Seth Lockhart - Kamen Rider Gallant

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 168 lbs

Profession: High School Coach, PokeRider Gallant
Birthdate: August 11th
Astrological Sign: Leo
Bloodtype: B
Sexual Preference: Straight (?)
Relationship Status: Single
Signature Move: Gallant Shout (Hyper Voice)
Contact Details: 555-555-4269

All About Me:

Alright, let's get this out of the way. I wasn't the best at school, I didn't know my dad very well, and I was passed between relatives as a kid about as much as mom passed herself between boyfriends. But that aside from that my life's been pretty awesome. I have lots of friends, I was president of the drama club, and I was the best goddamn highschool football player you ever saw.

When I was off the field, I took Karate on the side so I'd have somewhere else besides home to be. Our sensei was this really old man named Gempachi Hachirobei. Real strict bastard, he wouldn't lay off you a second if he saw any bit of weakness in you. Always drove newcomers off. Not me though, I stayed around, though the dude was pretty harsh. Never did award me a black belt, but at least I stayed, unlike the others. Bonded with the guy over it too, I'd stay after practice and we'd talk about things, life outlooks, whatever. He was like the dad I never had. I think he felt the same about me, since he lost one of his sons to war. Well, I continued to train with the guy for a few years, but I noticed he started getting thin. Couldn't keep up his training like he usually could. He was sick, probably dying, and he knew it. So he took me aside one day and showed me something that'd change my life as I knew it: The Master Belt.

Old Gempachi had been a Rider, imagine that. And he wanted me to be his successor. Well, what else could I say? I was the only one who meant a damn to him in the later years of his life. Of course I accepted. Maybe I'll even make that old bastard proud. Rest in peace, man.

Now, I'm Kamen Rider Gallant, a proud member of the Rider Group. Maybe I'll save your life someday! If so, go ahead; give me a brofist, a hug, or a phone number. Don't be shy!

Friend me!

Rider Forms

Death Toll Form: Gallant's armor becomes smooth and white with pink squiggle markings on the shoulders, wrists, chest, and legs. His helmet possesses large yellow eyes, and two suctioncup-like growths extend from the ears and upwards, pointed back. His cape is narrow and white untilf halfway down, where it splashes into pink.

Chimecho Level 25

Ability: Magic Guard

Nature: Hardy

67/67 HP



Last Resort
Hyper Voice (Egg Move)

Psychic (TM)

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