Space Era Game


It is the year 200SE, the 200th Anniversary to the finished construction of the first Space Colonies for Civilian Living. It was actually the year 24SE when this new era was founded. While humans and Pokemon have traveled the stars for many years beforehand, these colonies marked a new era, the new dating system endorsed by governments worldwide and by the UN. Now, two hundred years later, it has become commonplace for both children and adults to spend their whole lives in space, never setting foot on their home planet Earth.

Space Colonies are large, Cylindrical tubes, rotating in space at select, safe points around the system; currently, the farthest one is just a little before Mars; the farthest human settlement being the Mars Military and Science Research base. Space Colonies was Earth's solutions to overcrowding and other dangers to the Planets wildlife; Pokemon. As such, Pokemon have been highly regulated in regards to space-travel in the past two hundred years; it has only been in the last fifty years that normal civilians have been given rights to own Pokemon. There however have always been exceptions; the wealthy buy licenses from the government to own non-authorized Pokemon, and their have even been rumors on various colonies of black market smugglers that ship up Pokemon branded Illegal to own in the colonies.

Space Colonies for Civilian Living, abbreviated as SCCL, CLs, or even Cils, tend to make up the vast majority of Non-Earth settlements in space. There are also many locales on the Earth's Moon, both for civilian, industrial, and military uses. Space Colonies for Military Use, SCMU, MUs or Mus tend to be much smaller than standard colonies, and much more mobile; some are even rumored to hold weapons capable of destroying colonies; a precaution back to the days colonies were made close to earth, and threats of them falling into earth's orbit were real. Official word on such weapons are that they have been uninstalled in all MUs and Military Starships. Space Colonies for Industrial Constructs, SCIC or ICs, are misnomers; they do not hold the cylindrical shape other SCs do. They look more like a partially bloomed flower; and are actually large construction areas for anything from the smallest Civilian Spaceships to the newest Colonies. These tend to be highly mobile for their massive sizes, due to the necessity of getting around to their assigned sectors of space.

For some space-dwellers, earth is a place of inspiration, and hope. That they may one day set foot on that beautiful planet their descendants came from. To others however, it is a place of sadness; a place that space-dwellers had to abandon for fear of destroying themselves. Indeed, there were many wars long before the Space Era, some of which threatened the very sanctity of the world. It has only been relatively recently in human history that we can once again say we are one people again, although even now there are organizations attempting to destroy the order that the Earth's government has brought.

Game Plot

Trainer Changes

Pokemon trainers are uncommon in space; but they are there. Most trainers are very wealthy, or at least come from a wealthy family to help fund their trips from station to station. most Pokemon Gyms are government run, but there are quite a number that are also just Wealthy families with connections. Earth is said to be the ultimate goal for trainers in space.

Coordinators are common, as these kinds of contests are great for the morale of colonies. Again, Coordinators tend to be the wealthy, who have unique Pokemon to win the contests, because rare Pokemon are often seen in these contests, they are often very lucrative for the coordinators as well as for the people running the contests; due to high numbers of attendees.

Psychics in this campaign are going to be treated differently; in the Pokemon anime and game series, psychics are a fairly common sort, and usually handled casually. In this era however, psychic phenomena amongst humans is a lost art. Psychic powers would be rumored, or feared, and to many organizations it may be considered a desired resource. Any psychic abilities would be self learned and self mastered; and the Psychic class probably shouldn't be your primary class. However, I am very open minded, and don't mind haggling if you have some interesting ideas.

Game 1

NPCs - Non Player Characters the players will meet along the way.
TRE Dossier - Dossier on known TRE members
The Ocean Blue - The spaceship the party is currently on.
Ship Freetime - What to do when traveling from one colony to the next.
Freetime worksheet
Features - New features for the game


Your group's adventure start's on SCCL026, one of the colonies produced in the year 100SE, to commemorate 100 years of peace amongst the known system. Being the year 200SE, most of the colony is in high spirits. You are either a teacher or a student to your sector's school, which has taken a select number of grades and classes on a field trip to the imports and exports station in the colony; which is on the other side of the colony; on your 'roof' as it were. There you will be shown the finer points of how Pokemon are selected and graded for colony living; and the differences between pet store Pokemon, 'wild' Pokemon, and personally requested Pokemon. Some classmates however, have been spinning rumors of a large military presence at the import station, even going so far as to rumor some 3- or even 4-Rank Pokemon being brought into the station by the military. Most teachers are quick to quell the rumors as you ride your spacebus to the spacehub of the spaceport.

Most people by the age of 15 have mastered spacewalking and operating spacesuit thrusters in space, although they have almost always been tethered to the station on their 'journeys.' By age 18-20 they usually get a license in some sort of small craft transport; usually a car license, but sometimes they get a more exotic license as well, such as for a large (6-10ft) mechsuit used by industrial jobs for heavy lifting and heavy duty outer hull repairs to the station. It is not uncommon to attempt to get a spaceship license, but it usually takes until the age of 25 to master and get out of their 'in training/junior license' status and pass the final tests; which usually takes quite a sum of money as well as your own spaceship. Its not uncommon for those that DO go through with training to stick with their Junior Licenses and act as copilot or as taxi services from one colony to another in small ships. Normal every day people almost never get their license unless they go to a school on a colony built for training such individuals.

All players start with 2000 pokedollars to spend on what they wish. Students start at level 2; if you decide to be a particularly young student I might peg you down to level 1 (with player consent and some bonuses in kind, of course; haggling is always fun). Teachers would be level 3, just to have some incentives to be older than the majority of the group (I'd like an experienced player to take on this role though; and even then its not a necessary role). Age range; they can be anywhere from 10-18/19 as students, and 25 and up for teachers (25 would be a very young/new teacher).

Your Starter starts at Level 10 with two egg moves (please contact me before picking which two); and you will not have him/her right off the bat. You will be acquiring this Pokemon through unconventional means; so don't be afraid to branch out and make the Pokemon you pick a bit different than yourself. That being said; its alright if your pokemon compliments your abilities, or your future abilities. Just keep in mind that you haven't been BBF~ since childhood or something.

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