Signs of Life

A short Pokemon Journeys campaign spanning levels 11-14. Applications will be due by June 16th, and the game will likely start in July. This page is a WIP so assume nothing is final. NOTHING. Discord link:


After the success of a certain expedition to the Thesselian Archives, the EGGs program has gone off to search for other ruins from the previous great reign of man, both to search for the Genetic Scourge Deoxys which caused the previous fall of man, and to find anything that might aid in fighting it. In 1905, an expedition to the forests of Minas Gerais in the Southern New World revealed a vast system of caves and ruins, populated with violent and erratic Pact Beasts, some of which had never been seen before. And so, a month later, members of the EGGs program are sent to investigate once again…

TL;DR of Lore

Good old dungeon crawling mixed with Indiana Jones-esque pulp with some extra JRPG stuff. Setting is a steampunkier version of the early 1900s that actually takes place after an apocalypse caused humanity to start from scratch, but not before the original humans gave all their remaining descendants the ability to do magicy stuff and command the crazy mutated Pact Beasts through nanomachines, son. Legends in this setting are 'Concept Beasts', which embody a particular concept of reality or human experience. Check the first campaign's page (linked above) for the original lore dump, and down in the next section are all the revelations made during the course of the original campaign.

Indepth Additional Lore Notes

Over the course of the previous adventure, Team Vermillion Bird learned and discovered the following things, which are knowledge to all current EGGs but might not be quite public knowledge:

  • Around 2200 AD, a meteor impacted the Earth containing a sentient being that scientists codenamed DEOXYS after its viral properties, and because it resembled a character in a…video…game? Most things that encountered this being were mutated by its viral effects into monsters and beasts, that all seemed to thrive on radiation and radioactive materials, specifically radiation from nuclear energy (apparently it's some kind of energy made by splitting atoms? What the fuck are those?). These caused meltdowns in several power plants, and because mankind was so reliant on nuclear power at this point, they had very little they could do against it.
  • The small amount of humanity that was immune to the virus created the so-called "Ultimate Machine", in reality a combination of a genetic therapy and development of advanced nanomachines to create a Newtype of human that would have a symbiotic nanomachine cloud that would allow them to perform feats the original humans couldn't, things that EGGs had previously referred to as "Magic" or "Ki Manipulation". The nanomachines would also assist with the immune systems of these new humans, to make them much less vulnerable to viral infection.
  • The Pact Beasts seen throughout the world now are the result of the DEOXYS virus, mutants that used to be human or other animals, twisted to become powerful physics-defying beasts. The nanomachines within humanity allow them to assert dominance through Pacts. Familiars and Golems and Tsukumogami and the like are beings controlled by nanomachine clouds.
  • Concept beasts, unlike normal Pact Beasts, have both the Virus and the Ultimate Machine together. Concept Beasts embody the desires of the little machines left over by people who have died, or just machines that have somehow fell off of the body and gotten lost.
  • The Pact Runes that form between a human and Pact Beast also allow humans to mimic their abilities to an extent, as seen especially in the case of Fourier Sasaki.
  • The Thessalian Archive was created by the Oldtype humans to educate the Newtypes once their society had come back together enough to start readying itself for war against DEOXYS, and whatever else lurks beyond the stars.
  • It also contained a large archive of information on various inventions and sciences. The people who made it within picked out some of the most relevant information relating to the Ultimate Machine itself, some information on Aerospace technology to make it easier to go back to the archive once it's developed, information on automobiles, and some information on medical technology. While the aeronautics and robotics are taking a bit to develop and are still somewhat secretive, the medical information has been incredibly useful and has made all of the EGGs who found it become pretty wealthy through patent claims. In particular, vaccines are beginning to be developed for modern viruses, although it's hard to combat them because they're quite sophisticated compared to old viruses due to having to be able to bypass the nanomachine cloud of humans. Automobiles are also starting to be mass produced, and are quickly becoming very sophisticated.

Setting Terms

  • Pact Beast: Beasts for short. A non-human entity with unnatural powers, that doesn't seem to follow conventional rules of biology (or might not be biological at all). While they are usually less intelligent than humans, they can understand human speech, no matter the language, and can be reasoned with to some degree. Humans can form Pacts with these Beasts by finding a mutual interest that will earn a Beast's loyalty.
  • Concept Beasts: A sub-type of Pact Beasts, these Beasts embody an abstract Concept, that gives them power even further beyond normal Beasts. They are very selective about who they Pact with and usually require potential Pact bearers prove their worth somehow, usually through a Trial. Their abilities bleed back to the Bearer of their Pact.
  • Concept Aura: This is the name for the phenomenon of a Concept Beast exerting the Concept they possess on an area. It allows them to warp reality.
  • Remembrance: A story behind the origin of a Concept. Those bonded with Concept Beasts will often, upon encountering a foreign Concept Aura, be treated to a vision of that Concept's Remembrance. This allows them to identify the effect of foreign Concept Auras.


  • Will start at Lv. 11, and the game will likely go to 14.
  • Don't stat your characters yet you goofballs.
  • There will be some customized homebrew that will add Elementalist-ish options, but don't ask me for specifics yet. It'll be largely tailored per character based on their application.
  • Being a combat character will be mandatory, and I'll be making tailored classes for weirder concepts, since there aren't many combat classes yet.
  • Your characters will each have access to 4 Pact Beasts. They can be official games pokemon, fakemon, digimon, SMT demons, anything as long as it's not too snowflakey (I swear to god if anyone applies with Messiah) and shouldn't be too big a pain to make a statblock for. Pokemon would def be preferable however.

Application Rules

Read the setting details from the previous game in this setting and then fill out the following questionaire, preferably in a pastebin or whatnot. Link it in the application table when you're done. Repeat applications from the previous game are possible (whether they were accepted or not), but you'll have to answer some more questions on your application, and honestly I'd prefer fresh characters. I'll likely take 4 or 5 players, especially since 2.0 is easier on higher player counts.

1. State your character's general concept, in terms of their intended playstyle and what it is that they're trying to accomplish.
2. What's your character's home like? What made them stand out to be scouted as EGGs? Were they glad to be able to leave home to serve the League, or do they get homesick and have to come back every now and then?
3. What's the most important thing to your character that they've lost in their life? It could be a person, an opportunity, a philosophy, anything.
4. What legendary does your character have? The legal legendaries are most Trios, mascot characters, (ie Mew or Jirachi), and other more "minor" legendaries. If you're unsure if a legendary is legal, ask me. What Concept does this Pact Beast represent? (Legendaries will have a single Aura, which will have effects based on this Concept. Don't worry about confining them to the ones in Blessed and the Damned) In the process of bonding with this Conceptual Pact Beast, what kind of trial did they have to overcome? (Be creative. A test of character of some sort related to the Concept is preferable to a straight trial by combat.) Despite the previous oneshot, all the legendaries are still open for use, just make sure you fluff the legend differently and have them embody a different concept. Fakemon are okay, as are especially snowflakey variants of non-legends.
5. What does your character hate? If they don't truly hate anything, why? Can they stay calm around it? What does your character find most satisfying to do? Do they have any hobbies?
6. How did your character bond with their first Pact Beast? Do they still use that Pact Beast, or was the Pact dissolved? Did that relationship mean anything for that character?
7. What does your character see themselves trying to accomplish in the future? How does that tie in to their work as EGGs right now? Does your character believe in destiny?
8. Pick a song that resonates with your character, preferably something you can link on youtube or whatnot. Why does it resonate? Don't worry about it being an outright defining "theme", it doesn't have to be that strong.
9. List any expectations you have for this oneshot SHORT CAMPAIGN, any input you want to give on the setting, and other general things here.
10. List your availability. Currently, I, the GM, am available on Thursday nights and all day Saturday, but I'll be having my Sundays open up sometime in July or August so if that's when people are available I'll postpone the game starting until that opens up.

Repeat Applications only

1. How did the events of the Thessalian Expedition impact your character personally? Did their success/failure change anything?
2. Has anything changed in their life in the time since?
3. What do you think of the technological advances picked by the people who made it inside? Or of the compromises made by Vermillion Bird and White Tiger?
4. Are you still pacted to the same Concept Beast? If so, has your relationship changed? If not, what caused you to split?
5. Lastly, is there anything in the last campaign that you thought was really good and should be repeated? Or that was pretty bad and I should avoid?

Player Resources


Character Name Player Application Link
Abe Noriko Kraken
Isabella Ferrocerva Kain
André Terrasanta Guti
Rowena "Dust Devil" Davies* Anise
Maëlys St. Pierre AliceOf♥s

Other Character concepts

Character Name Player Application Link
Dist Tyver truebutler
Yvette Bell Yuruna
Elysia Tess* Genshuku
Nicolo "Saber" Arman Maester
Scarlett Sandiego Facet
Estellise Montelbahn KeyBu
Augustinius Victor kid
Eric Parsons Skyshroud
Jack Bricolage Everything Else
Minoru Renwalt Lymia

A * denotes repeat applicants

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