Space Faring Capability

Space Faring

A Pokemon with Space Faring is able to survive in the vacuum of space for a set amount of time. Pokemon with Space Faring have two thresholds; At the first threshold, sickness or unconsciousness may occur. At the end of the first threshold, a Pokemon must roll 1d20. on a roll of 10 or better they remain conscious, otherwise they slip into unconsciousness. At the end of the second threshold, the Pokemon succumbs to the vacuum and is killed, with no saving throw. Pokemon are given a Space Faring rating of 0-4 which denotes how long this Pokemon may survive in open space. Pokemon who learn the move Cosmic power have their Space Faring capability raised one stage. Pokemon is space have no friction and may not move without being pushed by an outside force without some means of propulsion.

Space-faring 0

  • Human Ability, most Pokemon
  • Consciousness check: 30 seconds
  • Death: 1 minute
  • Examples:
    • Buneary Line
    • Chikorita Line
    • Diglett Line (did you have to ask…)
    • Makuhita Line
    • Pidgey Line
    • Rattata Line
    • Riolu Line
    • Shellos Line
    • Sneasel Line
    • Spoink Line
    • Etc.

Space-faring 1

  • Invertebrates, Tough Vertebrates
  • Consciousness check: 3 minutes
  • Death: 5 minutes
  • Examples:
    • Nosepass Line
    • Onix Line
    • Staryu Line

Space-faring 2

  • Incorporeal, Inanimate; (usually) unaffected by radiation
  • Consciousness check: 15 minutes
  • Death: 30 minutes
  • Examples:
    • Gastly Line
    • Baltoy Line

Space-faring 3

  • Experienced travelers, unnatural creatures, some legendaries, (sometimes) affected by radiation
  • Consciousness check: 30 minutes
  • Death: 1 hour
  • Examples:
    • Clefairy Line
    • Porygon Line
    • Lunatone
    • Solrock

Space-faring 4

  • Denizens of Space
  • Pokemon may stay in space indefinitely.
  • Examples:
    • Beldum Line
    • Many Legendaries
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