Game : Crystal Crusade

Vital Info

A Soul Driven by Vengeance

"The spirits have a few words to say about you. They are not nice words."

Name: Syl
Age : 30
Sex: Female
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Never bothered to weigh herself

Race: Hume
Job: Samurai / Geomancer

1. Find out the truth behind the silent sword.
2. Seek Pharsti, and other friends of the family.
3. Earn the titles and respect worthy of a master swordsman and blacksmith.
4. Return to something resembling a normal life.
Life: Seek Vorzill -and closure.

Secondary Goals:
1. Become friends with all of Saheed's wives.

  • Windsday
  • Iceday


Level 10
EXP: 0/5
HP: 210/210 (+20 per level; 8 + VIT score)
MP: 0/0
Spirit Points: 3/3
Destiny Points: 3

30 base + 9 from level + 3 bonus

Stat Value Bonus Total Rating
STR 17 4 21 7
DEX 6 0 6 2
VIT 10 2 12 4
INT 3 0 3 1
SPR 6 0 6 2

ACC (Dex): 9 (2 + STR rating)
EVA (Dex): 15 (8 + STR rating)
ARM: 15
M. ARM: 15
Base Weapon Damage: 2d6 + (STR x 3) (63)

Weapons: Blade, Reach, Ranged, Arcane, Brawl
Armor: Light, Medium, Heavy
Skill Points: 14 + INT + level-ups (26)



Looks to be about thirty. Clad in a heavy, dark blue coat with a high collar and long back. Long, straight black hair, visible eye is amber. Right eye covered with eyepatch.

My Trade

0 point(s) to spend.

Free Movement (Str) +6
Stealth (Dex) +3
Awareness (Int) +2
Lore (General) (Int) +2
Channeling (Vit) +5
Smithing (Vit) +5
Inquiry (Spr) +3

Duel (Epic, Samurai)
Draw Out (Innate, Samurai)
Unburdened Soul (Special, Samurai)

Third Eye (Samurai)
Speed Break (Samurai)
Soul Break (Samurai)
Armor Break (Samurai)

Force of Nature (Epic, Geomancer)
Geotrance (Innate, Geomancer)

Geowareness (Geomancer)
Primal Might - Strength (Geomancer)
Dual Wield (General)


Weapon: Hau Rui, The Farmer's Might (Tier 3 Reach, Critical Attack, Humanoid Slayer, Earth Kami)
Offhand: Varoux the Vorpal (Tier 3 Reach, Critical Attack, Fiend Slayer, Wind Kami)
Armor: The Divine Mandate of Heaven's Three Guardians (refitted Cixi's Royal Garments, Tier 3 Armor, 15/15, +2 VIT)
Accessory: Sash of the War God's Righteous Anger (+4 STR)

4x Hi-Potion
Smithy Tools
Silent Sword (Tier 2 Huge, Indestructible, can't be drawn, unknown Kami)

2950 gil

Key Items:
Pharsti's Silver Pendant
Flask (usually contains a specialty vodka of some kind)

Limit Breaks

Rank 1: Subtle Song of Steel [Attack (Physical, Tier + 2 STR based) (3), Status Effect (Stop) (3), Movement (Medium Range) (2), Status Effect (Seal) (3), Short Range (+1)]
A single, powerful cut from the draw that splits the very air itself. Steel sings as Syl's foe is struck faster than the eye can see, debilitating them and knocking them away.
Rank 2: at level 15
Rank 3: at level 25 with accomplished life goal

A Warrior's Tale


Subjob System: Gain abilities, proficiencies and spellcasting of your subjob at half your normal level. These abilities can only be spent on the subjob's features, or on general features.

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