Seven Hells was, for as long back as you can recall, always just a small outpost out in the wilds. Well, outpost is a bit of a glamorous word I guess; its really just a single inn with a lot of room for tents. The tale goes that there was a traveling merchant named Mack who noticed that the site made for a common crossroads for other merchants traveling between larger settlements, so he seized the moment and set up shop. He's still there till this day, catering to the needs of traders, travelers, and others on the road. Sort of like a truck stop, to use a phrase from The Old World. No one ever saw much prospect in setting up an actual town there, but that all changed a year ago when The Labyrinth appeared.

It was one hell of a storm, the night that the entrance rose from the ground like a metallic demon out of hell. You admittedly can't see much of it from the surface - mostly the entrance, clearly of Old World make - and at first no one really knew what the hell it was. The phenomena alone was enough for all the bigger political entities around Seven Hells to send their best and brightest in to investigate it, though. Wasn't long after that the scholars learned just how big this thing must be…and that it's probably full of relics from The Old World. While whats in there isn't certain, what is known is this place will go from boonies to booming at a pretty shocking pace as scholars, merchants, adventurers, and representatives from all over start pouring in.

You are members of the newly established Explorer's Guild of Seven Hells. You've been sent here, or raised up to the challenge yourself, to be one of the first to enter The Labyrinth. As members of the Guild, you also have a stake in the development of Seven Hells as it morphs from an outpost to a major city. Are you up for the task?

Campaign Details

Seven Hells will be a 13th Age campaign using a custom setting. The campaign will largely be inspired by the Etrian Odyssey series, and fill focus largely on the exploring labyrinth itself, as well as developing the town of Seven Hells into a proper city.

You all didn't just stroll into Seven Hells one day and decide to start adventuring together. You've applied (or someone applied for you), been vetted, and selected for this by the appointed head of the newly chartered Seven Hell's Explorer's Guild, Lilith Vai.

Characters should start at level 1 with standard character creation, using 28 point buy. Some notes however:

  • Your characters had assistance getting this opportunity, give some thought to from who and why when distributing your Icon relationships.
  • Icons won't operate as RAW, but selecting them helps define about who your character is, and what they stand for.
  • Make sure to give some thought to your One Unique Thing and your Backgrounds, cause they play into the above as well.

Player Characters

City Building Rules + Progress
Making Magic Items
Seven Hells NPCs
Expanded Metaphysics Info
Carolyn's Videologs

Setting Details

Tsavi's Potion Shop

Healing Potions
Basic: Recovery +1d8 HP - 50 GP
Greater: Recovery +2d8 HP - 80 GP

Elemental Resistance Potions
Give you Resist+16 of an element, 80 GP each

  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Electric
  • Poison

She is working on PSIONIC and CORRUPTION potions, but could use some help!

Effects last for one battle
+1 Oils - 80 GP
+2 Oils - 120 GP
Elemental Oils: Rather than give flat bonuses, gives the item elemental damage for a battle - 100 GP

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