Saryx Sylvestine

Level 33 Alchemist / Blacksmith / Channeler / Clairvoyant / Disciple / Fool in Tales of Visiwa
… Seriously, 'Fool' is probably the least degrading title considering he was willing to give up his soul.

ForgeYourOwnPath's Profile

Name: Saryx Sylvestine
Hometown: Shiverwing City, Light Isle, Visiwa

Born: August 2, 202X (Age 22)
Eon Connect: AMoltenHeart


Skill Chart

It's time I put everything Dad taught me to use!
I'm gonna make him real proud; just you watch!

Body (2) Mind (1)
Skill P U N A E M Skill P U N A E M
Acrobatics 2d Over 6 Guile 1d -
Athletics 4d - Perception 6d+2
Stealth 1d - Gen Ed. 2d -
Combat 4d Pow 7 Medic Ed. 3d -
Intimidate 1d - Occult Ed. 2d -
Survival 2d - Petro Ed. 2d -
Spirit (2) Poke Ed. 2d -
Skill P U N A E M Sci Ed. 2d -
Charm 3d - Tech Ed. 4d -
Command 2d - Other Ed. 2d -
Focus 4d - Other Ed. 2d -
Intuition 5d+2* * When dealing with wild Pokemon.

Stats and Equipment

I'll get stronger, you'll see!
… How else will I get cute girls to notice me?

Saryx Sylvestine (Level 33.2) - 136 Max HP
Instinct 11/11 Action Points
Pickup 0 Injuries
Stat Base Feat Grow Total
HP 10 10 0 20
Atk 6 9 0 15+5
Def 7 0 23 30
SpA 5 4 0 9
SpD 8 6 6 20
Speed 9 0 1 10

Clear Body (Static) - Only Status Ailments can alter Saryx' Combat Stages.
Overcoat (Static) - Saryx is immune to damage from Hail, Sandstorm, and any other weather-based damage.
Pickup (Daily) - Saryx can roll 1d20 for Pickup. … If Botherrer ever remembers to use this thing!
Static (Battle) - When a foe hits Saryx with a Melee-ranged Move, they become Paralyzed.

What?!? I was just joking! … Sort of… I mean, I have a girlfriend now, for Bondye's sake! … Maaaan, you don't gotta look at me like that!


If you don't know how to use your equipment the best, how are you supposed to make it the best?
… It would also be nice if I could afford to make some for myself and send money home to Mom and Dad on the Guild's pay, though…
Slot Item Slot Item
Main Hand Off Hand Eternal Aegis
Allows Saryx' Struggle to be Steel Wing instead (+1 Def CS on 15+.) A small, metal shield designed in the likeness of Dialga's crest. Mechanically serves as a Light Shield. The shield also has the benefit, though, of permitting Saryx to use a Swift Action, in place of a Standard Action, when performing Intercepts.
Head N/A Body Beartic Fur Cloak
A rather masculine hooded cloak made from a white hide. It's very warm and fuzzy. Grants the Heater Capability, and the Overcoat Ability. It also grants a +2 to Intuition and Perception Checks when dealing with wild Pokemon.
Feet N/A Acc. Stun Gauntlet
An armor-plated glove that seems to have a perpetual, self-sustaining charge to it. Grants the user the Static Ability. Scene/FA - When the Ability bearer is hit by a Melee-ranged Move, the foe is inflicted with Paralysis.


I learn more with every day I train!
… I just wish training wasn't so hard sometimes…

Name Specs Keywords Effect Contest Acquired
Confusion At-Will 2 1d8+7 6m, 1 Target Confusion Confuses the target on 19-20 during Accuracy check. Smart - Steady Performance Clairvoyant Class
Force Palm EOT 2 - 2d6+8 Melee, 1 Target Force Palm Paralyzes the target on 18-20 during Accuracy Check. Cool - Desperation Disciple - "Spirit Trance"
Steel Wing At-Will 3 - 2d6+10 Melee, 1 Target, Pass, Spirit Surge +1 Def CS on 15+. Smart - Get Ready! Equipment -
Needle Arm At-Will 2 - 2d6+8 Melee, 1 Target Needle Arm Flinches the target on 15-20 during Accuracy Check. Smart - Steady Performance Equipment - Gaia Scepter
Meditate At-Will Self, No Target Raise the user’s Attack 1 Combat Stage. Beauty - Get Ready! Disciple - "Spirit Trance"
Struggle At-Will 4 - 1d8+5 Melee, 1 Target - - Default


Saryx' Party

Surt the Lv49 Camerupt (Met at Lv5)
Aevi the Lv36 Flaming Meganium (Hatched at Lv6)
Vegr the Lv44 Leavanny (Met at Lv10)
Yurnero the Lv44 Fiendish Samurott (Met at Lv15)
Jarl the Lv35 Armored Tank Scolipedede (Met at Lv15)

Boat Dwelling Mans

Myrr the Lv21 Slowpoke (Met at Lv4)
Fero the Lv23 Mantyke (Met at Lv7)
Lv25 Giant Trapinch (Met at Lv25)
Lv10 Amaura (Met at Lv10)
Lv10 Honedge (Met at Lv10)
Lv10 Honedge (Met at Lv10)
Lv10 Piplup (Met at Lv10)


Other 'Mans

Other Mans

Fjor the Lv7 Mudkip (Met at Lv5) - Permaboxed under Eiric's care
Lysa the Lv26 Crystal Vulpix (Hatched at Lv1) - Ran away from home

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