During any given day, you have three spots of inactivity where you are free to help the ship as you please. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon (after lunch) and once in the evening (before dinner).

Gym (Pokemon) - Two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, you can train any single pokemon at the gym. this can either be static leveling, or you can battle versus opponents. Either way, there is a small chance your pokemon learns a move its (naturally) capable of learning previously. (+Exp for Pokemon, +Possible Move learning)

Level EXP
1-5 125
6-10 250
11-20 500
21-25 750
26-30 1000
31+ 1250

Gym (People) - required at least once every other day, or you will start recieving penalties from developing in a 0G environment. This can be done alongside training your pokemon in the Gym, but not while battling. (-0G Weakness)

Gun Range - Enhance (or just plain Learn) gunmanship skills. this is personal-level weaponry, such as rifles and pistols. In the case of Sam, its a little odd, but they'll allow her to practice her bowmanship. (+Weapons Training)

Battlestation Training - Learn how to use the ship-scale guns, at the moment there is very little use for the most part, but if your character has an IC reason to want to learn, its there. (+Heavy Weapons Training)

Bridge Training - While the crew for the bridge is all full up; with the downtime they have while piloting the ship they wouldn't mind too much teaching you a certain aspect of the ship's controls (+Large Ship Piloting (Specific) Training)

Working the Cafeteria - You spend the time slot working in the kitchens; learning how to make 0G-able food and enhancing your own skills. (+Cooking Skills)

Working the Ranch - You spend the time slot working at the pokemon Ranch; there you help pokemon get acquainted with 0G environment, as well as look after eggs and breeding pokemon. (+Pokemon Affinity Skills)

Working the Shop - This is a way of getting a little extra money; you don't get much money, but working here enough might get Etna to give you a discount here and there. (+1000$)

Working the Infirmary - Not much happens during transit from place to place, so its a little empty here. Nonetheless, there is always someone burning themselves or getting sick or hurting themselves while in the gym, so you will have some days more active than others working here. (+Medical Knowledge and Skills)

Technical Maitenance - you learn the ins and outs of the ship, as well as how to fix things. You will spend a lot of time in the engine room, but often enough you will have to go out with a senior mechanic to fix something, maybe a broken display screen or a weak waterpipe. (+Lugia Class Layout Knowledge, +Mechanical Affinity)

Working with the Rangers - You work with the rangers on board; you get paired up with another ranger, and you patrol the ship to make sure everyone is taking care of their pokemon. occassionally there is an incident in the shop or the ranch, but for the most part its just patroling duty, sharing stories or advice with another more seasoned ranger. (+Ranger Affinity)

Working with a Superior Officer - You help a superior officer with his daily duties, this may be anything from getting him coffee or taking notes while he's in a conference. this may not be the Admiral or Captain, but he definitely has rank over you. This job is a bit like gruntwork, but could lead to a better political/military awareness or possibly even a better chance at promotion, eventually. (+Political/Military Affinity)

Working with Doctor Turtle - You work with Dr. Turtle with trying to help awaken any latent powers…through any means neccessary. You may be put through some odd tests, some mundane, others embarassing, uncomfortable or, if you decide to go through with some, painful. But in the end, it will help you (and the kind doctor) understand the limits of your powers. The tests will vary depending on what you are attempting to do. (+Awakened Colonist Abilities)

Recreation Area - You usually don't get to do this, and if you are caught coming in every other day you may get stuck with cleaning duty for a while, but here you can relax and work your stress away. There are many video game machines as well as various tablegames, a few large televisions, and for those of age, a bar. (-Stress, +Reactional Senses)

Doing Schoolwork - Remember, you are all still schoolchildren that need your learnings! With this, you can either study alone, or study with a group of people. Studying with a group of people will sometimes get more work done, as it doesnt much matter what grade you were in. However it usually devolves into off-topic discussions, usually about personal lives. (+Schoolwork knowledge; +Gossip/Crew Politics)

Cleaning Duty - If you can't think of anything to do, you may be put to work cleaning the ship, in the parts where the robotic cleaning machines can't get to.

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