Talent Scouts


It has been almost a century since the conflict. Those who rose up against the Monarchy during the Independence, and broke free of their neigh tyrannical rule. It had been on the nightly news, in the paper stands, pictures of the atrocious battles. Pitting brother against brother, causing the whole region to enter into bloody civil war. But that was so many years ago, now the recovering Kushva region once again wants to enter into the world as not only a political and economic power house, but as a pokemon power. To join its brother and sister regions in the International Pokemon Games at their next meeting within the next coming year. That's where you come in…


You are literally a talent scout for the Kushva Regions Pokemon League (KRPL). Or you will be once you have your in person interview….

A small flying type chirps at you shrilly, an aviator cap and goggles on its head. it Motions at an odd little bag attached to it with an abstract symbol of a bird in flight and the letters 'P.P.' patched on. It chirps again and pecks at the bag. When you open it you find a letter addressed to you in clear crisp text it states

Dear, (Insert Name here)

It has come to the attention of the Kushva Regions Pokemon League (KRPL) that we are in dire need of experienced trainers in which to take upon them selves an enterprise in which they join in the Kushva Regions Pokemon League (KRPL) family. As one of our invaluable agents. As an agent you would be free roaming the region investigating potential areas and individuals to further fill the KRPL family. Agents of the KRPL have powers directly related to Judging official pokemon battles if the need arises, establishing proper League Centers for major cities or towns (Or reviewing them upon visit to previously established Centers) as well as the main reason for your employment, establishing Gyms and of course finding individuals to fill its Leader position. If do you accept the position offered a general stipend to be negotiated at your interview along with a bonus for completed objectives will be provided (Also negotiated at your interview). Upon the completion of your interview you will be further provided with documentation on your objectives, your KRPL Badge/Pokedex as well as meeting your fellow team members. With this honor comes responsibility. You are now a representative of the league, with all the powers that entails and as such your actions will reflect back upon it.

Hoping to hear from you soon

League Director, Douglas Fir."

The poor little flying type, you notice it is a pidgy, is plum tuckered out giving you ample time to make you choice…


Kushva Region




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