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Silk Road Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Game: The Movie: The Breakfast Cereal

GM: Happymancer

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Game Style

Silk Road PTA will be run regularly scheduled every other week on the same day, most likely Tuesday or Thursday afternoon beginning somewhere around 5 PM Central and ending after the players have gone to bed, or I need to sleep (midnight central-ish). For every other day, when I am available, groups of players or single players may ask for mini sessions. These will include small bursts of combat, trade, interactions, or plot progression if the player count allows. Showing up on the game date will not even be mandatory, just note that it will be the more reliable source of plot, story, and combat as the game progresses. If you are interested in playing skim through this and then head to this page Silk Road Character Generation . I hope to get a good crowd so your caravan will be populated by interesting and fun people Not simply NPCs, although there will be a good number accompanying you, no matter the size of the player base.

Silcoon Road, the path that connected eastern Asia with must western Europe through a large portion of what would become modern civilization. The game will be set as a trade companies, caravan leaders, guards, and other travelers along this road. The time will be in the thirteenth century, but tech levels will be moderately flexible, and I will allow some oddities.

Setting, Mechanics, and Game confusion

There are several things within this page that will get ironed out, until then, I'll just explain them here before you actually get to them in this page or character creation.
The game will be taking place during the rule of a united Asia, the mongols have conquered the majority of the eastern world and trade is at a peak. Genghis Khan's sons have split the territories up, but it is most often seen as the same empire. The silk road still operates in tandem with the sea routes, and is still a major source of knowledge and wealth. The party will decide before the game begins which route they will take, from East to West, or West to East. Or even including part of the sea trading routes. This will affect your beginning money, travelers you encounter, Pokemon seen, and the antagonists of the campaign.
While there are many variables there are also a large set of constants. You will all be part of the same convoy of caravans and traders, traveling to the other side of the road for your own purposes. The players will not be the only ones in this convoy, but will be accompanied by competing, assisting, and a variety of other traders, guards, and leaders. This allows for any variety of spread for characters. A group of all guards, all traders, or all leaders would be possible, albeit a bit dull compared to a more natural spread.
Pokemon are integral to society, as food, friends, defenders, and sources of wisdom. The large variety allows for distinctions to be made, but each society has its own rules that should be respected. In Europe, while the crusades are going strong, some Pokemon are seen as taboo, while in the Mongol Empire, horses and other mounts are respected due to their heavy basis on nomadic traditions.
Psychics and Mystics are dealt with differently in each culture as well, while in the East, Mystics and Psychics are seen as a connection to the spiritual and embraced as sages and guides. The West often sees mystics and psychics who do not follow in the approved tutelage of the monarchy or church as witches or subversive foreigners. This is not always the case, in either society, and each case will be different.
There are no pokeballs. Capturing is along the same lines, but more difficult to ensure loyalty beyond keeping the Pokemon on a leash. There are many tools to use when attempting a capture, each depending on the area you obtain them in. Due to the lack of pokeballs, capture specialists and the like are fairly rare, as overextending yourself will make you end up starving yourself and all your Pokemon as you quickly run out of food. While that can be remedied by butchering the Pokemon you capture, it is seen as frivolous and a waste. Parties are not limited in size with mechanics, instead limited on how much money you want to throw at feeding a horde of hungry animals. Pokemon traders often must deal with the reality of when business is bad, you have to cut your losses, as simply holding onto unwanted wares will drain your resources further.

While the traders each have their own amounts of goods and size of transactions, I am simplifying each down to three basic units.

  • Monetary Units will depend on the direction you travel along the road, but will be widely accepted as currency. 1 unit of monetary currency will be equivalent to enough food to feed a grown man for a full days worth of hiking. This is a fair amount of money, and will need to be split up at times. Instead of splitting the money into lower amounts, you may deal in favors, rumors, or small amounts of goods.
  • Share of Goods, this will be the general term for the regular size of trade for that item, the smallest amount that would be welcome in civilized trade. For example, 1 share of spices would be a full jar, 1 share of preserved meat would be 1 pound, 1 share of weapons would simply be 1 weapon. This is so trade can be simplified down to, 10 share traded for 15 share, with descriptions of the exact transaction following.
  • Units of Space, this is used only for the trader and caravan leader, to see if their transport can hold that much of a good. It factors in three things, weight, size, and care that needs to be taken in handling. The large maps might need to stay flat and without anything laying on top of them, so it will take up much more space than a map that can be rolled up and shoved into a pack. Same goes for the less than legal drugs, which need a safe place to be hidden away.

Players will take the role of three specific traveler types.

Character Roles


First, the traders themselves. Small merchants dealing in their own wares, representatives of larger trading companies, or even the suppliers for multiple trading companies, simply transferring cargo. These will be the money makers, the most vulnerable, but most important of the three. Without their business, the route would not need exist. With their business, they supply the other professions a job as well.
Traders deal in five major commodities.
*Consumables - Consumables include foods, potions, antidotes, alcohol, or any number of items that are ingested.
*Clothing/Armor - Self explanatory. You deal in either mass produced or personal clothing, armor, shields, or weapons.
*Knowledge - The smallest category, a trader of knowledge deals not only in expensive paintings, books, tomes, TMs/HMs, and various artifacts, but also rumors and potential future changes.
*Trinkets - Trinkets are most often sold from the traders own stall, to guards, children, or other travelers. Mundane books, prayer statues, simple paintings, and other trinkets.
*Spices/Pokemon - Spice and Pokemon traders are the most expensive, dealing in rare drugs, spices, or recipes, in addition to large quantities of Pokemon.

Caravan Lead

Second, the caravan leaders. They can include cartographers, searching out new paths to speed up travel, or even sightseers. Experienced pathfinders who have traveled the road before, used to decide the path to take and settle disputes amongst travelers. Or maybe they are simply background players, following other caravans and heading for the experience, content with the path laid ahead of them. Each Caravan Lead is assumed to know at least two commonly used trade languages, they may know more depending on the individual.
There will be one central caravan lead that takes command of all traders and smaller caravans under them. They will make overarching decisions about the path and rate of travel, while the other caravan leaders will make more specialized decisions about their own responsibilities. The responsibilities of the individual Leads will include interactions between travelers passing the other way, introducing traders of various languages, settling trade disputes, and sometimes scouting or lookout.


Last, but not least, the guards. Guards are most generally the muscle, the protectors, or even those who extort merchants without muscle of their own. They are the most independent, hired on by caravans or traders for their own reasons. While they are generally combat classes, they can include anyone, as long as the job gets done. They will most often see opportunities outside of the convoy, and be the most flexible. They can choose to help a stranded caravan under attack by raiders, or maybe head off a raider attack on their own caravan.
Guards are either hired out before the journey begins, or will freelance along the way, being paid less but being more flexible and choosing who to work with instead of being stuck to a contract.

Commodity Information

Each set of items has a general guideline for cost, upkeep, and demand for each type of traveler. Each trader will choose one commodity to specialize in, but can still dabble in any of them on the side. Will be further explained later. Each commodity has several small specifics, each of which are obtained at a specific cost before you set out, and each take up a set amount of space. You must decide what to take based on these factors, and how available the market for them will be.
Silk Road Goods

Starting Possessions

See the chargen page for specific items and details.

Trader Starting Possessions

Trader is most heavily based on commodities and items they have over the course of their journey. While they start with the most, they also have the highest chance of coming out behind in the end.

Caravan Leader Starting Possessions

Caravan Leaders are people persons, and their possessions demonstrate this.

Guard Starting Possessions

Guards are the most varied, as their style changes their possessions drastically.

Character Roster

Character Name, Profession, Class, Player Handle

Xing Cunhua (星 春花) - Trader, Researcher/Watcher (Ryuu)
Zhao Yun (趙雲) - Guard, Martial Artist/Massage Therapist (Falcon)

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