Salino Fenn

Trainer Stats:

Name Salino Fenn
Gender Male
Age 35
Height 5'7"
Weight 135 lbs.
Birthday December 2nd
~Salino's Perspective of Others

She's pretty great with all kinds of spiritual things. I'm really glad she was around during that whole mansion ordeal and she's always worried about everyone. Still, I wish Oolong wasn't so mean sometimes…

Episode 1 CLEAR: +1 Level, +3000 EXP, +1000P, +500P, +1000P (Detective Salary), TM 06 Toxic
Episode 2 CLEAR: +1 Level, +4000 EXP, +1200P, Level 10 Sandile (-3 Pokeballs), +1000P (Detective Salary), +1 Trainer EXP
Episode 3 CLEAR: +1 Level, +5500 EXP, +1500P, +5 Heart to Shadow Pokemon, +3000 EXP, +1000P (Detective Salary)
Episode 4 CLEAR: +2 Levels, +8000 EXP, +2000P, +30 Heart to Shadow Pokemon, +1000P (Detective Salary)

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