Tablet of Stars

The Tablet of Stars


Tenkai Star - Chief Star of Heaven

Name: Cornell
Position: The Leader
Classes: Cheerleader/Musician/Commander
Pokemon: Joy, Arrogance, Sorrow
Runes: Sound Rune, The True Rune of the Heavens
Info: Born Regina Cornellia Nolgranda, Cornell ran away from his old life, rejecting both his royalty and his birth gender. He lived for many years as a minor assistant to the second in command of the Sapphire Sharpedo mercenaries, Sumeru, but has grown into a much larger role. Despite getting along with Sumeru, he had no true peers until recently meeting the other Stars, who helped him gain a massive boost in self-confidence. Now, he has been unanimously elected leader of their forces. Though some things still weigh on his heart, he has accepted his role and will see it through.


Tengou Star - Star of Conflagration

Name: Sumeru
Position: Commander - Rain Company
Classes: Marksman/Athlete/Hunter/Rider
Pokemon: Arcanine
Info: Formerly the second in command of the Sapphire Sharpedos, now a commander in the Chroma Peace Alliance. She's of Sarangan and Ravarran descent, and lived with her mother on the outskirts of the Devil's Tongue until she grew a wanderlust. Polite to those she doesn't know and far more casual with others, she trained relentlessly with the bow and earned a stigma among some of the Sharpedos for being 'too good' at what she did. Probably also in part thanks to being a bit of a humble bragger. She was given the moniker 'Sparklequeen' in mocking by those who didn't respect her. Soma's girlfriend.

Tenki Star - Star of Wisdom

Name: Terry Silverberg

Tenkan Star - Star of Idleness

Name: Luc

Tenyu - Star of Bravery

Name: Ser Reynard of Aura

Ten'yuu - Star of Heroic Ferocity

Name: Baucis, the Bladed Wolf

Tenmou - Star of Swift Courage

Name: Tarron

Ten'i - Star of Majesty

Name: Yugiri

Tenei - Heroic Star

Name: Usagi

Ten'ei - Lofty Star

Name: Tanvi Manaan

Tenfu - Star of Wealth

Name: Luca the Dorb

Tenman - Star of Abundance

Name: Ser Danielle de Leon

Tenkou - Lone Star

Name: Kusanagi

Tenshou - Wounded Star

Name: Iltani Isaacs

Tenritsu - Star of the Standing Spear

Name: Nari

Tensyou - The Swift Star

Name: Julian Fairweather

Ten'yu - Guardian Star

Name: Raiden

Tenkuu - Empty Star

Name: Zemrude

Tensoku - Speedy Star

Name: Endrian the Frisky Pirate

Ten'ii - Strange Star

Name: Kiba Masahiro

Tensatsu - Murderous Star

Name: Kiba Masayoshi

Tenbi - Lowly Star

Name: Klein

Tenkyuu - Lewd Star

Name: Salis the Rogue

Tentai - Retreating Star

Name: Mika Nightarrow

Tenju - Star of Longevity

Name: Lekha

Tenken - Dagger Star

Name: Gavin

Tenhei - Leveled Star

Name: Tai Ho

Tenzai - Star of Sin

Name:: Unbroken Circle

Tenson - Broken Star

Name: Yam Koo

Tenpai - Vanquished Star

Name: Luna

Tenrou - Goal Star

Name: Lady Claire

Tensui - Star of Intelligence

Name: Kiba Makoto

Tenbou - Savage Star

Name: Chung-Ae

Tenkoku - Wailing Star

Name: Young-Soo

Tenkou - Clever Star

Name: Titania

Ten'an - Dark Star

Name: Natsuko

Chikai - Chief Star of Earth

Name: Robin Isaacs

Chisatsu - Violent Star

Name: Garm

Chiyuu - Brave Star

Name: Ravall

Chiketsu - Star of Noble Wisdom

Name: Jeane

Chiyu - The Heroic Star

Name: Strider

Chii - The Majestic Star

Name: Calima

Chiei - Star of Courage

Name: Peri & Thea

Chiki - The Strange Star

Name: Nishtha Bhuta

Chimou - The Ferocious Star

Name: Somalakshmi Pari

Chibun - The Learned Star

Name: Margaret

Chisei - The Guileless Star

Name: Phrancesca Reyannes Solais the Fancy Pirate

Chikatsu - The Eminent Star

Name: Aurora the Fiery Pirate

Chitou - The Folding Star

Name: Raissa

Chikyou - The Strong Star

Name: Pride

Chiziku - The Axis Star

Name: Levante

Chikai - The Star of Gathering

Name: Eudoxia

Chisa - The Aiding Star

Name: Masala

Chian - The Powerful Star

Name: Sevai

Chiyou - The Helpful Star

Name: Julia Sanjo

Chirei - The Clever Star

Name: Doctor Deshi Zhin

Chiju - The Beast Star

Name: Joy

Chibi - The Least Star

Name: Irwin Laurent

Chikyu - The Intelligent Star

Name: Viktrea

Chibaku - The Barbarous Star

Name: Larai

Chizen - The Silent Star

Name: Sarah

Chikou - The Wild Star

Name: Katsuo

Chikyou - The Star of Ambition

Name: Akemi

Chihi - The Flying Star

Name: Paplixia

Chisou - The Walking Star

Name: Wilhelm di Surveil

Chiikou - The Cunning Star

Name: Hortez VII

Chimei - The Clear Star

Name: Captain John Spearow

Chisin - The Forward Star

Name: Merydia

Chitai - The Retreating Star

Name: Bernard

Chiman - The Full Star

Name: Ajagara

Chisui - The Fulfilled Star

Name: Aga

Chisuu - The Complete Star

Name: Hildon McGraw

Chiin - The Hidden Star

Name: Amrita

Chii - The Peculiar Star

Name: Euphemia

Chiri - The Star of Justice

Name: Mimikyu

Chisyun - The Elegant Star

Name: Gizmo

Chiraku - The Star of Music

Name: Regina Cornelia Nolgranda

Chitatsu - The Quick Star

Name: Viki

Chisoku - The Star of Haste

Name: Lord Hyeon-Ju

Chichin - The Suppressing Star

Name: Payasam

Chikei - The Halted Star

Name: Elydia

Chima - The Devil Star

Name: Tsukino no Kiyoshi

Chiyou - The Magic Star

Name: Zahara

Chiyuu - The Obscure Star

Name: Ronin Masaru

Chifuku - The Hiding Star

Name: Grim Sylphie

Chihi - The Orphan Star

Name: Yuffie

Chikuu - The Empty Star

Name: Albert Bearington

Chiko - The Lonely Star

Name: Leknaat

Chizen - The Finished Star

Name: Hibana

Chitan - The Short Star

Name: Grayson

Chikaku - The Corner Star

Name: Theodora

Chishuu - The Prisoned Star

Name: Aston

Chizou - The Hording Star

Name: Solano

Chihei - The Smooth Star

Name: Leveche

Chison - The Wounded Star

Name: Katahala

Chido - The Serving Star

Name: Adel

Chisatsu - The Searching Star

Name: Mistral

Chiaku - The Fierce Star

Name: Amalthea Laurent

Chisuu - The Ugly Star

Name: Regirock

Chisuu - The Mathematic Star

Name: Amelia

Chiin - The Shadowy Star

Name: Glorious Meadow

Chikou - The Dog Star

Name: Rampant Pony

Chikei - The Avenging Star

Name: Unwise Decision

Chisou - The Strong Star

Name: Registeel

Chiretsu - The Inferior Star

Name: Regiice

Chiken - The Mighty Star

Name: Melody Ipu

Chimou - The Rat Star

Name: Vidic the Shipwright


Chizoku - The Thieving Star

Name: Ashley

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