Captain-Commander Edgar Cornelo; Age 53
Previously a Captain of the Tortouga, now acting commander of the Abagoura. Edgar is a short, passionate man with a bald head and a curly black mustache. He is very passionate about his feelings, and can sometimes be considered a bit of a loose cannon. Despite this, he is a brilliant on the fly tactician, and tends to hit his target when shooting from the hip more often than not.

Captain Cain Kits; Age 30(START). 31(CURRENT)
BIRTHDAY August 25th
A very strict, almost emotionless man. He has dark black hair and brown eyes, and usually does not wear his hat. Currently a second-in-command aboard the Abagoura, he acts more as an advisor than an actual captain. He is happy to leave his old ship, the Ocean Blue, in Admiral Roger Damasi's capable hands to follow the group. He and Suzan seem to have old issues regarding their late daughter Cheryl Swanson and friend Maximillian Farthington. They seem to be able to work at a professional level, at least.

Lieutenant Suzan Swanson; age 28(START).
BIRTHDAY January 18th
Daughter of Etna Swanson, the Shop worker of the Ocean Blue. She has Brown hair and Brown eyes. The history between her and Captain Kits seems to be a strange and tensioned one, but there doesn't seem to be any aggression between the two, at least towards each other. She works as a supervising ranch hand, and is well gifted with working with pokemon.

Lieutenant Hagatha Lowell; Age 34(START).
BIRTHDAY February 4th
Head Ranger, now aboard the Abagoura. Very outspoken woman who has trained her body to near perfection. Her dark, short hair likes to twist up into locks, and her blue eyes are bright. She is a self proclaimed lover of life, and considers hot baths and cold alcohol to be the two ideals of life, as well as being surrounded by youthful men.

Professor Uvak Mortimer Turtle; age 67(START).
BIRTHDAY April 1st
Extrasensory Professor. At first wanting to go public with his studies, he found solace in the military, which has granted him large sums of grant money to, in essence, keep his mouth shut and continue his work. He doesn't seem to mind, fascinated with the ideas of what once were called "Psychics" and "Aura Users." He's a very eccentric old man, his white hair, or whats left of it, sprouting out of his head every which way.

The Twins Kaitlin and Kerri Landers; Each Age 15(START). 16(CURRENT)
BIRTHDAY September 10th
The twins are almost inseparable; often finishing each others sentences, they almost seem to share the same mind. They are both average height, with two pigtails down their backs. Their hair is orange and have green eyes. They each have a Raticate; one of the most common Pokemon on any colony. They're personalities can be described as 'bubbly' and 'mischievous.' They now run the Comms, and seem to have taken a liking to Kazuma Nakamura. They still seem the same as they have always been, although when asking those that work with them on a daily basis they seem to have learned to keep their lips sealed about more sensitive things; although this does not stop them from talking about almost everything else that isn't specifically labeled need-to-know or classified.

Sparrow A. Mills; Age 9(START).
BIRTHDAY October 18th
Part of the Elementary program of your school, she and her class have also come along on your school trip. She clutches her Buneary doll tightly wherever she goes. She is often chastised and teased for holding onto such a childish toy. The doll itself has taken quite a beating, but has been patched up well many times over. She says her mother is a seamstress. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Her personality is rather timid, especially around live pokemon, and can sometimes be seen trailing behind groups as she takes in the scenery.

Sparrow has since grown out, growing surprisingly attached to her new mothers, as well as Suzan. She has begun to branch out, and has left her Buneary doll to her bed for a while. She still sleeps with it, although she vehemently denies it with an embarrassed face. She has found a passion for being around pokemon, spending a lot of her time at the ranch. She takes great pride in her civilian branded military outfit as well.

Ensign Johnny Briggs; Age 22(START).
BIRTHDAY March 19th
A bit of a bumbling fool, he tries his best to help the group. Has easily irritated bowels.


Match, Real name Unknown; Age 23
Match is an AC with an affinity for Pyrokinetics. He has a head of natural red hair, which he tends to put far too much gel in, and amber eyes. He has always taken himself a bit unseriously, but with his relatively recent discovering of his latent psychic powers, he has taken to revolving his life around them. He often uses fire puns, and tends to dress in a flashy, flamboyant manner. Not much is known about his previous life, although you have to wonder how he was before he gained his powers.

Star, Real name Unknown; Age 20
Star is a quiet girl of average height, if slim weight. Her eyes and straight hair are both the color black, with a look of strange voidness about her. She has a hundred yard stare, seeming to look at you and right through you. She is said to have Influential abilities, similar to Tom's, if a bit more focused and powerful. There are some rumors floating about that she deals with the occult as well. Not much is known about her at all other than she is generally considered very foreign and creepy, even among her close allies. Records indicate that she was 'donated' by her family to this military service, although which family is classified and blocked out.

Troy Eisenburg, Alias Atlantis, Real Name Unknown; Age 34
Originally a magic performer who performed stage shows and digital performances during his college years, he decided to join the military, as his 'job' gave him relatively little income compared to big name Coordinators. Nevertheless, he continued to put on small shows, even booking nights on his tours of duty around the colony. Usually nothing big enough that he couldn't cancel should he be needed, of course. He always felt like there was something more to the universe, and even began to feel his own awakened abilities before the AC Program began. Given his background, he enjoys displaying his mastery of water and ice in a grand fashion, often making his attacks as dazzling as they are deadly. Some say it is to distract the enemy, but others think he simply has fun making a show out of it. He has started taking to wearing a Cravat and a Domino mask, more out of keeping up the act rather than any sense of fashionability.

Seran Miyoto, Alias Nin/Edge; Age 26
Raised in a strict family, Seran is one of the few ACs to know they had something special inside of them before they joined the military. The family trained in the ancient and archaic rituals and arts of ninjitsu and bushido, and Seran was no exception. Seran however, showed supernatural ability to some of the old ninja techniques, some thought to be simple myth or sleight of hand. The family attempted to keep them secret, by pulling Seran out of school and religiously training him in the old world arts. Often mocked by his former classmates, he grew quiet apart from children his age and drew more on old ways of meditation. Somehow, the military found out about his abilities, and pressured his family into drafting him when he was of age. It has only been recent that his recently highly classified file has been downgraded for privileged military perusal, as his powers have been classified under the very broad term of 'Awakened Colonist Abilities.'

Fissure, Real Name Adam Solus; Age 12
Adam Solus, also known now as Fissure, is the child of two military scientists who died in a tragic mars mining operation when the now infamous I-2 mine exploded from improperly handled gasses. As such, he has floated between military schools and foster homes on military colonies for most of his life. He is a terrakineticist, being able to manipulate earth and soil, as well as some earthly metals, like many ground type pokemon. Despite his young age, he was given special permission to be a part of the AC Program, which has led to some arguments amongst the higher brass. Captain Cornelo has often stood up for Adam, stating he has never put the boy in a situation that could not be handled by him, nor has he ever intentionally put the boy's life in danger.

Kaiser Dei; Age 37
Kaiser, born in space, moved down earthside early in his life. For most of his life, he has been blind, and his legs had to be removed due to a rare disease involving decay in his leg tissue, threatening to spread. Nevertheless, Kaiser has always had a good grip on life, taking the world one metaphorical step at a time. Usually in a good mood, he states he gets his attitude from a band of street performers he ran with, where he was a contortionist. Blessed with an uncanny sense of direction, he only really discovered his powers to see beyond sight when he decided to go back to space, riding on the military's funding. He picked up an uncanny ability to understand tactics and formations, despite a lack of ability to actually see them. He worked on such things as theoretical military defense formations, as well as more real-world formations needed for both small and large scale pirate and otherwise anti-earth military attacks. Much of the records are classified, but at some point Kycilia took personal interest in Kaiser and had him transferred to one of her ships, and at some point during this Kaiser discovered his abilities to 'see.' Or rather, rediscovered, as he had always seemed to have a sixth sense as to where everything was. Given his flexibility governed by his lack of needing a visual cue as to where his target is, he worked best, beyond his tactician work, as a short range shock troop. Beyond his sight, he also seems to have an affinity for wind based telekinetics.

Maria Sandoval; Age 22
Maria grew up on an outer rim colony to a poor family, where at a young age she ran away from home to join a then colony-based street gang. Records seem conflicted as to how, but somewhere around the age of eighteen to twenty she ended up being the leader of a small pirate fleet of ships. She gained a reputation for being a witch, although most military reports tend to downplay the 'rumors' of her abilities, blaming them on pokemon the pirates kept. It is unclear if she discovered her massive telekinetic abilities during her stint as a pirate captain or before, but she is known to be responsible for a good number of civilian deaths. About a year ago, she and her pirate gang were caught in a sting operation, and while records are classified up until recent, it is believed she was given the option of working for the military and took it willingly. She has strong telekinetic fields about her, able to lift many times her own weight with her mind. She is often considered crude and intentionally rude. She has short hair, cut just above her neckline, and is very aggressive.

'Boss'; Age Unknown
Boss is a Psychic shifted ursaring belonging to Captain-Commander Cornelo. Cornelo tends to give Boss special privileges. Boss, while psychically gifted, is no more intelligent than a regular Ursaring, and tends to not think beyond himself. Despite this, Cornelo sees him as a friend, and goes to speak with him regularly. Boss was a test subject aboard an illegal science vessel. Cornelo was the captain of the vessel who took the facility down, and took Boss into his custody. Boss is a powerful fighter-like any other ursaring-and is about as brash as his Trainer. Still, he seems to have an immature side to him, and sees events a bit differently than people do.

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