Shufen Hou

Level 13 Artiste / Energy Specialist

Name: Shufen Hou
Age: 20
Height: 5'1"
Weight: That's a company secret~
Badges: 8 (from another region)

HP: 102/102
AP: 7/7
Condition: A little tired and flustered

Defensive Trainer

Hit Points: 102
Attack: 4
Defense: 20
Special Attack: 10
Special Defense: 20
Speed: 3

Initiative: 3
Evasion: 3

Qualities and Traits

Insightful: +6
Subtle: +4
Focused: +4
Charming: +6

Skill Traits Old Money, Gadgeteer, Heartbreaker
Movement Traits X
Special Traits X
Tech Heiress: "Hmph, I elevate this stage just by being here!"

Status Menu

Struggle (AW AC4, 1M, Normal DB1, No Effect)

Wealthy: Each Downtime Phase, you gain either +1 additional Wealth or +3 additional Coin.
Flashback Purchase: At the start of each Downtime Phase, you get 3 ‘Supply Points’. You may spend Supply Points at any point as if they were Coin to “purchase” Travel Items of your choice from the Medicine and Combat Consumables categories, and declare you’ve had them all along.
Friends of Friends: Each Downtime Phase, you can automatically find a contact of yours to do you a favor - this can be gathering information about a topic, spreading news through the region, setting up an event for you, etc.


Equipment Effect
Hand - -
Accessory - -
Wealth 0P

Loadout (5/5 SP)

Permanent Gear
Consumable Items


Movement 6
Naturewalk ?
Skill Trait Beautiful ?

Namnu: Female / Milotic Type: Water Held Item:
Level 13, Tier 4 HP: 98/98 Evasion: 5 Accuracy: +2 Condition: Uninjured
Ability Usage Special Effect
Ranged Blaster At-will - Move Action The user can spend a Movement Action to gain a +1 Bonus on Accuracy, Critical Hit Range, and Effect range on their next Ranged Attack this turn.
Marvel Scale Static When Asleep, Paralyzed, Burned, Frozen or Poisoned, Marvel Scale raises the user’s Defense by +10. Their Defense returns to normal if the user is cured of their status affliction.
Cute Charm Scene - Free Action - A foe of the opposite gender attacks the user with a Melee Attack The foe becomes Infatuated
Stat Base Added Value
Attack 6 +0 6
Defense 8 +11 19
Special Attack 10 +16 26
Special Defense 13 +11 24
Speed 3 +2 5
Insightful Focused Charming
+2 +4 +9
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Lunar Intervention Scenex2 2 Fairy DB5 Special Range 5, Blast 2(+1), Smite The targets become Confused on 16+. Super Blast: The first time each Scene this Move is used its area is increased; Blasts and Bursts have their size increased by +1, while Lines have their size increased by +3
Water Pulse At-Will 2 Water DB4 Special Range 4, 1 Target Confuses on 17+
Coil Scene - Poison - Status Self, Move Action The user may use Coil as a Move Action to become Coiled. The user gains +5 Damage Reduction while Coiled. The next time the user makes an attack, they stop being Coiled, and their attack gains +1 reach, +2 Accuracy, and a +2 DB bonus. The user cannot Shift while Coiled.
Confuse Ray EoT 2 Ghost - Status Cone 2, Critical Mind All legal targets are Confused. If a target is already Confused, they instead lose Hit Points equal to the higher of their Attack or Special Attack and suffers a -2 penalty to their next Accuracy Roll taken during the next full round.
Icy Wind EoT 3 Ice DB3 Special Cone 2 Targets have their Speed lowered by 1
Cyclone Scenex2 4 Flying DB5 Special Range 5, Blast 2, Smite Cyclone destroys all Smokescreens and Hazards in the targeted squares, regardless of whether it hits. Push all targets hit 1 square away from the targeted squares. Ephemeral
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