Katsuo Nightarrow

Game: PokeSuikoden

Name: ナイトエアッロー勝雄 (Katsuo Nightarrow)
Age: 22
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs of muscle (WC4)

Level: 50
Trainer EXP: 0/10
Badges: 0 (if they even exist)

Physical Evasion: +4
Special Evasion: +3
Speed Evasion: +6

HP: 230/200+30
Injuries: 0
AP: 13/15
Stat Base/Tags Added Total
HP 11 19 30
Attack 39 16 55
Defense 11 9 20(+10)
Special Attack 5 0 5
Special Defense 5 10 15(+10)
Speed 25 5 30
BODY (+1)
Acrobatics Master (6) Intimidate Master (6) +2 (Terror)
Athletics Master (6) Stealth Master (6) +4 (Infiltration)
Combat Adept (4) Survival Master (6)
General Pathetic (1) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Medicine Novice (3) Technology Untrained (2)
Occult Novice (3)
Perception Novice (3) Guile Novice (3)
Charm Pathetic (1) Focus Untrained (2)
Command Pathetic (1) Intuition Novice (3)
Overland 9 Power 8
High Jump 3 Long Jump 4
Dead Silent
Rune Charges
Lv1 - - - - - -
Lv2 - - - - -
Lv3 - - - -
Lv4 - - X
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Background: Shinobi
Trained from birth to oppress from the shadows, but knows little of social values.
Adept: Stealth Novice: Intimidate
Rank Down: Charm, General Education, Command
General ("I'll fight any war you ask me to."): Strider 2: Defeat the Terrorists in the Occupied City
Stealth ("I'm here to collect."): Metal Gear Rising: Revengence OST - A Soul Can't Be Cut (Platinum Mix - Low Key Version)
Battle ("If this battle must kill me, so be it, but I'll leave scars to remember!"): Shadow Hearts Convenant: Concon Ticktin Con Ticktin ~ Running Wild in Japan
Battle ("Your day has ended. Now live the night."): Shinobi III: Whirlwind (Metal 2012)
Battle ("You lost before you even knew you were playing."): Streets of Rage Remake: Shinobi Reverse

  • Name: Akemi
  • Info: My older sister, who has raised me since I was little, after our parents died. She's essentially been both mother and sister to me, and did everything she could to provide for me and herself. She's been employed by the Tsukino family as an 'entertainer' they bring with them on trips, which really means she's a bodyguard and a spy.
  • Likely Pokemon: Smoochum/Jynx, Snorunt, Mawile
  • Possible Classes: Apparition OR Shade Caller, Ninja, Beauty Expert, Rogue, Fashionista, Dancer, Provocateur
  • Possible Runes: Charm
  • Themes:

Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
影分身の術 (Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Shadow Clone Technique) AKA Double Team Scene - Normal - Status Self, Illusion, Coat The user gains 3 activations of Double Team. The user may either activate Double Team when being targeted by an attack to increase their Evasion by +2 against that attack; or when making an attack to increase their Accuracy by +2 for that attack.
死に風 (Shini Kaze, Killing Wind) AKA Poison Powder EoT 6 Poison - Status Range 4, 1 Target, Powder The target is Poisoned.
変わり身の術 (Kawarimi no Jutsu, Substitution Technique) AKA Substitute Scene - Normal - Status Self, Illusion, Coat The user loses 1/4 of their maximum Hit Points. This Hit Point loss cannot be prevented in any way. The user creates an Illusory Substitute Coat, which has Hit Points equal to 1/4th of the user’s full Hit Points +1. If the user would be hit by a Move or attack, instead the Substitute gets hit. Apply weakness, resistance and stats to the Substitute. The Substitute is immune to Status Afflictions and Status Moves. Moves with the Social or Sonic keywords completely ignore and bypass the Substitute. Once the Substitute has been destroyed, the user may be hit as normal. Substitute cannot be used if the user has less than 1/4 of their full Hit Points.
どくどく (Dokudoku, Excessive Poison) AKA Toxic Scenex2 4 Poison - Status Range 4, 1 Target The target is Badly Poisoned. If the user is Poison Type, Toxic cannot miss.
影剣 (Kageken, Shadow Blade) AKA Shadow Punch EoT - Ghost (+1 AP for Poison) DB7: 2d6+10 / 17 / DB8: 2d8+10 / 19 Physical Range 6, 1 Target Shadow Punch cannot miss. (+1 AP: Shadow Punch Poisons the target on 16-20)
空蝉 (Utsusemi, Cast-off Cicada Shell) AKA Shadow Sneak At-Will 2/3 Ghost (+1 AP for Poison) DB 5: 1d8+8 / 13 / DB6: 2d6+8 / 15 Physical Melee (Reach), 1 Target, Priority None. (+1 AP: Shadow Sneak Poisons the target on 16-20)
幻影刃 (Gen'eijin, Phantom Edge) AKA Shadow Claw EoT 2/3 Ghost (+1 AP for Poison) DB8: 2d8+10 / 19 / DB9: 2d10+10 / 21 Physical Melee, Pass Shadow Claw is a Critical Hit on 18+. (+1 AP: Shadow Claw Poisons the target(s) on 16-20)
空間翔転移 (Kuukan Shouten'i, Chaos Lunge) AKA Phantom Force Scenex2 2/3 Ghost (+1 AP for Poison) DB10: 3d8+10 / 24 / DB11: 3d10+10 Physical Melee, 1 Target, Set-Up Set-Up Effect: The user is removed from the field, and their turn ends. Resolution Effect: Phantom Force’s user appears adjacent to any legal target on the field, ignoring Movement Capabilities, and then uses Phantom Force’s attack. Phantom Force cannot be avoided by Moves with the Shield Keyword, the Dodge Ability, or similar effects, and Intercepts may not be attempted in response.
なげる (Nageru, Throw) AKA Fling Scenex2 2 Dark Varies Physical Range 6, 1 Target, Fling The user throws a held item, determining the effect of Fling (read the PDF)
薬剤師の免許 (Yakuzaishi no Menkyo, Chemist's License) AKA Recycle Scene - Normal - Status Self The effect of a consumable item used earlier in the encounter is used again as if it had not been destroyed. The item is still gone.
にらみつける (Nirami Tsukeru, Glare) AKA Leer At-Will 2 Normal - Status Cone 2, Friendly, Social All legal targets have their Defense lowered by 1 Combat Stage. (+2 AP: Attacks against affected foes gain a +2 Bonus to their Critical Range for one full round.)
Mean Look Scene - Normal - Status Range 6, 1 Target, Social Te user casts a foul spell on the target, causing it to become Trapped and Slowed for the remainder of the encounter (+2 AP: The Target is Suppressed)
Chip Away EoT 2 Normal DB7 (2d6+10 / 17) Physical Melee, 1 Target Ignore any Armor, Damage Reduction, or changes in the target’s Defense or Special Defense (such as from Combat Stages) when calculating damage. (+2 AP: The target is considered Vulnerable against this attack)
Glare Scenex2 2 Normal - Status Range 4, 1 Target, Social Glare Paralyzes the target. (+2 AP: The target loses 2 Speed Combat Stages. This occurs whether Glare hits or misses.)
Headbutt EoT 2 Normal DB 7 (2d6+10 / 17) Physical Melee, 1 Target Headbutt Flinches the target on 15+. (+2 AP: The target has their Initiative set to 0 until the end of their next turn.)
Endure Daily - Normal - Status Self, Reaction, Trigger If the user is hit by a damaging Move, you may use Endure as a Free Action. If the Move would bring Endure’s user down to 0 Hit Points or less, Endure’s user instead is set to 1 Hit Point. (+2 AP: You gain two Ticks of Temporary Hit Points.)
Slack Off Dailyx2 - Normal - Status Self The user regains Hit Points equal to half of its full Hit Points. (+2 AP: You are cured of one Status Affliction.)
Bulk Up EoT - Fighting - Status Self Raise the user's Attack 1 Combat Stage and raise the user's Defense 1 Combat Stage.
おす! (Osu!, Whoa!) AKA Pierce! EoT 2 Normal/Ghost (+1 AP for Poison) DB8: 2d8+10 / 19 Physical Melee (Reach), 1 target Pierce deals an additional +10 damage against targets with Damage Reduction. (+1 AP: Pierce poisons the target on 16-20)
Slice Scenex2 2 Normal/Ghost (+1 AP for Poison) DB11: 3d10+10 / 27 Physical Melee (Reach), Pass -
Pay Day Daily 2 Normal/Ghost (+1 AP for Poison) DB4: 1d8+6 / 11 Physical Cone 2 Pay Day scatters metal coins equal in value to 1d8 times the user’s level. If it is a trainer battle, the winner of the battle gets to pick up the coins
くらえ! (Kurae!, Take this!) AKA Backswing EoT 3 Normal/Ghost (+1 AP for Poison) DB9: 2d10+10 / 24 Physical Melee (Reach), 2 targets (+1 AP: Backswing Poisons the target on 16-20)
Shadow Bite EoT 2 Ghost (+1 AP for Poison) DB9 (2d10+10 / 21)/DB15 (4d10+20 / 45) Physical Range 6, 1 Target Once a Scene, if Shadow Bite’s target has a Status Affliction, you may have Shadow Bite’s Damage Base be 15 instead. (+1 AP: Shadow Bite poisons the target on 16-20)
Seed Flare Scene 5 Grass DB 12: 3d12+10 Physical Range 6, Blast 3 All Legal Targets have their Special Defense lowered 1 Combat Stage. This counts as a Status Effect for Shadow Bite.
爆炎剣 (Bakuenken, Hell Sword) AKA Flame Charge At-Will 2 Fire DB5: 1d8+8 / 13 Physical Melee, 1 target, Recoil 1/3rd Raise a Combat Stage of the User's Choice 1 Stage. On a roll of 18+, Flame Charge is a Critical Hit. You may leave patches of Fire Hazard on the ground you cover when you use this move. You may spend 2 AP to transfer a Burn from yourself to an opponent you strike with Flame Charge.
Furious Strikes Scenex2 2 Normal/Ghost DB4: 1d8+6 / 11, DB7: 2d6+10 / 17, DB10: 3d8+10 / 24, DB13: 4d10+10 / 35, DB16: 5d10+20 / 50 Physical Melee, 1 Target, Five Strike For each hit rolled on your Five Strike roll, the target of the attack has their Evasion reduced by 1 for one full round. Kusanagi
Origin Blades Scenex2 5 Water DB12: 3d12+10 Physical Burst 1, Smite - Kusanagi
Sacred Sword EoT - Fighting DB8: 2d8+10 Physical Melee, 1 Target Sacred Sword cannot miss. Kusanagi
Name Frequency Effect
Infiltrator Static The user gains a +2 Bonus to Stealth Checks, does not trigger Hazards, Blessings cannot be activated in response to its actions, and the user may bypass the effects of the move Substitute.
Pressure Scene - Swift Action All foes within 3 metes are Suppressed for 1 full round.
Teamwork Static While you are adjacent to an opponent, allies using Melee attacks against that opponent receive a +2 bonus to Accuracy Checks.
Early Bird Static (True Rune of Purity) Te user gains a bonus to Initiative equal to half its Speed, and a +3 Bonus on Save Checks against Sleep.
Forest Lord Scenex2 - Shift Action (True Rune of Purity) This turn, the user may originate a Grass or Ghost-Typed Move from any fully grown tree within 10 meters. Moves performed this way gain a +2 Bonus on their Accuracy Roll.
Poison Touch Static (Viper's Kiss Rune) The Pokémon’s Moves which deal damage Poison Legal Targets on 19+. If a move already has a chance of Poisoning foes, Poison Touch increases the effect range by +2.
Maelstrom Pulse Scenex2 - Free Action - Priority (Kusanagi) The user may activate Maelstrom Pulse to use a Water-Type Move with Priority. If the Move is a Damaging Move, the user adds half their Speed Stat to the Damage Roll
Drizzle Scenex3 - Swift Action (Kusanagi) The Weather changes to be Rainy for 1 full round.
Beast Boost At-Will - Free Action (Kusanagi) Whenever the user knocks out a target, they receive +1 Combat Stage in their highest (non-HP) stat
Defiant Static (Kusanagi) Whenever the user has its Combat Stages lowered, by something other than its own Moves or Abilities, the user’s Attack is raised 2 Combat Stages


★: Mega Attuned
☆: Has a Mega, but not Attuned

Finish Grayson Mega Evo, everyone else.
Overland 8
Swim 8
High Jump 3
Long Jump 3
Power 3
Naturewalk (Wetlands)

Name: Male / Greninja Type: Water / Dark Evasion: 1/1/5 Tutor Points: 3/12?
Level 100, X EXP Held Item: Ice Cold Shades - These sunshades give one the look of a cold-blooded killer, but they seem to have quite a power to them. +2 Attack Stages. Act as a Type Booster that changes with Protean type, or Ice by default. The wearer may hold and use Oils as if they had a weapon. HP: 200/200 Injuries: 0
Training Regimen: Brutal (+1 Crit/Effect)
Digestion ?
Rune N/A
Theme The Junes Hero - Electro Mix -
Ability Usage Special Effect
Torrent Static +5 damage to all Water Moves, +10 when under 1/3rd HP.
Protean At-Will - Swift Action - The user uses a Move The user’s Type changes to match the Type of the triggering Move. This Ability resolves before the Move is resolved (And thus you may apply STAB, and trigger other Features and Abilities appropriately).
Wash Away Daily - Free Action - The user hits witha Water Type Move Before the Move “hits”, all Combat Stages on targets hit by the Move are reset to their default (usually 0), and all coats on the targets, except ones placed by Water Sport, are destroyed.
Mud Dweller Static The user resists Ground and Water Type one step further.
Pack Hunt At-Will - Free Action - An adjacent foe is damaged by an ally’s Melee Attack The user may make a Physical Attack with an AC of 5 against the triggering foe. If the attack hits, the foe loses a Tick of Hit Points.
Battle Bond Static After KOing an opponent, the user transforms into a new form resembling its trainer, and Water Shuriken becomes Damage Base 4. In addition, while in this form: The user gains the Reach capability and scene x2, the user may use an Apparition move its trainer knows.
- - -
Proud Nature (+HP, -SAt)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 10 +20 30
Attack 12 +41 53
Defense 7 +13 15
Special Attack 8 +0 8
Special Defense 7 +13 15
Speed 12 +23 35
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
4d6 6d6+2 5d6 6d6+1 3d6+1 3d6
Improvements / Edges
Source TP Cost Effect
Skill Improvement (Stealth) 1 +1 Stealth Rank
Pack Tactics 2 Pack Hunt Ability
Attack Conflict (Special) 1 Other stats may exceed Special Attack
Basic Ranged Attacks (Fountain) 1 Ranged Water Struggle
Skill Improvement (Combat) 1 +1 Combat Rank
Accuracy Training (Rock Slide) 1 -1 AC
Ability Mastery 3 Learn the Mud Dweller Ability
Re-Balancing 2 +2 HP, +2 Atk
Inheritance: Toxic Spikes 10, Waterfall 20, Rock Slide 30
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Toxic Spikes EoT - Poison - Status Range 6, Hazard Set 8 square meters of Toxic Spikes, all 8 meters must be adjacent with at least one other space of Toxic Spikes next to each other. Toxic Spikes cause Terrain to become Slow Terrain, and a grounded foe that runs into the hazard becomes Poisoned, and Slowed until the end of their next turn. If there are 2 Layers of Toxic Spikes on the same space, it Deadly Poisons the foes instead. Poison-Type Pokémon may move over Toxic Spikes harmlessly, destroying the Hazards as they do so.
Night Slash EoT 2 Dark DB 9: 2d10+10 / 21 Physical Melee, Pass Night Slash is a Critical Hit on 18+ (Brutal: 17+)
Rock Slide Scenex2 3 Rock DB 8: 2d8+10 Physical Range 6, Blast 3 Rock Slide Flinches all Legal Targets on 17+
Waterfall EoT 2 Water DB 10: 3d8+10 / 24 Physical Melee, 1 Target Waterfall Flinches the target on 17+.
Water Shuriken EoT 2 Water DB 4: 1d8+6 / 11, DB 6: 2d6+8 / 15, DB 8: 2d8+10 / 19, DB 10: 3d8+10 / 24, DB 12: 3d12+10 / 30 Physical Range 6, 1 target, Five STrike, Priority -
Feint Attack EoT - Dark DB 8: 2d8+10 / 19 Physical Melee, 1 target Feint Attack cannot miss.
Gekkoga Strike Scene? 2 Water OR Dark DB 8(?): 2d8+10 / 19 Hybrid Melee, 1 target? Gekkoga Strike uses up both Strider and Mistral's Action. Add both Strider's Attack and Mistral's Special Attack, and pick either defense to attack against. Gekkoga Strike deals either Water or Dark Damage, your choice.


Overland 4
Swim 2
Burrow 1
High Jump 1
Long Jump 1
Power 1
Naturewalk (Grassland, Forest)

Jubei: Female / Potatodd (Oddish Potato variant) Type: Normal/Grass Evasion: 2/3/0 Tutor Points: 2/4
Level 18, 337 EXP Held Item: HP: 76/76 Injuries: 0
Training Regimen: Brutal: +1 Crit/Effect Range
Digestion ?
Rune N/A
Theme Hi Hi Hi
Ability Usage Special Effect
Photosynthesis Daily - Extended Action If the user is allowed to bask in normal sunlight for at least 10 minutes, they may heal up to 25% of their Max Hit Points, and remove one Injury.
Teamwork Static While you are adjacent to an opponent, allies using Melee attacks against that opponent receive a +2 bonus to Accuracy Checks.
- - -
Patient Nature (+HP, -Spd)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 9 +7 16
Attack 5 +0 5
Defense 6 +7 13
Special Attack 5 +6 11
Special Defense 7 +8 15
Speed 1 +0 1
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
2d6 2d6 1d6+2 4d6 2d6 2d6
Improvements / Edges
Source TP Cost Effect
Pack Tactics 2 Teamwork Ability
Inheritance: Starts with Odor Sleuth. Snore at 20. Stockpile and Swallow at 30.
Movelist Alterations: Sleep Talk replaces Poison Powder. Rest replaces Toxic.
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Absorb At-Will 2 Grass DB4: 1d8+6 Special 4, 1 target After the target takes damage, the user gains Hit Points equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target.
Sweet Scent Scene 2 Normal - Status Burst 2, Friendly Targets hit by Sweet Scent gain a -2 Penalty to Evasion. (Total Evasion may not be lowered to a negative value. ) Grants Alluring
Sleep Powder Scenex2 6 Grass - Status Range 6, 1 target, Powder The target falls asleep.
Odor Sleuth Scenex2 - Normal - Status Self, Swift Action Odor Sleuth may be activated as a Swift Action on the user’s turn. For the rest of the turn, the user’s Normal-Type and Fighting-Type Moves can hit and affect Ghost-Type targets, and the user can see through the Illusion Ability, Moves with the Illusion keyword, and effects created by the Illusionist Capability, ignoring all effects from those. Grants Tracker
Stun Spore Scenex2 6 Grass - Status Range 6, 1 target, Powder The target is Paralyzed.
Sleep Talk Scene - Normal - Status Self Select another of the user’s Moves at random; this turn, the user may Shift and use that Move despite being Asleep. Sleep Talk can be only be used by Sleeping targets.
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