The Shaman

Level Ability
1 Shaman Proficiencies, Insight+1
2 Shaman Talent
3 Choice: Spirit Strength or Energy-Braider
4 Shaman Talent
5 Choice: Nature's Fury or Spirit Talker
6 Shaman Talent
7 Choice: Great Intellect or Overpowering Will
8 Shaman Talent
9 Shaman Talent
10 Spirit Ascension

Level 1 Boosts: +1 Magic, +1 Perception, +1 Endurance, +20 Health, Insight+1
Class Skills: Alchemy, Stealth, Negotiation, Perception, Survival, Blunt, Spears, Marksman, Abjuration, Invocation, Summon

— Class Abilities
Shaman Proficiencies: You are proficient with Leather Armor, Staves, Books, Javelins, Light Mace/Club, Mace/Club, Spears, and Shortbows.

Insight +1: You get +1 to your minimum hand size. Does not stack with other insight abilities (only the highest applies).

Energy-Braider: Whenever you put a spirit-energy into your Energy Pool, you gain a +1 bonus to your Attack Rating and damage until end of turn.

Spirit's Strength: You gain +5 magic. You may use your Magic instead of your Strength stat to determine melee and ranged damage.

Nature's Fury: You may burn two spirit energy to add your Intelligence Bonus to any damage rolls you make until the beginning of your next turn. You may do this only once per round.

Spirit Talker: You may burn two spirit energy to add your Willpower Bonus to your Armor Bonus until the beginning of your next turn. You may do this only once per round.

Overpowering Will: You gain +10 Willpower.

Great Intellect: You gain +10 Intelligence.

Spirit Ascension: You gain +10 to each stat.

— Class Talents
Rapid Learning
Requirements: None
Effect: Put a point one points in any two active or passive class skills.
Note: You may pick this talent multiple times

Spirit Resistance
Requirements: Willpower 20, Perception 20
Effect: Add +1 to your Spell Resist Rating
Note: You may pick this talent multiple times

Words of Guidance
Requirement: Intelligence 25
Effect: You you use your Intelligence bonus instead of any other stat for the purposes of making active skill checks

Requirement: Intelligence 25, Perception 25, Willpower 25
Effect: You get +10 to one stat of your choice.

Spirit Whisper
Requirements: Willpower 55 or higher, Abjuration 5 or higher
Effect: You add +1 to your Defense Rating for each Spirit Energy in your Energy Pool.

Battle Invoker
Requirements: Intelligence 55 or higher, Invocation 5 or higher
Effect: Whenever you cast a Spirit Invocation spell with a single target against an adjacent enemy, you may burn one Spirit Energy. If you do, make a basic melee attack against the target; if the attack is successful, the spell hits, and you add a damage bonus to the spell equal to your weapon's damage dice. Casting spells in this manner does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Ancestral Insight
Requirements: Perception 55 or higher, Summoning 5 or higher
Effect: Add +1 to your minimum card hand. This stacks with Insight ability bonuses.

Force of Nature
Requirements: Character Level 6
Effect: You may use a persist point to discard your hand, then draw twice that many cards.

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