Scouts of Our Lives

Scouts of Our Lives is a show that's based on a true story, some names have been changed.

It is currently running in Altho.

The true story it is based on is Talent Scouts.

Times it runs: (NYA = Not Yet Aired)
1/7 11am: Session 1 (introductions/before the boat)
1/14 11am: Session 2 (boat/HQ)
1/21 11am: Session 3 (hospital)
1/28 11am: Mini-Sessions 1a and 1b (swamp sessions)
2/4 11am: Session 4 (start of the fanboat)
2/11 11am: Session 5 (egg and lake)
2/18 11am: Session 6 (secret location/Jack)
2/25 11am: Session 7 (festival)
3/4 11am: Session 8 (gym finals)

Name changes:
Rock -> Stone Fighter
Savage -> Wildling
Rikala -> Yodel Coosa, played by Mikhail Khokhlakov
Tip -> Dave "Waiter" Byrd
Alexei -> Putin Vodkoff
Douglas -> Everett Green
Tentra -> Revvy
Celia -> Leticia

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