hours a day. If it's real, chances are you can find it here if you know where to look. From the Saffron City slums to the high-class high-rises, there's always secrets to find in Saffron City.

Celadon Burbs: As Saffron City continued to grow, what was formerly Celadon City essentially became the outer suburbs to Saffron. Celadon City is known as being a safe, high-class district where the rich and powerful reap their rewards.

Lavender City: A town that has rapidly grown over the last decade into a fully-fledged city, Lavender City is a place filled with opportunity; for both honest trade and otherwise. Unlike Saffron City which began to expand up, Lavender City has decided to dig down; much of the city is underground, or in the caverns of what was once called Rock Tunnel.

Fuchsia Ruins: Before the War Era, Fuchsia City was a thriving metropolis, rivaled only by Saffron City. The War only increased its growth; Fuchsia City grew to be both a prominent port, and research center for new technologies. Johto's bombing of Fuchsia City was a major turning point in the war, before which Kanto seemed almost certain to win.

Cinnabar Resort: Cinnabar Island is wholly owned by the Silph Corporation, and has been turned into a resort for its executives.


New Bark Memorial: New Bark Town and the surrounding area served as the battleground for much of the War Era. Other than the New Bark Memorial, which commemorates the lives lost in the War between Kanto and Johto, not much remains here.

Cherrygrove City: Cherrygrove City has grown immensely in the last half-century, becoming the second largest city in Johto. It's known for it's party scene, and for being home to the region's most extravagant contests.

Violet City: Once the second largest city in Johto, the serene and ancient city is now but a ruin. Only the Sprout Tower remains, and the monks that serve as its caretaker.

Azalea Town: Azalea Town remains a small quiet place, to this day, perhaps because it remains nestled between the untameabl Ilex Forest, and the mountains to the east.

Goldenrod City: Though not as large as Saffron City, Goldenrod City is still a sprawling metropolois and Johto's largest city. It's a center of commerce and innovation, and the seat of media giant and computing megacorp, Goldenrod Technologies. It's also known for its well-kept National Park, which still hosts Bug-Catching Contests to this day.

Ecruteak City: Ecruteak City has remained fairly stable throughout the last few decades. It continues to be a place deeply rooted in the past. It's heavily under the influence of the Blackthorn Syndicate.

Olivine City: Olivine City is known as a tough town. Once prosperous, it has become poor, with at atmosphere of quiet ferocity. Goldenrod Technologies has a strong presence here, and its laboratories to the north provide the city with many of its jobs.

Cianwood Isle: Bombed early during the war era, Cianwood City was utterly destroyed. The island is now home to hordes of poison-type Pokemon, and usually left alone.

Mahogany Village: Mahogany Town was completely destroyed during the war era, and never truly rebuilt. However, an eccentric artist and scientist, Radley Spades, has recently created a small commune here for like-minded individuals.

Blackthorn City: A quiet but prosperous city, it's no surprise it's the seat of the Blackthorn Syndicate. Though the city was bombed heavily during the War Era and lost much of its industry, the Blackthorn Syndicate has spent much of its profits rebuilding the city in the last couple of decades, and its citizens tend to be fiercely loyal to the Syndicate.

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