Signs of Life NPCs


Credited to "Momo Alto"
Kyou Abe
Age: 26
Known Pact Beasts: Gardevoir, Sylveon, Grimoire, Xochi, the Joy of Fertility
Info: Captain of the new expedition team, dubbed the Silver Snakes by its members. She's the older sister of Noriko and joined EGGs about the same time as her sister did. She has no Concept Beast, but has an aptitude for long range communication and seeing that instantly got her promoted to a leadership position. Her abilities work best when focusing on someone she has a personal connection with, so pairing her with her sister was a natural fit.
Specialties: Psychic Reconnaissance, Long Range Communications, Telepathy (limited to surface thoughts), Tea Aficionado
Credited to mochimochiart
Dr. Calliope Hellswick
Age: 18
Known Pact Beasts: Rotom, Scovalope, Raticate
Info: The youngest ever graduate of the Thessaly School of Medicine, Dr. Hellswick is an internationally lauded academic and known for her fierce Pact Beast battling skills. Her induction to EGGs was very recent, and due to her background they waived most of the training exercises and sent her immediately on a mission, in the hopes that she would be able to form a Bond with any Concept Beasts in the ruins. She was lucky to come out of the initial expedition with minimal injuries.
Specialties: Veterinary physician, Pact Beast Technician, Chasing after things that catch her fancy
Credited to Sorairo-as
Minoru Renwalt
Age: 19
Known Pact Beasts: Aella, the Undying Hope (Togetic Concept), Florges, High Pixie, Silky
Info: The daughter of another EGGs agent, Mila Renwalt. Minoru saw her mother's suffering, as well as everyone else's, and was able to ascend her Togetic to a Concept Beast with the help of her mother's Cresselia. The initial expedition to the ruins near Ouro Preto was seen as a good opportunity to test out the capabilities of her Concept Beast and also because they wanted someone with her understanding of how Concepts work to study other Concept Beasts. She's recently been discharged from the local hospital and is now assisting the Silver Snakes.
Specialties: Concept Theory, Spacing Out, Pact Beast Technician
Credited to Spark621
Dr. Estellise Montelbahn
Age: She won't say, but looks to be in her early 20s
Known Pact Beasts: Mew, Freedom from Biological Oppression, Magneton, Reuniclus
Info: A former researcher working for a university, she came to EGGs as a Whistleblower, citing numerable Ethics violations, and yet all of the other researchers involved were gone when EGGs investigated. EGGs is still investigating who might've been pulling the strings behind her program. Her expertise in biology, especially in the microscopic realm, led EGGs to send her in to the initial expedition to the ruins in Minais Gerais. She is still recovering from her injuries, but has managed to get discharged from the local hospital after some arguing with the local doctors.
Specialties: Biology, Xenobiology, Being Grumpy, Get Off My Lawn, Drinking, Getting Hangovers
Credited to GravityGlider
Scarlett Sandiego
Age: ???
Known Pact Beasts: Lachesis, the Persistence of Life
Info: An EGGs operator also in Ouro Preto, her exact purpose here is classified.
Specialties: Infiltration, Eavesdropping, Ambushes, Being Stylish

Ouro Preto Residents

Credited to ともぞ
Cézar Santana
Age: 23
Known Pact Beasts: Arcanine, Houndoom, Lycanroc, Manectric
Info: A local detective in Ouro Preto, he's a point of contact for all of the strange going ons in the city. He fought in the recent civil war in Minais Gerais.
Specialties: Cooking, Investigation, Fistfights, Looking Scary, Not Actually That Scary In Practice
Credited to うっけ
Luiza Santana
Age: 10
Known Pact Beasts: Lefmew
Info: Cézar's younger sister, left in his care after the recent civil war.
Specialties: Being Cute, Mythology Nerd, Tea Parties

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