Name: Sorose
Weight: (WC4)

Level: 7
Trainer EXP: 0/10
Badges: 0

Physical Evasion: +1
Special Evasion: +1
Speed Evasion: +4

HP: 71/71
Injuries: 0
AP: 6/6
HP 15
Attack 6
Defense 6
Special Attack 16
Special Defense 6
Speed 20
Acrobatics Adept (4) Intimidate Pathetic (1)
Athletics Untrained (2) Stealth Novice (3)
Combat Novice (3) Survival Untrained (2)
General Pathetic (1) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Medicine Untrained (2) Technology Untrained (2)
Occult Novice (3)
Perception Untrained (2) Guile Untrained (2))
Charm Pathetic (1) Focus Adept (4)
Command Untrained (2) Intuition Untrained (2)
Overland 6 Power 5
High Jump 2 Long Jump 3
Zapper Electric Connection
Background: Mage for Hire
"I'm yours for a price…what? No, not like that!"
Rank Up: Acrobatics, Stealth, Focus
Rank Down: General Edu, Intimidate, Charm

Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Shock Wave At-Will - Electric 2d6+8 S.png 6, 1T Shock Wave cannot miss.
Charge Beam At-Will 4 Electric 1d8+8 S.png 6, 1T If Charge Beam successfully hits a target, roll 1d20. On a roll of 7+, the user’s S. Attack is raised by +1 Stage.
Discharge EoT 2 Electric 2d8+10 S.png All Adjacent Discharge Paralyzes all legal, cardinally adjecent targets on 15+.
Charge EoT - Electric - N.png Self If the user performs a damage dealing Electric Move on their next turn, add Damage Dice an extra time. Raise the user’s S. Defense +1 Stage.
Thief At-Will 2 Dark 2d6+8 A.png Melee, 1T Thief takes the target’s held item and attaches it to Thief’s user, if the user is not holding anything.
Torment Scene x2 2 Dark - N.png 10, 1T The target becomes Suppressed.
Feint Scene - Normal - N.png Trigger If a foe uses a Move with the Shield Keyword in response to your actions, you may activate Feint to cause it to Fail as a Free Action.
Name Frequency Effect
Electrodash Scene The user may make a Sprint Action as a Swift Action.


Overland 4
Swim 2
Sky 7
High Jump 2
Long Jump 2
Power 1
Intelligence 4

Locke: Male Murkrow Type: Dark/Flying Evasion: +1/+1/+3 Tutor Points: 3/4
Level 15, 220 EXP Held Item: HP: 61/61 Injuries: 0
Training Regimen: Agile
Ability Usage Special Effect
Super Luck Static Moves are Critical Hits on 18+. If a Move already has an extended Critical range, extend that range by 2.
Composed Nature
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 6 +6 12
Attack 9 +7 16
Defense 4 +1 5
Special Attack 9 +7 16
Special Defense 4 +1 5
Speed 9 +6 15
Athl Acro Combat Stealth Percep Focus
2d6+1 3d6 2d6+1 4d6+1 3d6+1 2d6+1
Improvements / Edges
Source TP Effect
Mixed Sweeper I 1 Gain 3 Stat Points that cannot be spent on Attack or Special Attack.
Inheritance: Icy Wind (15), Heat Wave (30)
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Icy Wind EoT 3 Ice 2d6+8 S.png Cone 2 All Legal Targets have their Speed lowered 1 Combat Stage.
Wing Attack At-Will 2 Flying 2d8+10 A.png Melee, 1T None.
Astonish At-Will 2 Ghost 1d6+5 A.png Melee, 1T Astonish Flinches on 15+. Once per scene, if the target is unaware of the user’s presence, Astonish automatically Flinches.
Peck At-Will 2 Flying 2d6+8 A.png Melee, 1T None.
Pursuit At-Will 2 Dark 2d6+8 A.png Melee, 1T If a foe is flees or is switched out, Pursuit may be used as an Interrupt on them. The user receives +5 Movement and deals 3d8+10.
Haze Scene x2 - Ice - N.png Field The Combat Stages of the user and all Pokémon and Trainers in the encounter are set to their default state.
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