SE: Leyline Mystery

Deep in the mountains of Chile there is an irregular anomoly.

The forested area around it makes it nearly impenetrable by air, and the thick marsh below makes only boat travel possible.

The jungle that makes up the trek to the top hides ancient secrets, untouched by humanity. Who knows what pokemon have evolved in the jungle, where not even the natives dare to venture.

In the heavy mists, there is an old observatory, a science facility with a large telescope. Or so the records say; there is no visible observatory from the skies. It could be already lost to the ages.

On the side facing the oceans; caverns open up to a large, intricate cave system that spirals down back into the depths of the earth. There is seemingly no way to get to the caves from the other side, and all mineral deposits have long since been mined.

You are a group of scientists from an earth university, or possibly soon to be scientists. Your group has been given grant money to investigate the remains of an old 2000's observatory. It has been a long journey, but you are finally at the mountain.

The local communities still believe in ancient superstition, but perhaps some of it is founded in reality. They say demons from native folklore live atop the mountain, as well as dangerous pokemon who reside in the jungles. While one is debatable, the other is certainly true. Thankfully, you are all very skilled trainers, who have even won many school system badges during highschool and college; perhaps even a few league badges.

Your group will be level 25 to start; with four pokemon each level 40. You may choose one non-dreamworld ability, and then roll a die for their second ability.

You will start with __ credits, which should probably be used up in character creation. You will be provided with basic utilities and enough food for you and your pokemon for as long as you need to stay; should you find the need to feed the local wildlife or procure a new pokemon, you should consider buying extra food. Additionally; a sleeping tent, flashlights, and other basic survival gear should be held as given.

The group should be about 3-5 strong, and the game will likely take place after P Gundam S mini has finished. The game itself is chronologically after the main Space Era campaign, but remember that anyone with psychic powers was born in space, for sake of simplicity. The amount of credits you start with is up for debate.

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