Name: Somalakshmi Pari
Age: 23
Weight: (WC4)

Level: 35
Trainer EXP: 1/10
Badges: 0

Physical Evasion: +1+2
Special Evasion: +1+2
Speed Evasion: +5+2

Health / Status
HP: 173/173
Injuries: 0
AP: 10/10

Hit Points: 31
Attack: 5
Defense: 5
Special Attack: 40
Special Defense: 5
Speed: 25

Acrobatics Master (6) Intimidate Untrained (2)
Athletics Novice (3+2) Stealth Expert (5)
Combat Untrained (2) Survival Untrained (2)
General Untrained (2) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Medicine Pathetic (1) Technology Pathetic (1)
Occult Master (6)
Perception Untrained (2) Guile Expert (5)
Charm Master (6) Focus Expert (5)
Command Pathetic (1) Intuition Adept (4)
Overland 7+1+2 Swimming 5
High Jump 2 Long Jump 3
Power 4 Throwing 6
Magic Points 4/2/1/0
Background: Manushya-Rakshasi
A man-eating demon in the skin of a beautiful woman.
Adept Skill: Charm Novice Skill: Occult Education
Pathetic Skills: Medicine Education, Technology Education, Command
Normal BGM: Gypsy Heart
Lively BGM: Miiya's Festival
Somber BGM: Salvation
Battle BGM: Three Times The Passion Of Ordinary Flamenco
Transformed Battle BGM: Song of the Homicidal Doll

Status Menu

Starting Stats: 15 Hp / 5 Attack / 5 Defense / 5 Special Attack / 5 Special Defense / 10 Speed
Starting Features Glamour Weaver [+SpA]/Dancer [+Spe], Enchanting Transformation [+SpA]/Dance Form [+Spe], Fey Law [+SpA]/Beguiling Dance [+Spe], BONUS: Arcane Weapon Training [+Spa], Inspired Training
Starting Edges: Novice Focus, Novice Acrobatics, Novice Survival, Elemental Connection: Fairy
Level 2: +SPE, Adept Occult Education, Novice Intuition
Level 3: +SPE, Choreographer [+Spe]/Passionato Harmony [+Spa]
Level 4: +SPE, Adept Acrobatics
Level 5: +SPE, Type Sync
Amateur Trainer: Stats (SPA)
Level 6: +SPA, +Spe, Expert Occult Education, Nimble Movement
Level 7: +SPA, Magical Burst [+Spa]/Power Pirouette [+Spe]
Level 8: +SPAx2, Expert Charm
Level 9: +SPA, Type Expertise (Fairy) [+Spa]
Level 10: +SPAx2, Expert Acrobatics
Level 11: +SPE, Signature Move [+Spe]
Level 12: +SPAx2, Master Acrobatics, (Adept Focus)
Level 13: +SPA, Multitasking [+Spe]
Level 14: +SPAx2, Master Occult Education
Level 15: +SPA Lucky Clover Grand Finale [+Spa]/Dance Practice [+Spe]
Level 16: +SPA, +HP, Master Charm
Level 17: +HP, Glamour Mastery [+Spa]/Passing Waltz [+Spe]
Level 18: +SPA, +HP, Instinctive Aptitude
Level 19: +HP, Mentor
Level 20: +SPA, +HP, Wallrunner
Level 21: +SPA, Guidance
Level 22: +SPA x2, Iron Mind
Level 23: +SPA, Expand Horizons
Level 24: +SPA x2, Expert Focus
Level 25: +HP, Move Tutor
Level 26: +SPA, +HP, Novice Athletics
Level 27: +HP, Egg Tutor
Level 28: +SPA, +HP, Adept Guile
Level 29: +HP, Lifelong Learning
Level 30: +SPA, +HP, Expert Guile
Level 31: +HP, Fairy Ace
Level 32: +SPA, +HP, Novice Stealth
Level 33: +HP, Fairy Lights
Level 34: +SPA, +HP, Adept Stealth
Level 35: +HP, Arcane Favor


Overland 7
Swim 4
High Jump 1
Long Jump 1
Power 7
Naturewalk (Forest, Mountain)
Mountable 1

Sevai: Donphan Male Type: Ground/Fairy Evasion: 4+1/3+1/0+1 Tutor Points: 5/14
Level 54, 2875 EXP Held Item: 2nd Place Ribbon (+5 Init/NW Wetlands) HP: 139/139 Injuries: 0 Size: [Medium] (5)
Training Regimen: Inspired Training
Ability Usage Special Effect
Pickup Daily - Extended Action You may use Pickup as an Extended Action that requires at least 5 minutes. Roll 1d20, consult the Pickup keyword to figure out what you find!
Frisk Scene - Free Action Adjacent Target reveals their type, ability, nature, level, and held items.
Spinning Dance At-Will - Free Action Trigger: The user is targeted by an attack, but is missed. Effect: If not Fainted, Paralyzed, or Asleep, the user gains +1 Evasion and may immediately Shift 1 meter
Memories of the Oasis Static Sevai gains a Resistance to the Ground and Water types. When Sevai is out on the field, these types are added to the Types in Soma's Maneater Feature, and he may borrow one type of her Damage Reduction apart from those two types.
Sturdy Static The Pokémon is immune to the Moves Sheer Cold, Guillotine, Horn Drill and Fissure. If any attack would lower this Pokémon to 0 Hit Points or less from full Hit Points, instead the Pokémon’s Hit point value is set to 1. This effect fails if the user’s full Hit Point value is 1. Pokémon with Sturdy do not gain Injuries from Massive Damage. Defensive
Miracle Mile Static The User gains Last Chance with Fairy.
Careful Nature (+SDF, -SPA)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 9 +16 25
Attack 12 +21 33
Defense 12 +15 27
Special Attack 4 +0 1
Special Defense 8 +12 20
Speed 5 +0 5
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
5d6+2 2d6 3d6+2 2d6 4d6+1 4d6+1
Improvements: Trail Sniffer, Skill Improvement: Perception
Inheritance: Ice shard, Play Rough, Fissure? (Learns Moonlight at 28)
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Ice Shard AW 2 Ice 1d8+6 / 11 Physical Range 4, 1 Target, Priority -
Moonlight Daily x2 - Fairy - Status Self The user regains Hit Points equal to half of its full Hit Point value. If it is Sunny, the user gains 2/3 of its full Hit Point value. If it is Rainy, Sand Storming or Hailing the user gains 1/4 of their full Hit Point value.
Endure Daily - Normal - Status Self, Reaction, Trigger If the user is hit by a damaging Move, you may use Endure as a Free Action. If the Move would bring Endure’s user down to 0 Hit Points or less, Endure’s user instead is set to 1 Hit Point.
Magnitude EoT 2 Ground DB=1d6+5 Physical Burst 2, Groundsource When you use Magnitude, roll 1d6. Magnitude’s Damage Base is equal to 5+X, where X is the value of the d6. Magnitude can hit targets that are underground, including those using the Move Dig.
Play Rough EoT 4 Fairy 3d10+10 / 27 Physical Melee, 1 Target Play Rough lowers the target’s Attack 1 Combat Stage on 17-20 during Accuracy Check.
Thunder Fang AW 3 Electric 2d6+10 / 17 Physical Melee, 1 Target Thunder Fang Paralyzes or Flinches on 18-19 during Accuracy Check; flip a coin to determine whether the foe gets Paralyzed or Flinches. On 20 during Accuracy Check, the foe is Paralyzed and Flinched.
Earthquake Scene 2 Ground 3d12+10 / 30 Physical Burst 3, Groundsource Earthquake can hit targets that are underground, including those using the Move Dig.
Seed Bomb AW 2 Grass 2d8+10 / 19 Physical Range 8, 1 Target -
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