Seven Hells Npcs

For Campaign: Seven Hells

mack Mack the Bartender
Age: 57
Info: Owner and proprietor of the Seven Hells, Mack is a middle-aged Leshen who absolutely adores entertaining and hosting. The prospect of a town popping up around his humble tavern has been music to his ears from the start. Since his tavern tavern is so popular with traveling merchants, he's extremely well connected.
erhi Erhi
Age: 20
Info: The barmaid AND bouncer at Seven Hells. Most folk would Erhi unusually taciturn and cool tempered for one of her race. She likes listening to stories and tales from visitors to the inn. Before this all started, she and Mack were the only permanent residents here.
lilith Lilith Vai
Age: wow, rude!
Backgrounds: 5 First Men Scholar, 3 Adventuring Archeologist
Info: Region-Renown Scholar. Social Elite. Bonafied Badass. None of these things describe Lillith Vai. Not to say she's a total washout or hopeless, but fate has always had a senc of humor with the curator known as Lilith. She's the sort of person who, despite her best laid plans and effort, always comes in second. She's had a (cough) long career as an adventuring archeologist for The Mistek Collective, filled with misadventures where someone else somehow got the credit for her findings, or got to it barely before she did, or just managed to publish their damn book right before her. Despite all that, due to her work ethic and continued effort for the Collective, she was nominated in the most recent election for Head Librarian. An election lost by a large margin. Almost surely as an act of pity, when The Labyrinth rose from the earth near Seven Hells, the Collective nominated her to lead the archeology effort on surveying the surface of the ruins while the Head Librarian dealt with the politics around who would get to enter this thing and when. Once her work was done, she was permitted to lead the newly found Explorers Guild and get a first crack at what mysteries lay hidden beneath the earth here. And somehow she ended up with you goofballs.
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