Sengoku Jidai

Warlords squabble for the remains of a weak empire. Some of them want nothing but to gorge on their small reigns, and some want to unify a divided nation. A small army of a small province marches forth to meet destiny.


This game was inspired by the Pokémon Conquest game. The setting is the island nation of Ransei (who is totally not GRORIOUS NIPPON). After decline of the imperial prestige, various warlords fight to increase their fiefs and crush potential rivals. Among them are the players, a small band of official Samurai fighting alongside their General.

Game day is still to be announced (or negotiated), but the time will be from 17-22 PM EST.

Character Creation

Homebrew Rules: Mass Combat.

Types of Squads

Available Army and Seen Pokémon

Both of these, alongside our weekly bureaucratic babble, is stuffed riiiiight… Okay, now where the hell did I put this… Oh yeah, right. **Here!** Have fun~

Setting and Lore

Allied Factions


Shopping List




Koketsuna Atsuko - Bothered Botherer
Koketsuna Hitomi - Gentle Genshuku
Mitsuwa Ichiro - Omnious Omega
Seikanji no Hiramasa - Animated Anise
Oda Tokuhime - Kooky Kain.

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