Tre Dossier


The Report has the photo you took of the screen, and are labeled from #1 to #9, from left to right. It seems like the members in your photo are arranged that the newer members are closer to the edges, while the longer known ones are in the center.

The first person on the list, of course, is Gunther Damascus. #5 in the photo you took, there are several other photos of him taken. He seems very old, and according to his DOB he should be 93 about now. Not much is known about him beyond his life. He's been an advocate for the colonies independence even before he moved to SCCL127.

The second person is 'Lady E' believed to be a cousin to Gunther, Etna Damascus. She is about 108 according to her DOB. Her mask is a gray helmet mask, covering her entire head, without even eye-holes that can be seen. She is believed to have some sort of Clairvoyant abilities. She's #6 on your list

The third person is 'Lord R' or Reymond Damascus, the man you saw give the speech and #3 on the photo. It was thought that he was assassinated at one point, but He has since discarded his mask, and it does indeed seem to be the original. Biological Son to Gunther.
He himself is about 48 years old, but looks young for his age, only about mid 30's. He has long black hair and bright green eyes. He has claimed to have Telekinetic powers, but this hasn't been documented.

The fourth person is 'Lord D.' and is #4 in your photo. It is believed the original Lord D was successfully killed very recently, and this new Lord D seems to be a new man. There isn't anything known on the current Lord D; but the previous Lord D was known for his ability to heal others and remove poisons from the body.
The current Lord D seems to be much younger than the previous one, He looks in his mid twenties, compared to mid thirties. His mask looks to be similar to his predecessors mask; Except instead of White mask with a Red Cross over the eye, its a Red Mask with a White Cross. The masks are cut off just below the nose. The new Lord D seems to be smiling very wickedly in his photo.

The Fifth person is 'Lady S' and #7 in your photo. She wears a full Victorian mask and seems to be wearing a very elegant dress with a high collar. There are many reports of people feeling sickly or weak just by being in her presence. Plant-life seems to suffer as well. Most attempts on her life have failed, and it is unknown what has been done with those assassins.
She has shown some mild Telekinesis, and there are rumors of her puppeteering her victims, but the extent of this isn't known. She is thought to be someone Delusional, and is someway biologically linked to the Damascus family, but it isn't known how.

The Sixth person is Lady N, who you met earlier, and it seems to be getting into Family members that have been recruited. She is #2 on your photo. Her mask is very Royal and ornate, with gold ivy on it and green emeralds. She has thought to have been killed many times, and her body frame seems to change slightly indicating new Lady N's, but her powers seem to stay static.
As stated before, She seems to have some sort of reverse Empathy, specifically sorrow. Able to create extreme feelings, even visions, of sorrow, usually very heartbreaking parts of the victims lives. Some have reported seeing things that had not happened yet, like their wife dying in a car crash.

The Seventh person is Lord M, original name is Macbeth, unknown original last name. He is #8 on your photo. He was known to be a strong advocate of peace between colonies, and is believed to be the centerpoint of all the recruitment in the outer colonies. This is believed to be linked to his telepathic powers.
For the most of his time as a Damascus, he didn't wear a mask. However, an unknown incident caused him to be horribly burned on the left side of his body. He wears a plain steel mask on the side of his face, but it doesn't hide all of the scar, as you can see little licks of the scar sticking out, also down his neck.

The Eight Damascus is #9 on your photo, Lady O, originally Lord O. There were Two Lord O's before this new Lady O showed up. Lady O seems to be a young girl, perhaps very early 20s. The Lord O's were older men, and both believed to be biologically linked to the Damascus family. Their powers seemed to be linked to sound and soundwaves, but Lady O seems to be somewhat different.
Lady O's mask seems to just consist of a large visor connected to headphones. one photo shows several wires going down to speaker-like affixions on her gloves, something shown on a much larger scale with the two deceased Lord O's. In your Photo she is giving a very Candid smile.

The Last Damascus 'lord' is Lady F. until recently, there were only Eight (then seven, with the death of the second Lord O) Damascus Lords. This young woman seems to be in her mid teens, and is #1 on your photo. She is believed to have some extent over Pyrokinesis. It is not known what extent, however.
Her mask seems to be stylized into a veil-like facemask, with her eyes peeking out above it. In all the surveillance photos, she seems to be wearing very little clothing or very loose, airy clothing, In your photo, she seems to be wearing what looks like a bikini-top. There is some link to her powers and air conditioning, according to one report.

There are many other reports of non-masked members known to be working for the TRE.

You find an image of the man you knocked out when infiltrating into the SCCL026 bakery. His name is Ben apparently.

There is also Ava, her last name unknown. She seems to be a minion to some extent of Lady N, and possibly others, as she has been seen working for Lord M and Lady E from time to time. She is believed to be highly manipulative, and has some power of Telekinesis and has the ability to track people, somehow.
She has short brown hair and dark colored eyes. she seems to be very crafty and calculating, and easily commands men much older than her with ease. She seems to be somewhat high ranking in the TRE forces.

There is also the doctor that talked to Teresa in here. His name is Doctor Matthew Harris, a medical expert. It isn't thought that he has any Awakened Colonist Powers, but he was seen with the previous Lord D, however, when the recent Lord D came into power, he seems to have transferred to Lord R, Reymond.

There are several other notable faces and names, trying to memorize them all will require 12 hours of (nonconsecutive) study, and at the end of that rolling a 1d20 with your int modifier. if you get above 15, you memorize the list and do not need to roll to recognize someone from it. (Gain 'TRE Dossier' feat)

If you get between 7 and 15, you memorize the list partially, but need to roll Int every time you try to recognize a person. if you get a six or below, you fail to hold anything beyond the key members listed above.

you can attempt to redo this check after you study the list for 2d4 hours.

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