Silk Road Goods

Commodities and Goods on the Silk Road

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Consumables are constantly needed by all walks of life, and are the most easily sold or traded to individuals without large supplies themselves. While they are the highest in demand, there is also a downside. They are one of the hardest to store and keep safe. While meat jerky and salted meat lasts a long while, a good majority of food can spoil if exposed to water, extreme heat, bugs, and even some Pokemon. This class of commodity combines well with a Spice and Pokemon trader, combining the food with the large supply of hungry Pokemon traveling, and even combining recipes with the rare spices and drugs.

Clothing and Armor

Clothing is also constantly needed, while most are content with simple rough sack clothing, traders and nobles need to keep an air of sophistication, and will demand higher quality clothing. Armor is only in demand from guards and large estates that defend themselves, but they will pay well for quality weapons and armor.


Knowledge is one of the most rare forms of trader, as their wares are not always welcomed or wanted. Scholars and some guards who seek the mental high ground in fights may seek our this trader to gain insight into Pokemon and other cultures. Large cities often welcome them as they bring news and rumors of political change, while small cities shun them for being useless to their own plights. They will also be the most frustrating trader to play as they will have a small supply of very specific goods.


Trinket traders are similar to knowledge traders, as their wares are catered to a specific audience, but trinkets are more easily sold to those of lower status. Guards, caravan leaders, and the middle class to poor, are more easily persuaded to buy your wares. The rich and learned have little to no need of them. There are three general categories that are further split into high and low quality, the specifics of your trinkets are decided at character creation.

Spices and Pokemon

Spice and Pokemon traders are grouped together even though they can be completely independent of one another. A Pokemon trader is the most bulky and lucrative target for raiders, as he will have a large column of his wares walking behind his transport, or several large transports that are easily stopped. This will be the most customizable of the traders, as Pokemon range from dragons of myth, to simple poultry. Spices are more regulated, while Pokemon are decided individually for each player.

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