Seven Hells Magic Items

Making Magic Items

Page 285 of the core book goes over Magic Items and how they work in 13th age - that they are alive and quirky things that can overpower their user. The same holds true in Seven Hells - magical items are created from elemental catalysts. These catalysts normally come from the corporal remains of the gods of the old races and are highly coveted by each race. Receiving one is a great honor and most people go through life without even seeing one in the flesh. A noble house might have 3-6 artifacts to their name, where as an adventurer or a knight errant would be lucky to have even just one. Despite their rarity, the art of how to create them is easier to learn than one might think…There's just only so many of these catalysts around.

Defeating powerful entities in The Labyrinth will yield these catalysts, and allow you to hire craftsmen to create magic items. Some of these items may even grow with you as you explore the Labyrinth. The general formula is simply base item + catalyst, with the base defining some framework for the item's attributes, and the catalyst dealing with the flavor of the result.

Base Item Types Effect Type
Armor / Clothing Armor Class
Ammunition No default, catalyst heavy
Belts Recoveries
Books + Scrolls Conferring knowledge or skill
Boots Movement
Cloaks Physical Defense
Gloves No default, catalyst heavy
Helms Save Bonuses
Rings Anything goes
Shields Hit points
Staffs + Wands (implement) Attack and damage (divine spell or attack);
Weapons Attack and damage (using the weapon)
Wondrous Items Anything Goes
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