Savage Worlds: Arcane Backgrounds

Elemental Scholar

Arcane Skill: Spellcasting (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 2

Spell List No set spell list, but all powers must be made to fit an elemental format. Shouldn't be difficult.

Free Powers: Elemental Manipulation, all forms. Cost is also reduced to 0pp.

The basic study of magic available to mortals consists largely of the study of the elements. Those with a sharp mind are able to learn to manipulate the elements with enough practice and dedication.


Arcane Skill: none
Starting Power Points: 20
Starting Powers: 1

A sorcerer is someone who comes to magically embody a concept, and is able to twist reality in this dedication. A fire mage who is unable to cast other spells may be a sorcerer, as might a bard that uses magic to inspire or manipulate.

Works like the superpower arcane background. Powers must be made to fit thematically. Further bonuses will be worked out with the DM, and be based on your theme!


Arcane Skill: Spellcasting (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 3

A Daemon Binder, or Spirit Charmer, is someone who enters a pact with a spirit to gain knowledge and power. The spirit or demon may have been coerced into serving the binder, may be a willing tutor in exchange for being hosted in a mortal body, or may be been forced onto the binder at birth. Either way, they can call up on centuries of experience to teach the summoner magic.

Binders always have a sigil that bears the spirit's name somewhere on their body. Superstition being what it is, openly displaying this symbol in most places is a good way to find a mob at your doorstep.

Power List: Binders don't have a set power list.

Untrusted: You suffer a -2 charisma penalty when dealing with anyone who has seen or knows of your mark. Even rumours can cause people to be suspicious of you. And in certain towns, letting someone see your mark is downright dangerous.

Brainburn: Same as psionic background, sw pg. 82


Arcane Skill: Weird Magic (Spirit)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 1

Personal Spell: Beast Friend, Bolt, Healing, Shape Change

Fetishes: see 'weird science' in sw p83. There is no set spell list when construction foci or fetishes.

Shamans know one 'personal' spell with which they are familiar, and are able to use their own power points to cast that spell. Unlike other arcane backgrounds, their 'personal' power points only recharge with sleep or meditation, not merely with the passage of time.

Otherwise, Shamans must use Fetishes or Foci that they have prepared to cast their spells. These implements are usually apparently simple objects which allow the use of a specific spell: for example, a wolfskin may allow users to turn into a wolf with the shapechange power, or a small feather fan may be used to call up a gust of wind for the deflection power.


Arcane Skill: Faith (Spirit)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 2

Power List: Armor, Barrier, Boost/Lower Trait, Deflect, Detect/Conceal, Dispel, Entangle, Healing, Greater Healing, Light, Smite, Stun

Protector: Restrictions are same as 'Miracles' arcane background, sw pg. 82.

Desperate Prayer: In addition, once per day, a character may roll his faith skill. If he fails, he may not attempt this ability again for an hour. If he succeeds, he may use any power - even those he does not currently have. The faith skill must be used successfully again to actually manifest the power; failure on this second roll causes power points to be wasted as normal. Powers used in this way must still be payed for in power points, and the character must still meet the rank prerequisite.


if you have an idea about how you want to reflavor a mechanic, please suggest it; it'll probably be fine. For example, if you wanted to play with the Weird Science rules but didn't want to be a shaman, you could be a Wizard that depends on scrolls or wands to cast his spells.

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