Squad VII

Roster of Wyl Rowku's former squad, Squad VII

Freed Onwind
Age at time of death: 41
Class: Ranger / Martial Artist / Special Ops Member / Dirty Fighter

Formed Squad VII at a relatively young age, when he came with the first batch of settlers to Ivyhollow at a young age. Throughout the ages he has seen a great many comrades come and go, and a great deal of happiness and sadness - yet he always retained a certain air of naivety, unshakeable confidence, and general optimism about the world and the nature of adventuring. He was always charged full of adventure and optimism, even after the many comrades he had lost. He once turned down the position of head of the guild in favour of remaining an adventurer. The name Squad VII, he always said, was picked because "7 meant good luck"; in reality, his squad was the fourth formed.

Kyn Zosku
Age at time of death: 25
Class: Martial Artist / Hunter / Wanderer

A forward, almost foolishly courageous man from the mainland, who impressed his way into Squad VII at the age of 15 thanks to his surprising proficiency; and the one who won Wileena's heart. Nobody knew his background, and he only ever trusted Wileena enough to tell him. He was prone to small bursts of violence and anger, and would often charge headfirst into things; but it was tempered by a kind and noble heart that bore the burdens of the lives of all things he encountered.

Yulie Onwind
Age at time of others' death: 16
Class: Wild Child / Tribal (Celebi) / Touched

Though Freed never had any children of his own (not for lack of trying), he did adopt Yulie. She was the daughter of an old Wildling companion of the guild who was lost in combat when Yulie was ten; and instead of retreating into her shell, Yulie had become determined to follow in her father's footsteps and fill his place. She was a little unusual and had an obsession with flowers, unlike many Wildling who worship birds. She'd come to look up to Wileena as a big sister, and was all too happy to be recognised as a full member only a day before the events that would destroy the squad. However, she was able to survive somehow and now travels with her ally, Celebi, living time nonlinearly.

Daniel Rhoad
Age at time of death: 54
Class: Researcher / Watcher / Photographer / Breeder

One of Freed's oldest friends. He had been Freed's mentor at the formation of Squad VII, and he and Freed were the only two remaining from the original squad's roster. He was never a combat specialist; but had an insatiable interest in Pokemon and loved to paint what he could find in the wilds. He was fond of storytelling, and many of his tales are still passed around at various tables to children in Ivyhollow. Many of his artworks and short stories, spawned from Squad 7's adventures, can still be found in the city - and others, too. Up until his death, he often painted the many portraits for the guild's memorials of lost adventurers as well.

Wileena Rowku
Age at time of other's death: 23
Class: Ranger / Medic / Navigator

The young man still posing as a lady and Kyn's romantic interest, he took over as full-time medic of the Squad after their previous doctor lost an arm, decided he was done with this nonsense, and retired back to the mainland. It was a couple months after that during a major expedition that Wileena was the only Squad VII member to return, with no memory of what had finally done the nearly-twenty-year-old Squad VII in, at long last.

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