Researcher advanced class
While some seek to research the natural world, the Soothsayer has decided to focus his studies on the supernatural. He has discovered many connections between events as they happen to the signs of what is to come, and is able to make educated readings of a day's events using what some would call sorcery. However, he has no special powers of his own, only the ability to understand the powers that be in the world.

Stat - +1 Wisdom
Prerequisite: Researcher, familiar with fortune telling skills, 18 WIS
Base Features: Reading the Entrails, Reading the Signs

While this researcher has no special powers of his own, he is very much adept in reading the signs of what is to be. He has forsaken study of the physical realm in order to focus on a higher power, and to better see and manipulate the mystical around him.

Reading the Entrails TA Illegal
Effect: At the beginning of a day, you may ready an augury of the day's events by whatever process of fortune telling you so choose. This augur is able to predict weather patterns, or unusual pokemon migration patterns or swarms in your area. If you specify a person in your reading, you may gain a small insight into their personality. If you specify a pokemon in your reading, you find out whether they are wild or not, and how loyal they are to their trainer if they are owned.

Sacrificial Offering TA Illegal
Effect: You may make a small sacrifice of food, money, or objects to attempt to change a day's augury. Make the sacrifice and roll 1d20+WIS modifier. If the roll is successful, the outcome of the Augury's weather or pokemon swarm pattern changes, although you have no control over how it changes.

To the Gods FA Illegal
Prerequisite: Soothsayer, Have made a sacrificial offering.
Effect: You may specify a legendary pokemon that your sacrificial offering is dedicated to. If successful, Your Augury is changed to match that legendary's proclivities (eg. Kyogre favors rain, Zapdos favors lightening storms, Rayquaza favors clear skies, Cressalia will favor swarms of moonstone evolving pokemon etc.).

Flash of Insight TA Illegal
Prerequisite: Soothsayer, 20 WIS
Daily – every 7 levels
Trigger: A wild pokemon appears
Effect: As soon as you declare Flash of Insight, you are able to read the auspices of what this pokemon means, cosmologically, combined with what it means for your group at this very moment, and under the current astrological status. Flip a coin. If heads, it is a favorable auspice, and your group must roll 4 less on each of the Accuracy checks to each of their first attacks of the day. If it is tails, you are warned of an unfavorable auspice, and you know that picking a fight with or interacting with the pokemon will lead to either getting attacked by a stronger pokemon nearby, or having it be stronger than it looks. You may act with free will from there.

Fortune Teller TA Legal
Prerequisite: Soothsayer, 22 WIS
Daily – every 5 levels
Target: an ally trainer
Effect: You may read a trainer's fortune. Roll 1d4. Between 2-3 the future is unclear. If you roll 4, that player then gains a free “Probability Control” point to use as a free action, which will not give the GM a Murphy's Law point against you. However, if you roll a 1, then the GM gains a Murphy's law point to use against the player whose fortune you read. Both the Probability Control and the Murphy's Law points must be used during the session of play in which they were received or else they are lost.

Mystical Signs S Legal
Prerequisite: Soothsayer, has read at least a week's worth of Auguries.
Effect: You are able to recognize signs of mystical activity as a free action. You may also recognize what kind of mystical activity it is, and whether it came from a legendary pokemon, or from a human with mystical powers. You can tell Aura powers apart from Psychic powers.

Blind Prophesy TA Illegal
Prerequisite: Soothsayer, Mystical Signs, To the Gods
Effect: You are rendered blind for 24 hours at the beginning of the day, making you need 10 more to hit with any attack which requires an accuracy check, and must be lead around. However, while blinded and you make an Augury, you may choose the weather for that day and also declare that any first-stage, non-legendary pokemon is swarming in a nearby route.

I Knew It! FA Legal
Prerequisite: Soothsayer, Flash of Insight, Fortune Teller
Trigger: An enemy trainer or pokemon attacks you or your pokemon on any day where you used “Reading the Entrails.”
Effect: You reveal that this attack was revealed to you when you made your prediction that morning. You or your pokemon may avoid all damage and effects from this attack as if it had rolled a 1. May not be used to negate a Critical Hit.

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