Tales Of Atherias

Welcome to the world of Pokemon Tactics Advance!

This game is set in the fictional world of Atherias, a fantasy setting loosely based off of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance's Ivalice. Not unlike the Ivalice depicted in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Atherias is a land of magic and adventure, fraught with dangers and excitement of both the fantastic and mundane varieties. Quite unlike Ivalice however, Atherias is a world that has only recently managed to pull itself up from decline. Decades prior to the start of the game, the sentient races of Atherias were at the brink of extinction, pushed back and scattered into various pockets of civilization by the savage monsters they shared the land with. This relationship would change greatly with the discovery of Dominicite, a mysterious ore that was found to have pacifying effects on the creatures once thought of as mindless and inherently evil. With the newfound ability to tame these monsters, the people of the land began a slow process of resettlement and entered a new age of exploration and adventure.


In Atherias, powerful peacekeeping organizations loosely known as 'Clans' compete with each other for work and the rights to the treasures and territory left behind by the civilizations of old. Though monsters continue to plague the countryside, each passing generation sees the beasts driven further back into their wild domains by the steadily growing Clans. And while land travel remains as dangerous as ever, the ruins of the former Empire hold great troves of riches of gold and knowledge, with no small number of foolhardy clansmen ready to risk their lives for the sake of these treasures. With its members acting as mercenaries, treasure hunters, policemen and more, the Clan system undergirds the entirety of Atherias life.

It's escapism! Can't you see it's not healthy!?

The Player Characters are people from the modern day transported into the land of Atherias while stuck after school in a classroom for detention. The school in question is a typical American school in a quiet neighborhood predominantly middle-class suburb and the game will briefly begin itself in the real world before shifting into Atherias proper. Think of why your character was stuck there after class and what they might have been doing while waiting for the supervising teacher to show up. Unlike the modern day setting found in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Atherias and the Pokemon franchise are not known factors to the PCs, so keep that in consideration while you think about your character.

Player Character Description
Domovoi Garrett Jr. Some kind of washed up child actor.
Doxy Keller Riley Is this guy ever actually at school?
Lithdoran Anne Reinhardt What a fucking nerd, huh?
TheKana Alvin Kyle So, he shoots guns right?

Pokemon Trading

Pokemon Trading Houses are a fairly recent creation, though they've existed in concept for decades now. First established as havens for unwanted or abandoned Pokemon by the church, the early Trading Houses were little more than Pokemon poorhouses that relied entirely on the donations of locals and donations from the aristocracy. With the advent of the Pokeball however, and dimensional storage making the process of caring for Pokemon more readily accessible, the poorhouses slowly shifted into a more commercial endeavor. Nowadays there's at least one Trading House in almost every major city, all in constant communication with one another in order to achieve the widest range of potential matches.

These Trading Houses offer a variety of services, with different packages depending on how much you're willing to pay:

  • Bronze Trader (1) - They'll match you up with other people using this service using the broadest search terms. At the end of the 7 day period you get the choice of saying yes or no to a match and paying a small fee at the end, regardless of your answer, and your Pokemon is returned to you. Expect Bidoofs, Rattata, and other ComMons from this package but if you're lucky you might get something more uncommon. 500 gil.
  • Silver Trader (2) - This level functions similarly to the Bronze but they'll put in some more effort to find equitable pairs. The Pokemon traded in this tier tend to be stronger and less common on the whole. Some are even trained to an extent, with Moves not typically found on Pokemon encountered in the wild. In the case that you decline a trade, you can choose to keep your Pokemon in the system's circulation for another 7 day period by paying half of the service fee. 2000 gil.
  • Gold Trader (3) - The Gold Trader package is the most expensive and requires the Trainer to pay upfront. The Trading House will go to great pains to find perfect matches for the trainer in question and will hold onto the Pokemon for as long as it takes to find this match. Matching is based on relative strength and rarity so most Traders don't bother with this tier unless they have something valuable on their hands. 10000 gil.

Character Generation

  • Trainer Level 1
  • One Pokemon at Level 5, with a BST of 36 or less
  • Starter Pokemon get a single Egg Move learned at level 15
  • Trainers begin with 2 Potions, 3 Enriched Waters, and their choice of a Simple Weapon or Light Shield
  • Additionally, players have the choice of starting with either Light Armor (+5 Physical DR) or Cloth Armor (+5 Special DR)
  • Don't feel like you have to limit yourself to mundane class choices! Atherias is a fantasy land rife with magic and the supernatural, so feel free to describe how the characters may have been changed because of it!
  • I'm not expecting expansive backstories or a long and detailed write-up about their past but I should be able to get a good feel for the character with whatever you do give me

Special: Furthermore, each character must have a wish they desire to see fulfilled, expressed as either a deep regret or yearning, listed somewhere on their sheet. There will be mechanical consequences based around the circumstances of this wish that will be revealed over the course of the game. Don't think about it too hard though and pick something you think would be fitting or otherwise in line with whatever backstory you come up with.

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