Seven Hells Carolyn Notes

The thumb drive you were given had three videos on it. Each of them feature a human woman named Carolyn who, as Echo would put, has a very "Punk" atmosphere about her. She has styled, died hair, and wears a lot of black, and she seems to like skulls. These videos appear to be recorded in her office, and serve basically as a diary.


Carolyn is nervously puffing on a smoking stick - it emits bright pink smoke though…so you don't think its tobacco. "Hello, whoever is watching this - I am Carolyn Ji Yun, and am serving as this mission's medic and psychiatrist. My personal studies on this mission have reached a point where I feel it would be foolish of me not to prepare for the worst case scenario, and I am unsure I can trust Minerva with these logs. I have purposely divided my research logs onto multiple devices, and have entrusted them with one of Morrigan's synthetic lifeforms - the Djinns. Their unique levels of individuality and agency - a mistake on Morrigan's part - made them unruly servitors for the Five Stars, but they are obedient enough if you can win their trust. That, and the fact they can survive while inert for an unprecedented amount of time - which WAS by design - makes them ideal for this task. I imagine one of them even handed you this device! I apologize for making this a pain in the butt, but if you are viewing this…then it was probably the right move for me to make. The Djinn will help you find the other records, and sorry for the mess we left behind…"

05 & 06 - Five Stars Record - Quirks and Quriks Cont.

Carolyn is writing + drawing on a white board to help illustrate what she speaks about in this video. "Artificial Intelligence isn't really a subject I'm well versed in, but it's one I've had to learn a good deal about since this mission began. Because…," She clicks her tongue, "Erica thought she was being sooo funny when she gave The Five Stars human avatars, but the action nearly gave Keith - our mission's head software architect, and the creator of the Five Stars - a heart attack. Here's a little crash course in why:"

I'll spare you lots of dialogue for this. She explains that Five Stars were always intended to be a singular system that was split into five, but they were intentionally not supposed to have a sense of self, or think of themselves as human. A AI on this scale and intelligence was an unheard of thing prior to this mission, and Keith was more than a little cautious about how sentient they would be. He wished to handicap their smarts a bit by making them not self aware or give them enough identity to let their thoughts drift to more…human emotions. These AI would be intended for very integral operations of the city's health, and letting their minds wander too far from that task - and god forbid deciding they don't WANT to perform the tasks any more - would be unacceptable.

"When Erica stepped in and gave them avatars in the flavour of one of her Japanese pet interests, this…complicated things. She intrinsically made them more human than Keith ever intended. Rather than reverse the change, he decided to go with another approach instead. He gave the five of them quirks - obsessions that would consume the attention of their personalities and not distract from their tasks."

Part 2 has her go over the five.
Aina - She views all citizens of her city as her own children. The ultimate doting mother, she wants the best for her kids. Carolyn's take on it: "Another aspect of this, is she hates to see her children fight amongst one another - she will do her best to split up fights before they can happen. But she can't prevent death, and we are unsure how she will respond to it. I can't help but wonder if this obsessive love will drive her mad…if disaster struck the city, what would she do? Or will her emotional love push her to also seek out a means of expressing it physically as well? Keith and I plan to work together to see if this will truly be enough - she will be my first AI patient."

Brigit - Brigit was made to envy the mobility of the living - she wants a body, the ability to move, see the world. To help cope with this a little bit, Keith provided her a doll that she can rest her conciousness in. Carolyn adds "This served another purpose - it made her have to think about accessibility in the buildings she would create. It's one thing to give an AI that mandate as a hard rule they must conduct, but as Keith puts it, actually being forced to think through how they can get around in a wheelchair bound frame gives their designs a more empathy driven design, than a utilitarian one. We feel very confident in her quirk, for now. We're not sure how long it will be until she starts to think of designs for a frame that suits her needs…if we amp up her sense of sentimental value to the doll, though…"
Danu - "I can't say with confidence I actually understand fully what Keith is thinking with Danu's quirk…but I do know she's his personal fave. From what I have observed, he's made her a chuunibyou." She pauses and explains what this term implies. "Or she could simply believe that she is in a constantly running live action role playing game, it's hard to say."

Minerva - She is every smart assed, ice princess secretary stereotype brought to life. She views knowledge as something she only needs to share with those she deems worthy, and hoards it from those she does not. "Personally, I dig the boss bitch attitude he gave her, but it DOES make her a pain in the ass to work with…if she doesn't like you. It's an extra level of security given what she deals with, to boot."

Morrigan - "We….are unsure what to do about Morrigan. The only thing we know for certain is her role requires a degree of apathy, and we need a way to reintroduce that to her. For the short term, at least, I think she's found her own anchor…call it a woman's intuition, for now."

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