Seitamashii Ryuu

Name: Seitamashii Ryuu
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Ht: 5'6"
Wt: 128 lbs

Ryuu has deep brown eyes and short, leaf green hair that is slightly messy on his head. He is often seen wearing a plain colored shirt and jeans, with a hooded wool-lined jacket over his shirt that is black in color. He also sports a belt bag and a medium-sized backpack for holding his belongings, with most of his important items kept within the belt bag.

While unnoticeable underneath his clothes, there are several marks of wounds on Ryuu's back— scars and burns from a life-changing moment.

Rough Sketch


Status: Dead
Species: Servine
Type: Grass
x2 Damage: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Half Damage: Electric, Grass, Ground, Water

Loyalty: 4
Held Item: Grass Plate (+2 STAB for Grass moves)

Gender: Male
Nature: Impish (DEF+2, SPA-2)
Ability: Overgrow (At 1/3 of Max HP, all Grass moves deal x1.5 more damage)
Height: 2'7" / 0.8 m (small)
Weight: 35.3 lbs / 8.1 kg (1)
Capabilities: Overland 8, Surface 6, Burrow 4, Jump 1, Power 3, Intelligence 4, Sprouter, Stealth

HP 60/60
XP 21260/22000
Evasion: +3 vs ATT, +2 vs SATT, +1 vs both

Base Add Total
HP 6 +5 11
ATT 6 +3 9
DEF 10 +8 18
SPA 4 +2 6
SPD 8 +4 12
SPE 8 +4 12
Moves Type Acquired Frequency AC Range Damage Effect Details
Pursuit Dark Egg EOT 2 Melee - Attack 1d12+6 1 Target (max 25m), Interrupt Counts as interrupt if target is fleeing/switching out. Deals additional 3d10+12 damage as an interrupt.
Vine Whip Grass Lv7 At-Will 2 Ranged (10)- Attack 1d12+6 1 Target
Growth Normal Lv13 At-Will Self - No Damage No Target User's ATT and SATT +1 combat stage. Double the amount when Sunny.
Leaf Tornado Grass Lv16 Battle 4 Ranged (6)- Special Attack 3d8+10 No Target, Burst (2m) On AC 15-20, all Legal Targets must roll 1 higher on ACs for the rest of the battle.
Leech Seed Grass Lv20 Center 4 Ranged (6)- No Damage 1 Target non-Grass Target loses 1/8 of their max HP at the start of each of the user's turns. Do not apply weakness/resistance and stats to HP lost. User gains HP equal to amount target lost.
Mega Drain Grass Lv24 EOT 2 Melee - Special Attack 1d12+6 1 Target User gains HP equal to half damage dealt to target.

P 6700

x4 Potion (200 ea)
x3 Super Potion (300 ea)
x3 Hyper Potion (450 ea)
x3 Antidote (250 ea)
x3 Awakening (200 ea)
x3 Parlyze Heal (200 ea)
x3 Burn Heal (250 ea)
x3 Ice Heal (200 ea)

Campaign: Altho's Wanderers

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