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The "Big Three" traditional team sports in the colonies are baseball, basketball, and football. There is also discussion of the "Little Four" - cricket, hockey, lacrosse, and rugby - but even combined none of these sports can match the revenue or interest generated by the big three.

Colonial League Baseball (CLB)

Part of the Major League Baseball umbrella, the CLB is the youngest of the Majors. It was established in 68SE, but didn't become an MLB member until 82SE. The Colonial League is split into two leagues, the Planetary and Stellar Leagues. The Planetary League makes use of the DH rule, while the Stellar League does not. Each league has 12 teams in three divisions (Inner, Lunar, and Outer). By rule, Lunar based teams must simulate full Earth gravity for any official game. Despite its relative newness compared to Earth based major leagues, the Colonial League has been highly successful.

Ten clubs - the top team from each division plus two wildcards from each league - make the post-season. The two wildcards play a best-of-three series while the division winners get a by. After the Wildcard Series, the division winner with the best record picks who they want to face in the best-of-five Division Series. The winners advance to the best-of-seven Championship Series, and finally the winners from each League play the best-of-seven Colonial Series. As part of MLB, the Colonial Series winner goes on to represent the league in the Worlds Series.

Most CLB teams are identified with a sponsoring corporation, though a few SCCLs, Lunar colonies, and one SCIC sponsor their own. There is even one club owned by an association of "regular" fans. There are also several minor leagues scattered throughout the clusters, and there has been recent talk of expanding to 26 teams.

Notable Teams

Team League Home Park CS/WS Notes
Alpha Highlanders Planetary Highlander Stadium (SCCL-Alpha) 1st Most/1st Most 4th all-time in WS, highest payroll, hated by everyone else
Delfino Aerospace Bombers Planetary Armstrong Stadium (SCCL053) Won 8/Won 2 Play in oldest still-active park in CL
Eden Station Angels Stellar Elysium Field (SCCL003) 4th Most/2nd Most Named after original home, Cluster 0 rivals of Highlanders, have a knack for winning WS if win CS
Embraer Tauros Stellar Stadia Brasilia Won 6/None First club to owned by an originally Earth based company, rival of the Bomandas
Far Side Outlaws Planetary FarComm Park (Lutke Crater) None/None Second youngest team, perennial cellar dwellers, split ownership by FarComm and LDC Ltd.
JNS Ursarings Planetary Howard Park Won 8/Won 1 Smallest payroll, but good at player development
Kepler Crater Grey Sox Stellar Armstrong Field (Kepler Crater) 2nd Most/None Have won more CS than anyone except Highlanders, but have never won a WS
KuSHI Dodgers Planetary Matsuda Park Won 1 each Won CS and WS in first year CL was part of Majors (The Miracle Season), haven't won a CS since, originally Mastuda Dodgers
OLR Reds Planetary Charizard Park 3rd Most/3rd Most Owned by the Orthroms, generally considered second best Planetary League club and the rivals to the Highlanders
Plutonian Pidgeots Stellar Charon Bank Field Won 3/None Considered to have the best current player, but otherwise a weak team
Sagan Society Cosmos Stellar Carl's Yard (Tycho Crater) Won 1/Made 2nd Round Youngest team, publicly traded company owned by fans
SK Bomandas Stellar Dragon Stadium Won 11/Won 1 Only club to transfer from an Earth based league to the CL

Association of Colonial Football Clubs (ACFC) [Soccer]

Even older than CLB, the ACFC was the first professional league in space. It did not, however, connect with the Earth-based leagues until the turn of the first century SE. The ACFC has an Alpha League (the upper league) and a Beta League. The worst club in the Alpha League each year is relegated to the Beta League and replaced by the Beta League champion. If the second-worst Alpha League team did not improve its position from the prior year - that is, if it had been second worst two years running - then it plays the Beta League runner-up in a relegation match. The winner is placed in the Alpha League while the loser is relegated. There are 10 teams in the Alpha League and 20 in the Beta League. Clubs participate in a number of championship series and leagues, most based on Earth.

During the World Cup, the Inner, Outer, and Lunar colonies each field a side for qualifying. The Inner Colony team has won two Cups, and the Lunar team one.

Notable Teams

Team Nickname Notes
Bradbury Station Wanderers "Barsoom" First professional league based out of Martian Space, Beta League
Century Cluster FC "Centurions" Recently lost their home field in the SCCL026 incident
Delfino Aerospace "Rockets" Tied for most Alpha League Championships
Eden Station United "United" Same ownership as Eden Station Angels, tied for most Alpha League Championships
FC Embraer "Carvanhas" Considered most exciting side
Kepler Crater "All-Greys" Rivals of Luna FC, usually get the better of them
Luna FC "Lunatics" Known for rabid fans, rivals of Kepler Crater, usually lose to them
OLR Atheltic "Garden Party" or "The Green" Owned by Orthrom family
Rael Siderar "El Cid" Narrowly avoided relegation last season, known for being a very up & down club
VfL Steiner "Hammers" Known for being very defensive, deliberate, middle of the road club

Interplanetary Basketball Association (IBA)

The youngest of the "Big Three," the IBA is still a century old. Unlike the ACFC and CLB, the IBA is not tied to any Earth-based governing body. The IBA encourages a high-flying, exciting game. Scores tend to be high as teams favor offense over defense. The IBA does not use a conference organization, as it currently only has 18 teams, though next season will expand to 20. The top six teams make the playoffs and are seeded according to record. The IBA is noted for its unusual All-Star Game protocol. Voters select a pool of All-Stars and the two team Captains. The Captains then flip a coin and choose up teams with alternating selections.

The IBA is the most progressive of the "Big Three," constantly tweaking things to improve its product. This does sometimes alienate older fans, though.

Notable Teams

Team Notes
Clarke Terminus Climbers Based out of the anchor station for the first Earth space elevator
Delfino Aerospace Fighters Woe-begotten franchise, has never won a Championship despite being an original team
LaCroix Cavaliers Rivals of the OLR Arcanines
Luna Rovers Most successful franchise, once won 10 Championships in a row
OLR Arcanines Owned by Othrom family, rivals of the LaCroix Cavaliers
VostZenzun Dynamo Second most successful franchise, rivals of the Luna Rovers and constantly chasing them in Championships
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