Newtype Weapon of Choice
Requires: a 19 in the stat the weapon requires.
Effect: Chose a specific Arms Feature. You gain the Proficiency level Feature of that Weapon and can perform simple stunts related without making checks. You may take Weapon of Choice for another form of Weapon multiple times. When you are given the Proficiency level of the Arms Feature, you do not need any previous levels of that Arms Feature.

Newtype Memory
You gain +5 in any specific INT-related ability; this can be a specific type of knowledge, such as history of a specific place, a certain academic understanding, problem solving skills, a type of pokemon, gathering information with knowledge, etc. This +5 will only work when related to that specific ability. You may take this feat more than once, and choose a different specific type of knowledge.

Newtype Awareness
You gain +5 in any specific WIS-related ability; this could be things such as perception, tracking, learning from gut feelings, being street-wise, etc. This +5 will only work when related to that specific ability. You may take this feat more than once, and choose a different specific type of knowledge.

Newtype Charisma
You gain +5 in any specific CHA-related ability; this can be rolls about being attractive, diplomacy, bluffing, detecting lies, intimidation, etc. This +5 will only work when related to that specific ability. You may take this feat more than once, and choose a different specific type of knowledge.

Newtype Sense
Requires: a 14 in INT, WIS, or CHA
Daily – Every 10 levels gained, you may perform this Feature another time per day.
Effect: Allows you to reroll one INT/WIS/CHA related ability, but you must take the second result, even if its worse.

Newtype Friendship
Daily - Every 6 levels gained, you may perform this Feature another time per day.
You can aid the group in a mass check; using either leadership and cooperative skills, or if you have it, Psychic ability. For instance, you can use your perception check to make the entire group see what you saw, instantly. Or you can use your dexterity to help the group through a stealth check.

Newtype Affinity
Required Trigger: you attempt to operate a machine that you do not know how, or have tried in the recent past.
Effect: You instinctively learn how to pilot a certain type of machine; or if its a large enough ship, a certain station on that ship. You can take this feat multiple times for different machines.

TRE Dossier
Required: See TRE Dossier
Effect: You instantly recognize anyone known to be in the TRE by the knowledge shown in the Dossier.

Newtype Weather Aura
Requirements: Newtype; Weather Aura Training.
Effect: Once Daily, you can call into effect a "weather" effect that eminates from your body. However, during this period, you suffer from the effects caused by such weather.
Heat - Boosts Fire-type moves; could cause overheating
Cold - Boosts Ice-type moves; could cause freezing sensation, possibly frostbite in extreme cases
Dry - Boosts Ground-type moves; could cause dehydration
Moist - Boosts Water-type moves; could cause overhydrated skin (pruny skin), possibly incite fungus or rashes
Death - Boosts Dark and Ghost-type moves; either causes you or anyone within a 3m radius of you to take 1/16th of their max health every round.

Newtype Camraderie
Requirements: I believe in you!
Effect: You have bonded close with your friends, or at least their pokemon. you can use I believe in you on an ally's pokemon.

Newtype Element Focus
Requirements: Newtype; an ability that focuses on an 'element' or 'type' you wish to focus in; 18 in any stat.
Effect: through your trainings, you've managed to dial in on what makes your body simulate the effects it does. you can use your elemental attacks more often, or for less cost (See DM)
Normally: Daily uses become EOT with a limit of 3 per day (If they do damage). Moves that cost HP cost 3/4ths as much as they do normally.

Newtype Move Training
Requires: has learned a move through training that it would not normally learn without a tutor or training.
Effect: You can learn moves in the gym faster, and choose which gym move you learn. Further, given one timeslot (roughly 4-6 hours of training) and roughly 1/16th of that pokemons hp, you can instantly relearn any move it learned or knew ever since you got that pokemon. you can do this for up to 3 moves per timeslot; however each timeslot still only costs 1/16th of their hp.

Newtype Pokemon Workout
Effect: Your pokemon is not limited to training once per day.

Newtype Barrier
Requires: One stat 20 or above; or 18 int or con.
Daily; every 25 levels grained grants an additional use
Effect: You use Protect as a reaction that does not take up your turn; however, it only works against the action it was used against.

Newtype Barrier Advanced
Requires: One stat 26 or above.
Effect: You can use Newtype Barrier on a willing nearby ally. you do not gain an additional use from this feature.

Newtype For the Team
Daily; every 5 levels gained grants an additional use
Effect: You may Shift as an Interrupt on any round you have not Shifted, and Shift between an attacking foe and an allied Trainer or allied Pokemon in order to become the target of a Move that was successful. You take any damage and effects of the attack as if you were the original target.

Newtype Pokemon Regeneration
Effect: Teach one pokemon Recover. This move cannot be PPUped unless it is learned naturally or by TM by the pokemon. This cannot be given to a pokemon who already knows Recover.

Newtype Healing Hands
Requires: Newtype, Knowledge of the physiology of living beings/Medic class/Remedial First Aid
Daily - every 7 levels gained grants an additional use
Effect: By touching the target, you heal them for 2d20+INT+WIS hp. can heal wounds.

Newtype Mutation
Effect: Your newtype powers allow you to mutate your body; discuss with DM about what kind of mutation.

Newtype Corpse Manipulation
Requires: Newtype, Advanced knowledge of biology and physiology
Effect: the flesh of others dances at your fingertips. People, especially people with strong auras; are hard to manipulate, as are pokemon. the dead, who have lost their aura however, are fairly easy to manipulate and break down into their baser particles.

Newtype Final Will
Requires: Newtype, 18 Con or Str.
Effect: Upon being taken to 0 HP or less, when activated you may shift, give an order and use a Trainer Action as normal before fainting. This cannot be used when you have already gone under -100% of your HP.

UPDATE: Ava/N fights
N. Fake Death Pill
Prereq: Newtype
Once Weekly
Free action
Once a week, you can put your body in a catatonic state. You can either have this be a death-like state or merely seemingly unconcious, but you must state so beforehand. You enter this state for your con scorex10 minutes; to wake up beforehand, or to extend the duration. you must roll d20+con. During this state, you are not fully aware of your surroundings, and cannot recall very much of what happened.
Additionally, should a psychic mind read you and beat your INT score on a DC check; they will know you are just 'faking it'.

Newtype Poketrainer
Prereq: Newtype, Pokemon with int 7; requires something negative to make it less of a win/win
Choose a pokemon that you own with int 7; for one week, you focus soley on them. For that week, you and that pokemon's hps are halved. From then on, your pokemon can now command a pokemon you own on the battlefield. Whenever your pokemon is acting like a trainer, it cannot attack as a pokemon. the vice versa is also true, if your pokemon is acting as a pokemon, it cannot order other pokemon to attack.

Your pokemon gains one trainer level. You can choose this skill more than once, but you cannot have more than one pokemon acting as a trainer at a time in battle. Additionally, if you choose this skill again for the same pokemon, it can get another trainer level. It can also level up naturally as a trainer under certain circumstances that human trainers would face.

+1 newtype barrier
Prereq: Advanced Newtype Barrier; HGWT
Requires 3 feat points
Gives you one more use of newtype barrier per day.

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