Sequoia Region Map

1: Hardhack Town - Hardhack Town is quite full of tension; the town is split literally in half between conservation researchers to the north, and lumberjacks to the south.

2: Snowberry Heights - Snowberry Heights is high up in the mountains, just south of the Oxalis Ring. Except for the Skii Resort, the hot springs, and a few other businesses, the town is located underground. Home to a thriving mining business. Home to the Sequoia Region’s Ice Gym.

3: Twinberry Town - A small and very isolated farming town out in the plains.

4: Hollyhock Point - Hollyhock Point is an idyllic and isolated town close to the Greypine Reserve, surrounded by lush and ancient forests. Strange lights are sometimes seen in these forests, or the skies above. Home to the region’s Fairy-Type Gym.

5: Madrona Shores - The City of Progress, Madrona Shores is home to the NanoSoft Corporation, which has implemented various high-tech utilities throughout the city; they boast self-driving cars, free wifi throughout the city, and other such amenities. Home to the region’s Electric-Type Gym.

6: Dahlia City - Also known as ‘The Rainy City’ due to the near-constant light rain that blankets the city. Dahlia City is the largest City in the region, and is a powerhouse for both the arts and commerce. Dahlia City home to the regions’s Water-Type Gym.

7: Ninebark Town - Ninebark Town is a small, genial farming and ranching village, particularly known for its Mareep. It’s the closest town to Mt. Starfall, and thus those planning on visiting the volcano often visit this welcoming town.

8: Lilac City - Sitting on the banks of the Sequoia River, Lilac City is a sprawling, bustling city - the third largest in the region. Among Trainers, the city is particularly known for its Pokémon Market, where a large number of rare Pokémon goods can be found. It also hosts the regional Pokéathlon. Home to the region’s Normal-Type Gym.

9: Blackwillow Valley - Though it boasts no Gym of its own, Blackwillow Valley is the Region’s Capital, and is home to the Blackwillow Conference - the region’s major League Tournament. Various other tournaments and contests are also held here throughout the year. The main entrance to the Greypine Reserve is located here; a large nature reserve where League-Registered Trainers can come and catch rare Pokemon.

10: Widowgrass Town - A small town sitting between the ominous Swordfern Forest and the mouth of the Sequoia River. Home to the region’s Ghost-Type Gym. The Widowgrass Graveyard - a site used to commemorate Pokemon - lies on the outside of town.

11: Camas City - Camas City is a large, industrial city, and the site of several of NanoSoft’s factories. The city is heavily polluted, and always blanketed by a cloud of smog. Site of the region’s Poison-Type Gym.

12: Littlerose City - The City of Roses, third largest in the region, is renowned throughout the region and beyond for its liberal attitudes, relaxed atmosphere, abundance of flowers, and most of all - its beer. Home to the region’s Grass-Type Gym.

13: Bogbirch Town - Bogbirch Town is a small city nestled in the region’s southern swamps. The town and its residents are known for their appreciation and connection with nature. Home to the regions’ Bug-Type Gym.

14: Aralia City - Known for its problems with forest fires, Aralia City unsurprisingly hosts the region’s Fire-Type Gym - as well as the regional Ranger Headquarters. The City has the famous Ember Caves to the west, where many Fire-Type Pokemon can be found.

15: Bitterbrush Town - A small city with a long history as a frontier town. It’s particularly known for its easy-to-access fossil sites, as well as being close the Salal Wastes and the Salal Spires. Home to the region’s Ground-Type Gym.

16: Oceanspray Harbor - Oceanspray Harbor functions as the region’s major shipping center in the southern part of the region. It’s known for its mild, enjoyable climate. Oceanspray Harbor is home to the region’s Flying-Type Gym.

17: St. Cascara - St. Cascara is a quiet, industrious city near the region’s southern border. St. Cascara University is located here - a major Pokemon Research Site, and home to the Benedict Laboratory. Players will begin their journey in St. Cascara.

18: Freedom City - Not technically part of the Sequoia Region, Freedom City belongs to the Silas Region to the north, and is its capital City.

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