Level 1 Swashbuckler

Name: Siluk
Age: 20

HP: 30/30
Armor Class [Type]: Light 19
Physical Defense: 16
Mental Defense: 10
Initiative: 5
Recoveries: 8
Recovery Dice: 1d8+4

Attribute Stat Mod Mod + Level
STR 9 -1 0
DEX 19 +4 5
CON 18 +4 5
WIS 10 +0 1
INT 10 +0 1
CHA 8 -1 0
Attack Type Hit Damage Miss
Melee +5 vs ac 1d8+4 1
Ranged +5 vs ac 1d4+4 1



One Unique Thing

The only Merfolk to ride as crew of the dead ship of wraiths and live to tell the tale.



(replaces Trap Sense)
Swashbucklers have a natural charm to them that helps them dodge the traps that can catch you off-guard, whether in polite society or in the shady back alleys. If a skill check involving social interaction is a natural even failure, you can reroll the skill check once. The reroll will always be based on Charisma, regardless of which ability the first skill check was based on, as the you use your wit to cover your initial faux pas.


(replaces Sneak Attack)
Once per round, when you make a rogue / swashbuckler melee weapon attack against an enemy engaged with NONE of your allies, you can deal extra damage if your attack hits.
Level Damage
1 +1d3
2 +1d4
4 +1d8
6 +2d6
8 +2d10
10 +3d10

Adventurer Feat: You always gain your Duelist damage against mooks

Feature Momentum

Many of the rogue’s powers function only when the rogue has momentum.
You gain momentum by hitting an enemy with an attack.
You lose momentum when you are hit by an attack.


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Magic Items

Advancement Tracker

Level 1: Duelist adv feat, Roll With It, Tumbling Strike, Flying Blade, Evasive Strike
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9:
Level 10:

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