Sequoia Region


Dear [name],
Congratulations on your recent graduation from High School! You’re likely still celebrating this major life milestone, and this letter will only give you more reason to! After careful consideration between your application and those of many other candidates, you have been selected to serve as one of Professor Benedict’s aides! As an aide, your responsibilities will include (but not be limited to):

  • Field Research - Your Professor is a very busy and tenured man with an ambitious agenda. He requires aides in the field to help gather information and act on his behalf.
  • Watcher Assistance - As aides to a Professor, you will also be expected to assist the local Watchers in crisis situations.
  • League Participation - Aides are required to participate in the Pokemon League to show their progress as a Trainer; Professor Benedict takes this very seriously, considering he himself is a former champion!

If you wish to accept this offer, please fill out the forms in this packet and return them as soon as possible. Your start date will be August 15th, when the Fall Semester begins.

With high hopes,

The Benedict Laboratory, St. Cascara University

Campaign Content and Theme Summary

Sequoia Region will be the PTU devs' attempt at running what they consider to be a standard PTU campaign, with the aim of eventually putting together a pre-written adventure out of the campaign material. League competition and non-interference battling will take center stage, and players should expect to advance through Gym Challenges no matter what type of character concept or build they create. Pokémon themselves will also be heavily emphasized; rather than merely being tools or battling partners, RP and interaction with Pokémon, both your own as well as wild Pokémon and others' Pokémon will play an important role in the story. Put simply, this is not a campaign that adds Pokémon to another genre or form of adventure; it is a campaign that is about Pokémon.

(more to come)

Character Creation

Trainer: Level 1, Core book and Playtest Packets only, no Supernatural Classes. Please take setting and premise under due consideration; your character should be motivated to challenge the Pokémon League, for example! Please specify a hometown from within the region for your character.
Pokémon: Level 5, two Egg Moves for an Inheritance List, subject to GM approval. Species should be 35 BST and under, no pseudo-legendaries, no Ghost or Steel types.
Inventory: TBA

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Region Map



Session 1: It Begins! Enter Professor Benedict
Session 2: Revengeance
Session 3: Just a cute, harmless Quagsire
Session 4a: The ABCs of Pokémon Training
Session 4b: That other battle room
Session 5: Post-Triathlon adventures
Session 6: Angry Gyarados and the Oceanspray Gym!
Session 7: Lots of fishing
Session 8: The road to Hollyhock
Session 9: Lots of talking and meeting Caitlyn
Session 10: The Mawile session
Session 11: To Granny Lou's! Also Kupo Shops
Session 12: Into the Unown
Session 14: The spiders clap along to the music
Session 15: The Hollyhock Gym!
Hollyhock Gym Rewards: []
Session 16: Raltselfest and a cliffhanger
Session 17: Bat battle!
Session 18: On the road again
Session 19: The Trevenant sits down and cries
Session 20: The beach episode!
Session 20-1: Lucian and Sue
Session 20-2: Dann and PET sisters
Session 20-3: Lucian and PET sisters
Session 20-4: Adrienne visits the PET sisters.
Session 20-5: Adrienne chats with Sven
Session 21: Beach episode part 2!
Session 22a: To Blackwillow
Session 22b: second battle room

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