Skylar Valsbrand

Destiny 55
Health 10/10
Aether 3/3
Recoveries 4
Speed 7


Strength Agility Focus
+5 -2 +4
Tenacity Evasion Resolve
15 8 (+2) 14+1


Painting Sculpture Spirits
Curses Music Fitness
Gastromancy History of the Spiral and its Demesnes

Homeland: Union of Zant

The Dork Knight: No seriously she's a dork
Background: Cursed. Abandoned by the light and left to die in the darkness. Only the sun and natural flame grant her succor.

Level 6 Knight Dream Mage/Incarnate/Creation Mage/Weaver

Conjury Spells and Invocations

Spell List



Ectoplasm Bubblse
Effect: Whenever you spend Aether, you gain an Ectoplasm Bubble. You may expend one Ectoplasm Bubble when you cast a Creation Magic spell during your turn to Concentrate on that spell without expending a Quick Action. You can have up to three Ectoplasm Bubbles at once, which swirl visibly around your form as motes of shifting ectoplasm.

Decoy Blade Technique Quick Action
You create a brief illusion of you or a nearby ally attacking; this gives an ally an opening to actually attack!
Target: 1 creature Range: 6 meters Attack: vs Resolve
Effect: The target is Distracted until hit by an attack or until you begin you start your next turn.
Hit: You may choose another ally within 3m of the target. They may use a Basic Attack or Skirmish action against the target if they are within range.
Aether Boost / Concentrate: This attack automatically hits. If you Aether Boosted this spell, the chosen ally's attack deals 1d6+HL extra damage, and deals half damage on a miss. You cannot both concentrate on and aether boost this spell.
Skirmish Action - Utility

Shadow Veil Quick Action
Visual Cue: You are surrounded by swirling illusions and phantasmal decoys of your own person.
Active Effect: You gain a +1 bonus to Evasion. As a free interrupt, you may impose disadvantage on the accuracy roll of a weapon or missile attack made against any creature within 6 meters; you then end this Enchantment
after that attack is resolved.
Enchanted Action (Quick Action / Support): Select 1
target within 3 meters. They become Obscured until the end of your next turn.
Enchanted Action (1 Aether ◆ Free Interrupt / Support):
Trigger this effect when you or an ally within 3 meters takes damage. You lose a Recovery, and reduce the triggering damage by an amount equal to your Recovery value.
Enchantment Spell

Aspect Magic Quick Action
Effect: Choose one of your bonded Aspects. You temporarily learn the spell associated with that Aspect until you complete a long rest or you use this spell again. You must still meet the spell's Role prerequisites to learn a spell this way.
Limit: x1 per short rest Misc

Spirit Fury Quick Action
Visual Cue: You surround yourself with a Fury, the translucent manifestation of your own willpower.
This usually takes the form of a ghostly inhuman figure that hovers around or behind your body.
Effect: Whenever you take damage from any source, you gain Fury equal to that amount. You may hold
up to 25 Fury at once. You gain a +1 bonus to all damage rolls for every 5 fury you have. If you go more
than 1 minute without taking damage, all Fury have is lost.
Enchanted Action (Quick Action / Strike): If you have at least 5 Fury, cast Oneiric Claws or Castigate
and choose an additional target within range. Then lose 5 Fury.
Enchanted Action (1 Aether ◆ Quick Action / Support): You gain Destiny equal to half your Fury and
then lose all Fury. Until the end of your next turn, all living creatures count as Spirits for the purposes of
resolving your spells.
Enchantment Spell

Miracle of Stories 1 Aether ◆ Slow Action
Effect: Choose one of your bonded Aspects. You perform the corresponding Aspect Miracle spell. See "Aspect Miracles" on page 49.
Limit: x1 per short rest
As chosen Miracle Spell

Decoy Blade Technique Quick Action
You create a brief illusion of you or a nearby ally attacking; this gives an ally an opening to actually attack!
Target: 1 creature Range: 5 meters Attack: vs Resolve
Effect: The target is thrown Off-Guard. Hit: You may choose another ally within 3m of the target. They
may use a Skirmish action that targets the target.
Aether Boost / Concentrate: This attack automatically hits, and this casting of the spell ignore's the
spell's limit. You cannot both concentrate on and aether boost this spell.
Limit: x1 per short rest Skirmish - Misc Spell

Mountain's Glory Quick Action
You reinforce the target's body, but also cause them to become slower.
Target: 1 creature Range: 10 meters Attack: vs Tenacity
Hit: Until the start of your next turn, the target is Slowed, counts as a Construct, and gains Resistance to
physical and corrosive damage. If you target yourself with this spell, you gain the effects below -
• Knight: You are not Slowed.
• Lancer: The first melee attack you hit with while affected by this spell deals [+Tier] more damage.
• Witch: You may also target an ally within 3 meters.
Aether Boost: If the target is an ally, they also reduce all damage taken by [4+HL] until the start of your
next turn. If the target is a foe, they become Stuck until the start of your next turn.
Support Trick Spell


Aura Powers
Effect: While you are an Avatar of an Aspect, you gain that Aspect's Aura Trait as a Burst 1 Aura.

Majestic Aspect Static
While you are an Avatar of an Aspect, you gain the Majestic Trait of the chosen Aspect's Template. If you
would gain an Immunity this way, you instead gain Resistance to that damage type.
Prerequisites: Aura Powers, Level 3 Lore

Split Mask Static
Effect: When you cast the Masquerade spell, you may spend 1 Aether to choose both of your Bonded
Aspects. You become an Avatar of both Aspects for 5 minutes or until you end the Masquerade spell.
After 5 minutes are up, the Masquerade enchantment ends.
Prerequisites: Greater Bonds, Majestic Aspect Lore


Weaver's Regalia 1 Aether ◆ Quick Action
Effect: You create a regalia of ectoplasm around yourself that has [8 + level] endurance. It can look
however you like! Whenever you would take damage, the regalia takes the first 4 points of that damage
in your stead (reducing its own endurance by that much) and you take the rest. When the Regalia
has 0 endurance, this effect ends. You can also dismiss the regalia at any time as a free action, and it
automatically disappears when you complete a long rest.
• Knight: You gain a +1 bonus to all defenses while this effect is active.

Barrier Mage Quick Action
You mark a particular creature, and can quickly create barriers of ectoplasm to defend or hinder them
Target: 1 creature Range: 15 meters
Effect: The target becomes Marked. Once per round when the Marked creature either deals or takes
damage while within your sight, you may reduce that damage by [4+HL].
Special: While you know this capstone, you gain a +1 bonus to evasion. If your off-hand is unequipped,
this is doubled to +2 evasion.
Prerequisites: Level 4, Knight Capstone Mark Power


Envoy Ritual
Ritual Preparation: Paper and pencil or other supplies for making a quick sketch are required. At least two Aether Crystals must be expended.
Ritual Duration: 10 Minutes, during which you must quickly make a sketch of the envoy.
Effect: You create an Ectoplasmic Envoy, an ectoplasmic construct that looks just like any one ritual participant, including clothes and equipment. Physical equipment -such as weapons, armor, and shields - is fully functional, but no magical aspects of the recreated equipment works. While the Ectoplasmic Envoy exists, your own body is stunned, but you are in control of the Ectoplasmic Envoy; you control its actions, see through its eyes, and experience all senses from its location. The Envoy lasts for 2 minutes per level, or 10 minutes per level if at least one ritual participant has the Life Magic path. You may end this effect as a Quick Action

Progression and Talents

Level 1: Redo
Level 2: Redo
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5: Stop here
Level 6:
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9:
Level 10:

Role Talents

Knight's Training, Wardscribe Adept, Barrier Mage, Fortress of Punishment


"I give you edicts three. First, you will challenge yourself and brook no disrespect to your strength or honor - you must accept any contest of arms, though not to any terms. Second, you will protect the innocent and confront danger with your own strength; you shall not stand idle while others act. Third, you will fight honorably - you will announce yourself, face your enemy headfirst, and fight toe to toe. If these things you cannot do, you have no business being a Warrior."


Books on curses and the dark creatures who place them, a medical kit
Academy ID
Smart Phone
Dream Crown?
Accessibility Lantern
Candles and cigarette lighters
Painting and sculpturing supplies, a pottery wheel, canvas, sketchbooks.
Tool Kit: Painting


The Big Book of Small Spirits for Mediums: On the Spirits Darke and Most Wicked

Spirit Painting Book (High Alcyan)

Random Crap:

Keymeleon - Skylar's newest pet. It ate her dorm door key and transformed into it. Also: Luggage keys.

Whale Guitar - This guitar plays whalesong. Skylar wants to learn how to play the guitar and make the most of this thing. Prepare for HROO.
Spooky Mirror - Reportedly has a spirit trapped inside. Supposedly cursed.
Comb - Changes your hair color. Skylar's tried out a few different colors, but is still brown for now.
Cape: Creates a breeze against you when worn. She's already incorporating this into her battle gear.
Singing Stud: After sterilizing this thing, she got her tongue pierced with it. Yeah, she sings in the shower, now.
Ring of Hunching: Gives weird insights about random things. Skylar is wearing this ALL THE TIME.

She buys the mirror, the guitar, the cape, the ring of hunching, and the comb, unless someone else wants any of these items.


Darkwood Tourmaline Forsaken Radiant Diary (Tome implement) - A tome passed down from her ancestors, the writer of which was a Radiant mage who was among those who first cast out the fire spirit that cursed their lineages. It's burned, rebound, stained, and generally almost falling apart, but contains insight from members of her family tree. Many since have written in it, including the careful bumps and ridges associated with braille - from one ancestor who blinded themselves further in a vain attempt to appease the wronged spirit.

Ectoplasm Raiment

Knuckle Shieldwitch. Shield. This is a metal gauntlet made with numerous flexible metal plates and a cloth mesh on the insides of the fingers and palm that doesn't get in the way of fine work. The back of the gauntlet's hand has a slot roughly the size of a medal, and a groove to slide it out of. The forearm portion of the gauntlet has an unfolding shield that extends into a winged shape when the wielder clenches their fist tightly with nothing held.

Incarnate Talisman - Instead of making an incarnate mask, Skylar's planned to inscribe aspect signs on the blank side of this talisman that bears the image of a burning olive tree. What is she going to do with it?

3500 credits

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