The Ocean Blue is a Lugia-Class starship, capable of carrying up to 1500 (1200 in Earth-gravity flight) crewmembers, with 500 standard and capable of operating with as little as 200. There are currently around 460 crewmembers aboard, slightly understaffed, however around 50 of those are new recruits from SCCL026.

Lugia-Class starships are a breed of starship that fit the niche between large battleships and the smaller, quicker scouting ships; making it the equivilent of a battlecruiser of space. It is both fast and maneuverable, as well as strong and well armored. It does best when alone or in small numbers of similar ships. It can outspeed just about everything its size or larger, and has a powerful arsonel meant to be used against ships of equal footing.

The entire ship seems comprised of three layers, divided into many sections. Around the center of the ship, there is the hospital on the second floor, and the cafeteria on the third. On the first floor are several meeting rooms; one for war meetings, which is rather large and meant for groups of people to stand in, and a few more for diplomatic meetings. On the all three floors are living quarters; your group has all been put onto the second floor, all within twenty meters of each other. The main docking rings are also near the center mass of the ship.

Near the back of the ship is where the majority of the cargohold is held, as well as the ships engines and power systems. In the front of the ship are the recreation areas as well as the armory and training centers. In the back of the ship there is also a ship store, where you can buy non standard-issue supplies. There are a few vending machines scattered throughout the ship, but they usually do not have as wide of a selection. There are two laundrymats on the ship, one being near the front of the ship and the other near the back, sandwiching the living quarters.

The living quarters for standard crew are eight beds to a room, with a communal bathroom and shower for that entire row of rooms. Your rooms seem to be much nicer, with four beds to a room, and having a private bathroom. Currently, Samantha, Teresa, and Sparrow are sharing a room with the fourth bed unused; and Kazuma and Leo are bunking with Bulk and Brian. Iris is currently in a small Two bunk room with private bathroom and shower paired with another woman who seems to be on the night shift; as such they rarely see each other.

Each of you has been given a footlocker as well as standard issue military garb; they have your rank on the collar and the breast pocket, but otherwise they are very plain. You have enough sets for one week, not including your non-military clothes. You are expected to wash them by yourselves using one of the two laundrymats on the ship. Personal hygiene equipment, such as razors, toothpaste, combs, and soap are handed out weekly along with weekly rations. It is all generic, and if you want higher quality goods you will need to purchase them from the ship store, or from a vending machine.

Most of the new recruits have been given the ranks Petty Officer Third, Second And First Class, depending on their abilities and stations. The group however has been given the rank of Ensign; including Iris.

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