Shadow Pokemon Rules

Shadow Pokemon are Pokemon who have - through extremely unfortunate and generally unpleasant means - had their hearts closed off to kindness. Lacking in any form of positive emotion, their negative emotions none the less are still there and can take hold of them with ease. Originally created by the cruel organization known as Cipher, in crime-ridden Orre, they - and their danger to their trainers - almost went unnoticed.

Most Shadow Pokemon do not bear any physical markings suggesting their nature. They just seem like quiet Pokemon, not particularly caring about anything… that become savage when in battle. As a result, it is difficult to definitively identify them. However, there are several symptoms that, if witnessed and reported to someone who knows enough about them, could identify a Shadow Pokemon:
-Empaths attempting to read a Pokemon's thoughts will become disoriented and can only read hatred and fear from the Pokemon
-Aura Users are able to see a generally violet-and-black discoloration of the Pokemon's aura and body
-Mystics that possess a Shadow Pokemon will be quickly rejected and feel ill. Similarly, Channeling attempts cannot latch onto the Pokemon in question and fail.
-Scanners (Engineer, Special Ops) will display unusual readings
-Dream Doctors will discover literally empty dreams
-Ace Trainers with Beastmaster will still find them disobediant
There are probably other ways too - but the important thing is this: When you first recieve a Shadow Pokemon, until you are informed it is actually one, the Pokemon simply appears to be highly disobediant. Even its Moves, to your knowledge, are simply the standard equivalents of Moves - until identified otherwise.

Shadow Pokemon possess Moves that are slightly corrupted from the normal Moves that a Pokemon can learn. They also have a chance to enter Hyper Mode while battling, especially over extended periods of time. When they do, the Pokemon become extra wild and dangerous - but if a trainer is willing to endure the risk, they are extremely potent as well.

General Shadow Pokemon Rules

*Shadow Pokemon do not gain EXP normally. They only gain 40% of the EXP they normally would - any remaining EXP is placed into an additional pool. If the Shadow Pokemon is successfully purified, it instantly gains all stored EXP.
*Shadow Pokemon cannot evolve. Not at all.
*Shadow Pokemon do not gain additional Moves or Abilities normally. They instead have a list of Shadow Moves and a Shadow Ability.
*Shadow Pokemon's loyalty is stuck at 0. They do not perform according to standard disobediance rules however, nor will they run away.
*Shadow Pokemon have a Nature of 'Null'. It is a neutral-stat nature. If ever purified, they gain a random Nature.
*Shadow Pokemon don't communicate. Whether by Pokemon cries, Aura Speech, Telepathy, or simply high Intelligence, they do not communicate in any form.
*You must keep track of a Shadow Pokemon's 'Heart' stat. As seen below.

About the Heart stat

Shadow Pokemon are, fortunately, not stuck forever with their dangerous nature. As they are used by kind trainers, their Hearts will gradually reopen. A Shadow Pokemon's Heart stat starts at 0.

About Shadow Moves

Shadow Moves are possessed by Shadow Pokemon naturally - every Shadow Pokemon possesses four Shadow Moves. Shadow Moves have unique elemental rules when used - although they still possess elements, the absolute maximum that a Shadow Move's damage can be altered due to Weakness or Resistance is +/- 25%, regardless of the number of weaknesses, resistances, or even immunities the target Pokemon should have - anything elemental attack that should do less than 100% damage will deal 75%, and any that should deal more than 100% will deal 125%. In addition, when in Hyper Mode, Shadow Moves gain additional properties.

If a Shadow Pokemon is purified, it will only retain the ability to use two randomly-selected Shadow Moves as Tutor Moves - all other Shadow Moves on its list will 'revert' to normal versions of those Moves. When used by a purified Pokemon, the benefits of Hyper Mode instead become benefits specific to when the Move is used while the Pokemon is below 1/3rd of its maximum HP.

About Shadow Abilities

Shadow Abilities, like Shadow Moves, are special Abilities obtained by Shadow Pokemon. Shadow Pokemon only possess their Shadow Ability and cannot gain their normal Abilities. When a Shadow Pokemon is purified, the Shadow Ability is lost and replaced by an ability of the Trainer's choice, as well as gaining their High Ability if they were high enough level.

Shadow Abilities that have an activation of "Hyper Mode" are considered to be constant effects, but only take place while the Pokemon is in Hyper Mode.

Commanding Shadow Pokemon

Shadow Pokemon do not respond normally to commands. When they are to act in a turn, a 1d20 is rolled (after status effect checks but before accuracy) to determine the effects. Note that damage listed here is not increased or reduced by any statistics or features or anything.

Normal command roll, Heart of 0-33
1-3: Attacks the Trainer, dealing 4d10 damage
4-8: Spends its turn getting psyched up, entering Hyper Mode
9-20: Is commanded as normal

Normal command roll, Heart of 34-66
1-2: Attacks the Trainer, dealing 3d10 damage
3-6: Spends its turn getting psyched up, entering Hyper Mode
7-20: Is commanded as normal

Normal command roll, Heart of 67+
1: Attacks the Trainer, dealing 2d10 damage
2-4: Spends its turn getting psyched up, entering Hyper Mode
5-20: Is commanded as normal

When in Hyper Mode however, a Pokemon enters a dangerous frenzy that is far harder to command and poses much more risk to their environment. While in Hyper Mode, you can either choose to Call to a Pokemon to snap it out of it, or try to command them to fight. When in Hyper Mode, a Shadow Pokemon can only perform Shadow Moves, cannot be recalled to a Pokeball, and will not leave Hyper Mode until KO'd or a successful Call is made to it - even if the battle ends!.

Call: Roll 1d20 and add your STR, CON, or CHA modifier (your choice, but no features will boost it). On a roll of 12 or higher, the Pokemon returns to normal, and can be commanded as normal on that turn (You don't need to make a command roll). On a failure, roll another 1d20:
1-5: Attacks an ally with an offensive Shadow Move chosen at random
6-20: Selects and uses a random Shadow Move, but acts for the right team at least

Command Roll table for Hyper Mode
1-4: Attacks an ally with an offensive Shadow Move chosen at random
5-10: Ignores the original order, performing a random Shadow Move, but acts for the right team at least
11-20: Is commanded as normal

Special Note: Related to commanding Shadow Pokemon, a Liberator using Provocation on a Shadow Pokemon will succeed on a roll of 10 or higher; however, this will simply prompt the Pokemon into Hyper Mode. If a Pokemon enters Hyper Mode in this way, it needs a roll of 16 or higher to be successfully Called out of it and uses the following table instead of the standard Hyper Mode table:

Command Roll table for Provoked Hyper Mode
1-10: Attacks an ally with an offensive Shadow Move chosen at random
11-14: Ignores the original order, performing a random Shadow Move, but acts for the right team at least
15-20: Is commanded as normal

Creation of Shadow Pokemon

The exact methods of creating Shadow Pokemon are uncertain. Thought to involve horrific abuse by many, it may in fact involve some level of scientific or mystical interference, given that they do not generally just 'appear' spontaneously. There are some methods possible for the creation of a Shadow Pokemon, however; each of these are up to the GM to trigger and may depend on the commonality of Shadow Pokemon in the setting.

-A Snagger who uses Shadow X features with a Pokemon that is already at Loyalty 0 may become a Shadow Pokemon.
-It's unlikely, but an ill-intentioned Dream Doctor or Scientest may be able to create one…
-A Lasher with True Meaning of Fear may have their Pokemon become Shadow Pokemon if they continue to suffer significant abuse.
-The Mad Scientest's Horrendous Experimentation may result in a Shadow Pokemon as a side effect.
-Low loyalty Pokemon regularly and constantly affected by the Glitch Trainer's abilities might turn into one.

Purifying Shadow Pokemon

When a Pokemon reaches 100 Heart, it is capable of reverting to a normal state; however, it still needs outside assistance due to the beyond-natural-causes nature of being a Shadow Pokemon at all. Depending on setting this may be accomplished with a purification machine or a relic/location such as the Time Flute or Relic Stone.

A Pokemon who returns to normal from Shadow Form undergoes the following:

-All non-Shadow moves learned are retained.
-Two Shadow moves, other than Shadow Rush, are selected and retained. These Moves are no longer Shadow Elemental Moves, and function as normal; however, they still gain the benefits of Hyper Mode when the Pokemon is at 1/3rd or less of its HP.
-Any remaining Move slots can be filled with Moves the Pokemon could have learned from previous levels or evolutions, including Egg Moves.
-The Pokemon then gains all stored Experience. This may cause evolution.
-Their Nature (null) and Shadow Ability are replaced with a new Nature and a new Ability, or multiple Abilities if the Pokemon is high enough level to have a High Ability now.
-Their Loyalty is instantly set to 4.

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